Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No- to make you all wrong- I have NOT fallen off the edge of the earth!

I know... I KNOW.
Forever right?!
A whole 2 months! Really?! I mean REALLY?!
I didn't mean to cut you all out. Seriously, life just took over for the holidays and the EVERYTHING.
So here we are-- how about a quick "up to speed"

I made Thanksgiving meal... the ENTIRE THING.... ALL ALONE..... It was a combo of Pioneer Woman Cookbook, and Real Simple Thanksgiving issue. IT WAS AMAZING! No, I am not just quoting "the cook" (aka myself) I am telling you what the others said.
Nothing is complete without a nice wine (or 2)

 Around this same time.... we had BigGirl lose her FIRST 2 TEETH!!! The first one was at a restaurant with my dad, myself and BigGirl. I asked to see it real fast- gave it a lite snap and it came out right before her chocolate cake came!  LOL!!
#1 bottom middle left
Tooth #2 came out when she was trying to eat an Apple. CLASSIC!!
#2 bottom middle right
 Needless to say- good thing the tooth fairy was prepared for the first 5 teeth. Those Gold dollars are a special trip to purchase. :-)

Next we had Christmas- which meant lots of BAKING!!! We make Sugar cookies together every year, and this year decided to add gingerbread cookies.
6 trays of cookies (one is under the middle tray)
3 more trays

 TOTALING 11 & 1/2 DOZEN! WHAT?!  (** footnote- we threw away a couple dozen 2 weeks ago)

Then we have Christmas morning breakfast... I prepare it the night before (keeps me busy while we await the late late late night tree and stocking filling) I made HOMEMADE Cinnamon Rolls this year from Pioneer Woman.... one word- AMAZING.
Recipe made 2 tight fit 9x12 pans- next year will spread out to 3- 9x12
I also make a breakfast casserole, coffee, juice, hot chocolate. YUMMM....

To be selfish- I will just show you what hubby got me for Christmas....

Gotta love a new bondiband and running glasses!!
I then took a load of coupons and store cash and purchased these...
Earbuds, Gu's and Tempos!

.... the earbuds are to go with the New Ipod Nano that I received from my folks for Christmas. :-D

Over Christmas LittleMan discovered the Original Superman movie on Instant Netflix.

 Did you know that the like 6 year old Superman in that movie is shown completely naked. You see his little junk in the trunk and everything! WHAT?! I was beyond words for a period of time?! How was THAT ok back 40 years ago??

Then we spent New Years Eve out with a girlfriend of mine (it was her birthday and she is single). That is the first time we have gone out for new years without kids in 6 years! WOW! We went to dinner and then to a theatre that serves alcoholic beverages to your seat (large leather recliners with a table to one side and a cup holder and a button to push for your server) while you watch a movie. This is the $8 Three Amigos 32 oz drink of mine. NICE. See the milk dudes behind it.... note: do not eat milkdudes and drink tequila. No Bueno.
32oz for $8~!
So, holidays- check! ** for your relieve- I left out all the stress, crying, sweat and guts. Your welcome.**


Second, I have an interview TOMORROW for a great job....stay tuned for more on this.

Third, we have snow, and we are getting ice tonight.

Fourth, softball is a little over a month away

And I will get back soon with a giveaway, HOPEFULLY  Part 2 of the Motherhood of the Traveling Book, and much more. Just keep reading, watching, laughing at me, whatever.