Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon

Well, OKC was great. (But let me tell you a little secret, Oklahoma is NOT flat. I repeat, NOT FLAT!)

So, Saturday morning, right before we were to leave. LittleMan decided to be a " BIG BOY". He asked to go to the potty, and took a dump and a wizz!! WHOOT WHOOT for LittleMan!! (Mommy then turns around, looks at Daddy and says "SHIT! This is going to be a LONG 3 hr trip and weekend dealing with this."
So, off we went, meeting MotherRunner, FatherRunner, LittleFoot, BigFoot, FastRunnerFriend and her family, and MotherRunners "extra help" friend at their house to caravan to OKC. Thanks to a stop in Perry, OK and movies, the kids did great on the ride.
*Yes, Cason made another dump and wiz in Perry.*

When we got to OKC, it was BUSY CRAZY INSANE!!! Their was a Thunder Basketball playoffs game, a New Art Park Opening, and the Expo. All in the same 2 blocks downtown!!! WTH?!?!?!
We did however finally pay for parking, get in the EXPO and get our stuff. I also purchased a New tech shirt  "13.1 miles, been there, run that" and a new sticker from them too "My sport is your sports punishment" LOL!! I thought my softball girls would like that one!!
We did get to the OKC Memorial before sun down. It was amazing. Speechless is all you can say. It was very moving and I can see how being here is emotional (more on this farther down)
The daddy took pics from his phone, Thank goodness, b/c mommy left the camera in the car. Blocks away.
 That is mommy, BigSis and LittleMan.
This is what I wore, add in the 2 GUs the water bottle and ,my number ofcourse.

Here is the medal, my new tech and sticker I bought. We got a plain tee for running, not my favorite, but nice.
Here I am, running, running, running. Here is how it went:

Start: It took 10 mins for me to cross the start line. LOTS OF PARTICIPATES! LOTS OF EARLY MORNING CROWDS CHEERING!!

Mile 1: Duck and Weave, Duck and Weave

Mile 2-3: Somewhere in here, there is a STEEP ram!! I mean, I turned the corner and said OUTLOAD "SHIT!" I climbed that ram, and thought "that was the worst"

Mile 4-6: WRONG!! More hills, I am starting to notice a trend here. Straightaway, a few turns, then a hills. REPEAT times 20. Throw in the Oklahoma State Captial (nice), a LOT of crowd support and Gorilla HILL!! (aka large blow up gorilla in housing area, with people dressed up as bananas under him. LOL!! Apply signage that said something like "Aint this a BITCH!?"

Mile 7-9: This is ROUGH!! I am feeling like I am dying at this point. Thankful for the "Luau water stop" Yes there was water, powerade, fruit, Gu, wet spounges, pretzels, crackers, and dancing.

Mile 10: huh, I am having a hard time breathing. My chest is a little tight. Oh well, just keep pushing, Almost done. HEY! There goes the lead of the full marathon!!

Mile 11: There have been some much water stops on this run, I am logged!


Mile 13-13.1: I see the finish, The crowd is INSANE!!, I start targeting people, passing, passing, passing, there is one in shape young guy ahead, I WILL PASS HIM!! I speed thru the gap, pass him at the last 2 paces and come in at  2:47:08!! A personal best and a 4 min 40 sec cut!!!

Finish - 8 paces after: Slow down, try to high five, cant lift arm, cant breathe, what is this loud wheezing?! Had to stop, slumped over, 2 volunteers trying to talk to me. I keep hitting chest and wheezing, dont you hear this?!!! They tell me I need to go to med ten, and I have to get in wheelchair (what!?? NO WAY) I can walk, (thinking daddy and kids are watching this all) They force me in chair and wheel me away. I get to Med Tent and try to refuse treatment. NO GOOD, nurse is a stickler. (Panic, Daddy will be tearing down tent and fight off security to get to me-- none of this happens) Get checked out, giving albuterol treatment, pretzels,and powerade.
FINALLY I CAN LEAVE (t-minus 20 mins later) I get to food and drinks after tent. WOW-- if only my body wasnt shutting down. I would have eatten it all 20 mins ago!!! I collect all I can for kids. Find them and rest of family awaiting me. THEY HAD NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED!! The crowd was too thick to try and get to watch me finish! (Initial thought: THANK YOU!! I didn't want to deal with panicing husband---- Thought later that night: WTH!! Why did I bring my little family if no one say me run!!!!!!?)

Well, I have seen my MD and we have a plan set for my August Rock n Roll in Chicago. I am good to go. And I will be demanding my hubby to see me finish!!! And my new goal is 5 mins cut!!!!!!! (2:42:08)



Thursday, April 15, 2010

Small Step Forward

Ok, I took initative, and my house is clean.
Dishes- Check
Laundry- Check
Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen- Check
Basement- Check
Organizing- Check
Mowing- Check (hubby)

The dishwasher is due to be fixed this week (pray from rain so Grandfather can get out of the field to do that)

MIA Friends- starting to get back on track.

After all was done, I went to the hospital to see Jeff. The kids were at the farm, and Cody was heading to his mom's to take care of the animals. No one was at the hospital when I got there, so it was nice to have a whole hour to sit and talk to him alone. Ofcourse he is still unconcious, but this fluttering eye lids, snoring, swallowing, moving mouth, moving legs, moving toes, squeezing hands, moving arms all made it so intense. You just didn't want to take you eyes off him, just incase he opened his eyes.

He had surgery on his leg wound this morning and we are awaiting a move to Georgia in the near future. (Keep crossing your fingers on that one for us.)

So, for now, I am feeling a little better. I feel like I accomplished something. But where one thing goes right, I have another go wrong.

(Oh softball girls, y don't u just keep kicking me while I am down. Ugh.)

Running is still on my brain, and all I want to do is RUN! I am looking out my work window right now and wishing that I was out running right now. I can picture the route I would take and the relief it would be to getting going. OKC is a week from sunday. I am just hoping to match my time from Dallas RNR right now.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beyond anything.....

I am lost.
Dissapointed in myself.
Looking for something that isn't there.
Needing a miracle.
Needing a fairy god mother.
Needing to RUN!

But I don't have the drive, or the help. When I want to go run, I can't. Either I have no one to watch the kids, or I am in the middle or something else. (job #1, Job #2, laundry, hospital, EVERYTHING.)

I am upset for Jeff. I shove back all the pain and emotions for 5 days. Then, the weekend hits and we go see him. So, it starts to run over, so I stiffle it some more. I don't want my kids to see me like this. They are not handling it well. My husband is doing the same. Only, instead of work, he has school. (Same thing) And he takes care of the farm, the animals, building things for animals,......... We can't sleep well, we can't talk well (someone always snaps at the other) Our kids are a mess, trying to deal with us and understand everything.


I can't cook, can't clean, can't play outside, can't run. Can't.

OKC is a week from Sunday. I don't see myself meeting my goal. I hope to match the last run. I hope to finish. I hope to pull the last bit of any "fun" I can from my body and enjoy my family. And my sis-in-laws family.

I feel like softball isn't even much of a "safe zone". I can feel my really emotions doing that too.

God, help me find some reflection of myself somewhere. And soon.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hard morning

So I get up this morning, after my JV team got run over last night 0-20 and 0-26 in Great Bend. (What can I do, it was Simple Errors, practice practice practice.) Cody tries to get me up to speed on my Step-father-in-laws status at the hospital.
1 Doctor gets him confused with another patient (another really bad shape patient- can you get where I am going with this?)

1 Nurse says there was a lot of swelling around brain stem

1 Nurse says there never was swelling around brain stem

1 Doctor says "well since he was face down in water" (He was NEVER NEAR water)

Do you see where I am going with this? There is much more of this going on.

1 Thing we do know, they are working on getting him ready to travel to Georgia to see a specialist.

He is off the vent, heart pumping and breathing on his own.

He is still unconcious.

His temp is up high enough that ICE is his new bed now.

So to continue my morning, Grandma meets me at little mans daycare to give me a Prayer Shawl (you know, that goes over your shoulders to keep you warm) She tells me that after her womens group made it, they also had many prayers over it. So what do I do, start crying, right there in front of my kids. So Madi starts a new dealing mechanisum "Mommy- my tummy hurts, like I will throw up" (Great. Nice going Mommy.)

So keep the prayers coming, and we thank you for all the support.

Monday, April 5, 2010


I just wanted to make a quick post.

My Step-father-n-law was in a bad motorcycle accident on Friday evening. He is in SICU at Wesley. They are telling us it will be a "hurry up and wait" for a long time to see how he responses. Besides a fractured leg with long large cut clear to the bone, a reattached ear, a cut on his face from the glass and a broken nose. Out main concern is the multiple bleeds in and outside of the brain. The swelling that is causing and when he will decide to wake up.

I am only looking for many more prayers his way. Thank you all who have already been praying for us.

Friday, April 2, 2010



So, last night we played Salina Central. And we did great! My girls made me proud!! It was a double header of course.

The first game we came out and had 7 runs in the top of the 1st inning! AMAZING!! Then we kept up that momentum the rest of the night. Cassaday did a great job pitching the first game. Many mad great hits, great steals, great slides! I was even surprised by Cassaday who somewhere along the line learned how to do a GREAT pop up slide!! (I admit, I was laughing in awh over that one!!) We had some amazing "under the tag" slides into homeplate!! We won that game 13-6

The second game, we had "Critter" come and join us (she played Varsity the first game). *aka Staci - the death girl from SADD posting*  She started the game with stealing second right off the WALK!! Gotta love how Critter absorbs with those fast short legs!! Then she was hit by a straight liner right after that, so she was out. Her next up to bat, well, she made up for the loss. SHE  HIT A IN THE PARK HOME RUN!!! She was so excited! Who am i kidding!? I was so excited! It was great!! Then Alexus hit a triple, and cassaday a double, and Braidyn a double!! WOW! What a night! We ended up run ruling that game 15-0. That makes my JV record 3-1!!

The Varsity did great too, adding 2 wins to their records. They are now 2-2!!

I was even given a great compliment from one of our umpires. He came to me and said "I like your style Coach" So, I asked him what he meant by that and he said "I like your intensity! You go after it!"  So, I was glowing after that comment. :)

Running: Well, it was t-storming this morning. And the "coach" side of me said. "You need more sleep, you are going to be dragging all day as it is." So I listened to her, hit the alarm, and kept sleeping. Plan for tomorrow is that we have 8am practice. SO-- "Coach" will be taking her morning run TO practice.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A good start (but not necessarily smooth)

Our first games were on Tuesday. A Tri against Derby and Northwest. My JV girls did a great job! We beat Derby 13-7 and lost to NW 10-0. But they all worked hard and tried their best.

So then NOT SO SMOOTH part, 10 minutes before our 2nd game, one of my girls was playing catch to warm up, lost the ball in the sun and her nose took the hit. Yes- it is broken, luckily it was a clear break and will heal on it own without a split in a few days. (Whew)

So, to recap, game day #1, = 1 win, 1 lose, one coach picked a heated arguement with an umpire (not me btw), and 1 girl broke a bone. Well, it was a memorable one anyway. :)

So, tonight, we have one 2nd games, a double header in Salina. Wish us luck.

fyi-- Running this week, not a lot of LONG runs, but atleast short ones, (great weather-minus the wind) and a lot of cardio and core workouts with the girls. **Yes, this Coach does jump into the mix a lot.
SO- OKC in 3 weeks!! Bring it on!!

Wish list = 2:31:46 (20 mins cut), 25 more pairs of Nike Tempos (a multitude of colors), a magic pair of "blister proof" socks, and a RoadID.