Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Monday, June 27, 2011


This past couple weeks as been CRAZY!

I have made 270 burritos to that I sold for China Trip Donations.

I have attending many T-ball games of BigGirls and watched LittleMan climb the chain fencing in flipflops during them.

I have gone to the drive in movies for the first time with ALL 4 of us-- twice. First time was 3 weeks ago and it was FREEZING that night. Second time was Friday night and LittleMan ended up shirtless for the evening it was so hot and sticky. FYI---
Kung Fu Panda 2-- good
Rio-- LittleMan and I slept. The hubby and BigGirl enjoyed.
Cars 2-- We all enjoyed
Green Lantern-- I loved, Hubby enjoyed, BigGirl watched half (and she REALLY WANTED TO SEE IT) and LittleMan slept.

I celebrated my last year of my twenties with my little family on Friday (recall the movies). We went to the Twisted Cow (yummy serve yourself yougart joint) for Dinner, and had McAlisters Deli (yummy speciality deli food) for dessert. - it was my birthday and I wanted a backwards dinner. I also enjoyed getting 2 new ULTRA CLEARANCE wicking tanktops (good for humid china) and 1 Pink Breast Cancer Fishing pole from the Hubby and kids.

I also celebrated LittleMans 3 year birthday. (again the movies), and a party yesterday with grandparents. Complete with a 3D Thomas the Tank Engine Cake. YUMMY!!!

My folks also decided to put their large above ground pool up.... in our backyard this year.  I am telling you, if I didn't work a full time job outside my home right now... I would TOTALLY be one of those moms that floats her afternoons away. Ahhh, such a nice dream.

Also, last week I accepted a new coaching job! I am no longer a High School Assistant Softball Coach. But now a 4 yr College Assistant Softball Coach at Bethel College. Plus here, besides the HS to College upgrade. It is a few more months a year (fall and spring) that I can enjoy my passion. It is a little more pay, so that will allow me to make a change from my full time job in the near future. Which in turn- gives me more time at home with my kids (and time to RUN) in the off season!! Off season is mid october-end of january, and mid may thru end of August. Holiday season and summers.... ahhhhh how nice that will be. :-)

The Hubby is still job hunting with his new degree.... pray for him to get an offer SOON.

And last but not least, CHINA IS 16 DAYS AWAY!!!!! I am only $836 short of my goal funding. I am telling you those family recipe burritos WERE A HIT! Such a hit, that my mother has confidence me to do another batch this week for next week delivery. Meaning that with 10 days until my flight takes off, I will be wrapping and selling for burritos!! OMG! But that father of ours has been amazing. Without him, I don't know where I would be in this path today.

So- $836 dollars in 16 days. I have trust.... do you?

ps-- someone close to my heart is awaiting an answer for a new path for her. please pray for her to have an answer soon.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wichita River Run

This past weekend- 3 of my family of 4 ran a race at the Wichita River Run!

There was even a couple Flash Mobs (Freeze Flash Mobs)

Aviation Church Freeze Flash Mob.
 I started the morning off with a 10K. My watch decided to stop some way thru... so I am guessing a time of 1:15 ish. IT WAS HOT AND STEAMY AT 7:30 am!!!

The Hubby did the 2 mile, and limped his 2-time post surgery knee across at 30-31 minutes. YEA HUBBY!! He even made it in the newspaper!!!

The Hubby is the big guy in white cutoff just to the right of center.

If you have a keen eye, Hubby is 7 rows back right of center.

Can you see Hubby here?! LOL!!

BigGirl did her FIRST race! It was about a half a block long, and no time. But she received 3rd in her heat. ** I have a short video of her race.... if I can figure out how to get it off my phone and onto this.....


LittleMan was a great cheering squad!! And the three of us went home HOT and with little medals.

BigGirl and LittleMan awaiting Daddy to run by!!

Can't wait until we are a running family of 4!!!