Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, March 24, 2011

His Hands of Hope

Well- that big decision that was being discussed at our house. A couple weeks ago, the choice was made. I will be going to China with a group to volunteer at a Children's Orphange Camp.
It is a wonderful opportunity and one that I feel drawn to being a part of. I have never traveled outside the USA, well if you don't count a Canada day trip in my middle school years. (Which, really you shouldn't, you didnt even need a passport to cross the border for a day back then.)
So, here I am, starting a new chapter in my life, and this year, I will be traveling without the hubby. If you recall, he is graduating College in 51 days. (but who's counting?) Therefore, he will be back to the workforce thereafter. (three cheers for the Hubby!! and a large margarita for me.) So, as much as he wants to join me on this new experience, alas he must wait until another time.
Here are some wonderful details.... (but keep in mind that things are still being decided)

1. The group is looking at 3 locations to volunteer at.... but we are aiming for Xi'an.
(please don't ask me to say this word outloud)

2. We will be volunteering the week of July 18th-22nd. However, I don't know when we will actually fly out or home. The flight time is 24 hours total. With a flight change or two along the way.
(Do you think they allow running laps in the aisles on the planes??)

3. I have recruited a good friend on mine to take the Hubby out for "our" anniversary. Since I will be halfway around the world on July 19th. *Sorry babe :-(

4. I can't afford this "trip" on my own dime. I am going to be looking for any donation to aide me on this journey. The stay at the camp is $750 for the week. And the flight is looking to be around $2000-$2500 round trip. Any assistance I can gain is a blessing.
If you would like to help me get to the camp, and pass on love to the Orphans there, Please email me at I would be happy to answer any questions further and to the best of my ability.

I am only "running" the path at was laid out for me to follow.
***Learn more about the cause here***
Keep Running.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A sad day for me

My Tahoe got to return home from it's long long LONG stay at the Vehicle hospital today. But apparently, it missed it's friends. So, this afternoon it went back for a check up. We are awaiting the results.

My "critter", no this is not an animal, but a softball girl that I have spoken of before on past blogs (recall the "death student" photos) well, **deep breaths here** she quit the team today. I thought she was kidding for about 10 seconds, until the tears started flowing down her face. I still don't know what to say, except, I already miss her. She was part of my first freshmen class, my first year of coaching, and we is welcome to return if she ever wants too.

For now- that is my day. Tonight, I am AGAIN being an Professional for the Seniors Exit Interviews tonight. (Why do I agree to this again? Am I not stressed and busy enough? -- insert "duh" smack in the forehead here)

Run on.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Somedays I wish.....

It is Sunday night- my kids are in bed (half hour early since we are time adjusting), the hubby and I just folded and pick away 3 loads of laundry (there in one more left), the dogs are relaxing inside, the basement is clean from another weekend of playtime, the backyard is clean of doggie doo-doo, the house is "phicked up" (no- I did NOT say clean), I have 4 new books by the bed and one from the library (5 total but only 4 left to read).... do you see where this is going yet?
We are 2 weeks into Softball season, the BigGirl has 12(?) weeks before summer break, the Hubby has 10(?) weeks before college graduation (and hopefully a J.O.B. again), LittleMan is being SO DIFFICULT with potty training (he will be 3 yrs in June), we are getting closer a a Big Wonderful decision (more to come soon!!), and Oh yeah- It is RACING SEASON TOO!!

Oh the brain (but not registered yet) are Emma Creek Womens 5K in April, Easter Sun Run in April (10K), OKC Memorial in May (half), Wichita RiverRun in June (10K), Warrior Dash KC in July ("3.1 HELLISH MILES"), what is missing...... MORE HALF's and a Tri Sprint! That is what my goal list says right?! What is standing in my way.... oh STRESS and LIFE.

So here I am on a Sunday night- wondering "what happened to my weekend?", "What happened to my sanity?", "What happened to my life?". I want MORE, I want serenity! I WANT is more like I NEED!!

So, looking around at everything I need to do/say/try- life would be easier as a "house mommy". But then my sanity might be the only problem-- oh that is where the hubby and my running comes in!!!
I have 1 year and 3 months before my 20s are gone.....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The neverending story took a turn....


We got some ice 13 days ago. I was headed out with BigGirl to church for her game practice.

We never got there.

We were maybe 1/2 mile from church and were getting off the 360 degree on ramp to Highway 50 and once we were on the Highway, we never had control. I was going MAYBE 25 mph. I moved onto the Highway and we started fish tailing IMMEDIATELY. After I dont know how many slipes across the long bridge in both lanes. I prepared my daughter calmly for the impact that we were going to have.

In the end, we were heading east and we came to a stop heading southwest. In the middle of a bridge.

I remembering seeing a large truck coming at us and I realized it would hit BigGirls side of the Tahoe. I was frantic in my head how I could switch her places. But that truck never hit us. (GOD BLESSED MIRACLE)

We ended up hitting the bridge side with the passengers front then it slammed us around for the passengers rear. Tahoe sounds worse than it looks.

In the end, BigGirl bumped her head on the window after last hit. (SHE IS 100% FINE!- BLESSING! Not even a bruise.) We were both in our seatbelts and her in her booster.

So 13 days later- I am still driving the rental (VERY NICE rental- thank you insurance) I really miss my Tahoe. I am hoping it is ANY DAY NOW.

Softball season has started- so I am NEVER home and REALLY busy getting the kids covered for pick ups and care until hubby or I can get to them.

Hubby: 67 days until GRADUATION!!
Tahoe: Still at the Doctor
Dogs: handling the crazy well

On another note-- I think the Motherhood of the Traveling book (aka TMTB) is M.I.A If any news comes, I will be sure to post it here.

Also, Flat BigGirl seems to be M.I.A as well. Actual BigGirl is quite sad about this and if anyone knows anything about this please message me.

In todays conclusion- Hubby and I have been talking and praying about a mission of possibility this week. When that decision has been made, I will tell you all about it here. I will be looking for help from you all if that time comes.