Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Friday, May 27, 2011


47 days!
China is right around the corner and I am only sitting at 24% goal met to go. I have great faith that he will provide.

So... BigGirl spent her first day of summer sick. Yep... puking up a storm.

Why? Do you ask? -- Well NO IDEA. She is still sick today, day 2 of summer break.

The Hubby is still J.O.B. searching, and while he has been wasting time waiting... he finally put in my livingroom ceiling fan/light and the wall switches for it too. :-) I am SOOOOOOOOO happy now! Awh- a cool breeze in my livingroom means less A/C time needed so far. And I can see better too. Stupid 1970s houses that didnt put in ceiling lights. Ugh.

Hubby has also been spending time helping his mom at the farm, making dinner, doing laundry, etc etc etc. h, don't worry though, I have a list of things to keep him from boredom. LOL!!

I have been working on something new.... more on that later once I know it is solid. But... FUN FUN FUN!!

What does your holiday weekend look like??

Monday, May 23, 2011

51 DAYS.... and PANICING!!!!!!!!

My Volunteer team leaves for ZhengZhou China to work at an Orphans summer camp, and as I am SO VERY EXCITED, I am also PANICING.

I am sitting at only 18% of my fundraising goal to be able to go on this trip!!


We completed our first group fundraiser dinner this past sunday. And as it was a success, earning each member of the group $150, it still leaves me in a big whole. I know God will prove for me. But I am a "planner" and having the faith to wait this timing is AWFUL for me. I guess this is his way of teaching me patience. (I understand, but it is still hard!)

So, here is me again putting this out there.....

If you feel the pull to help me show children without families love, compassion and support.
Please write checks to "Bring Me Hope" ****This is a TAX WRITE OFF, BTW****
and mail them to:
Kirsten Horton
**Click here for information**

Thank you for anything you can do, even if it is just commenting that you are adding me to your prayers.

Friday, May 13, 2011



And here is the College Graduate....

Somethings just don't change with age!

It's he just a doll!!?
So seriously, here is The Hubby.
He will be a graduate in a few short hours.
He will get to celebrate like he is still in his 20's.
He will get to walk in a graduation ceremony for the first time ever.
He will get to wear the cap and gown.
He will get to hold a diplomia.
And then he will be told to "GET A JOB!"(hehe)

No really, I am never proud and excited that he has achieved this goal he set for himself.
I am also very happy that this will finally be over.
And that soon I won't be the only steady income in this household. :-)


Thursday, May 5, 2011

And the winner is........

...... #19 Kristen at runningwhat? CONGRATS KRISTEN!! Email me your info and I will get this in the mail asap!!!! (

Thank you to all that entered!! I have another great giveaway coming very soon!!!

Right after I get The Hubby through his College Graduation next week, and BigGirl through the end of Kindergarten, and myself through the end of Softball season!!! Much more "fun" me coming, and less "stressed" me around the corner!!! And many new races, faces, and news this season!!!

Also, I will be taking any donations you feel like sending to me for the China Volunteer Trip I am taking this summer to show love to orphaned children. Just email me for my address. All donations are TAX DEDUCTABLE when checks are written to "Bring Me Hope". I will collect them and get them off in lue of my travel expenses. A giveaway will be given to a random donating submission on July 1st.
 Learn more about that HERE. 
I have $3250 to raise by July 1st!!! Please, Help me help the lives of others.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So this past Sunday, I got in Half Marathon #7... Johnston's Wichita Half Marathon.
It was a last minute choice to not do the OKC Memorial Half, due to $, $$, and $$$. Oh, and my nice hotel I like there was Full.

Turns out, it was the BEST CHOICE I have made all month! OKC was delayed due to WIND, RAIN and Lightening. So sad for them, but dodged a bullet for me. And saved money sleeping in my own bed.
**Read here for the complete experience of a runner in OKC that day

Highlights were....
1. I ran a part of Wichita that I had NEVER known was there. WOW. That is a challenge.
2. It was a cool beautiful day (minus the head wind on the second half)
3. The homeless people along the path were just waking up for our footsteps. (except that unfortunate man that was waking himself up... if you get my drift, ugh.)
4. My sis n law and bro n law were running it too. I never saw the bro n law after the start line until the end. And my sis was in view until mile 2.5. LOL!
5. I finished 48 seconds past my PR. (2:33:08) so it was my 2nd best time so far.
6. I enjoyed some inner thigh cramping while in the truck heading home.

I let the Hubby and the kids sleep in and not come out in the early morning cold. We had spent all Saturday at the Kansas State University Spring Football Game and gotten home late that night. So, I have a nice sunburn too. (Granted I was GREAT with bathing the kids in sunscreen all day.... kinda forget about the parents.)