Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Monday, September 28, 2009

Madison's 1st riding lesson!

Madison, Ms Maggie and Belle (the pony)

For Madison's 5th bday gift, Gma Penny gave her riding lessons. They are every Monday morning for a while. Her first lesson was today. Daddy got to go along, and he sent me this photo! Looks like starting her out on pony's was a GREAT IDEA! Slight horse fear as left the building!!!! Looks like this is going to be a good time for our growing girl! Now next time we go to see Papa Bill & Gma Jennifer, I bet she will jump on Foxy and not run away. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kansas State Fair 2009

Well, we were at the fair, on this BEAUTIUL weather day! Madison requested "her own" roasted corn on the cob for her lunch. She allowed mommy one bite and then she finished that sucker off!!! LOL!!
The rest of us had our share of fair goodies!! YUMMY!!!
We attended the KS State Fair with mom, dad and drew this year. Madi asked to do this high jumper, and afte 45 mins of waiting, she got her 2 1/2 mins in. She loved it!!!

This was the train ride we went on too.

Madi got a good share of rides in while everyone else watched, Poor cason :(

Backseat driver LOL!

That is my motorcycle chicka!!

Train time, popa mather LOVED this time with his little man.

KSU booth is our favorite!

Kisses for mommy, to show off her powercat too! LOL!


Friday, September 18, 2009

KSU vs UMass Game in Manhattan!!

Open game fireworks and team run out!!! GO CATS!!!

Willie the Wildcat right in front of us! Where are the kids when we needed them? Oh, right, at home so mommy and daddy could have a fun day :)

Cody & I in the Family Reunion Tent

Liz and I in her 3rd row seats!!

Cody and I were blessed enough to get to attend the KSU vs UMass game in Manhattan on Sept 5th. Cody's brother, Troy, was a past Alumni Football Player and they had a "Family Reunion" Day. So he was given a few tickets to bring people along. So Cody was invited along with Shana & Kaete to attend with him. Brian & Jace have season tickets, and I was lucky enough to get to go with Liz on her season tickets. We had a blast!! I only wish we could afford season tickets ourselves. Maybe someday soon in the future.....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time at Grandma Penny & Papa Jeff's

They have a new litter of Aussie pups at gma penny's
Arent they adorable?!

Cason working on his driving skills.

Madi speeding around. WATCH OUT!

Cason is brave enough to take a ride along though. :)

Bounding time

The kids like Elmo, can you tell.... ? LOL!

Iowa part 5

The official "Twister" movie house (the one at the end of the film)

The state park down the road from Grundy Center, Iowa

Storm damage.

more damage

and more

Iowa Part 4

They had a bad storm in Iowa a few weeks back, this is why Cody was going up to help re-side the house. They had baseball to as big a softball size hail in their area, and it was being pushed by 104mph winds. This is what is left of a bean field down the road.
A tree in the yard

it was a huge tree

very tall,

very tall.

Iowa part 3

Papa & grandma had a practice roping, madi & papa were cleaning up.
Papa Bill

Madi watching the roping, well maybe not so much. ;)

Gma Jennifer & Madi getting a tan.

iowa part 2

A little Elmo one morning
Time with Daddy, before we leave him in Iowa for a week.

The boys

Mr. Cason laying in our bed.

IOWA Part 1

Playing princesses in grandma jennifer's kitchen
Finally at Papa & Grandma Horton's!

First morning in Iowa, Breakfast picnic in hotel room.

Halfway to Iowa (time mark 4hrs)

15 Minutes after hitting the road. (1:40pm)

Halstead Old Settlers Run

So I brought Liz to the Old Settlers run on that Saturday morning. Well, that crazy gal medaled-getting second in our age group. And I got 4th!
(Nevermind that I think that was last in our age group. LOL!!)

Rain stops & outside time comes again!

Cason and Daddy Mowed the lawn!
Madi got time on her new bike!