Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Friday, May 28, 2010

Here we go...we think we can, we think we can. we think we can...

So, here we are Friday morning, EARLY. I woke up an hour+ early with stuffy nose (and anxiety for the road trip ahead, or maybe just getting police escorted through our little town for the first time in my life) So, I quietly got up, showered (aka cleaned out the sinuses), got dressed, dried hair, and finished packing. I have taken out the trash, had a few text messages and now just awaiting getting my kids up and out the door before me.

With the extra time this morning, I thought I would share a little something "bright" with you...

Yep, that is me. And Yep, that is my real hair. The girls decided at our "Night before big game" pasta dinner to do a few more dyeing jobs. Mine was about gone from the last time, so I wanted to add just a LITTLE more. Well, this is what happens when you allow Senior Highschoolers to do your hair. A little OVERBOARD. But hey, I am a gothic girl at heart (if you read my versatile blog and recall this) So I can pull this off, right. Funny how it took me until I was almost 30 yrs of age to do this. Hummm, think that means anything?

What might be more "interesting" is the next picture...
This is one of the other coaches, he promised the girls that if we won Regionals, he would dye his beard. He even shock hands with them on it. This is a preliminary picture, but he DOES do the whole thing, mustach too. LOL!!

So, now I hear the alarm for everyone else in my house to start getting up. I hear the shower running already for hubby. And that means it is about time for the kiddos to get around and out the door. Then I have one last tanning appointment and off to State we go!! Police Escort through town and ALL!!! BUOYAHHH!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hard Core Continued...

In the desire to keep rolling "Hard Core". My workout yesterday was not for the weak. After 2 & 1/2 hours in the HOT HUMID LESS THAN NOTHING BREEZE of a day Softball practice (and yes, I do more than stand there and yell.) I then proceeded home. Once there, I MOWED OUR HUGE LAWN- ALONE! The sweat was pooring down me so quickly, that I about took my shirt of and tied it to my head. Alas, I thought better of myself (or my neighboors anyway) and left it covering my "not so great tummy.
After completing the lawn, I went inside, took a quick shower and started up again. This time grass/weed/bugless. I did 5 loads of laundry, folded and put away. I put away the dishwasher and reloaded it. I made a pan of brownies for the Softball pre-state gathering tonight. And I put 2 kids to bed that had thankfully eatten dinner at grandma's before coming home. AFTER all that was done, I reheated a hamburger patty, added a little ketchup and shredded cheese, and made myself a healthy smoothy. Then I washed 2 movies that were due back to the rental store today!
So, my night was crazy. This morning I thought, "wonder if I dropped any weigh yesterday?" and I stepped ont he scale..... 4 lbs!! In one day!?! WTH?!
So, I added that day to my page. Totally worth it!!


**if you were wondering, I watched Extraordinary Measures and Everybody's Fine. Both tear jerkers, but decent movies all around.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Versatile Blogger

Well, MotherRunner (aka sis n law) tagged me for the Versatile Blogger as well as randomthotschick. I feel blessed that MotherRunner thinks I can control, not stress, handle my crazy life!
So, 7 things about myself.... this might get weird, gross, crazy, interesting.

#1- I am a READER! I hard core, multi books a week, Reader. Whether it be teeny boop books (twilights etc.) to Adult fiction (Dan Brown) to parenting books to the occastional ADULT short story (you know). I LOVE BOOKS! Bless my husband for putting up with this "fun fact" about me. Because when I read, 90% of the time, the world is on "MUTE" around me. (you get the picture... "Babe, you know where my -insert something manly here- is? **maybe 10 minutes of him standing infront of me waiting while I finish a section/paragraph/whatever before he gets and answer*)

#2- I am a MOVIE FREAK! (MotherRunner- you know, you "Rent" from our family video store ** this is NOT the well konwn chain, but our house) We did the Netflix for a while, I watched them faster than they could get to me. I hate that I can't go to the theatre more (WAY INSANE PRICES!!), but I secertively dream about being a "Movie Mom" and get these production companies to pay me to watch and rate their movies. Maybe someday.... sigh.

#3- I still long for being an Athletic Trainer. My 2 years starting college to be such a person were cut short by a horrid (for lack of a much better, appropriate, totally and completely life ruining word) Head Trainer that was a total shi.... well you get the picture. I crave to see the gorey accidents up close and personal. ** Like when my father in law was in his accident, the Trainer in me wanted to see it all. The daughter in law in me cried on the inside a lot, and had many emotional overloads. (well, make that, I STILL have emotional overloads.

#4- I have the occastional constant need to sing & dance. Just anywhere, everywhere! If the music is right, I am grooving on the inside. (My daughter however is grooving on the outside!! Thats my girl!!) My hubby used to be the same way. College was fun for us. Now I just look at us as, OLD. I would love to go dancing. I have asked him to take a couples dancing class. Both these get "NO"s. So, for now, watch for me on the race, who knows, maybe the blond click beside you that is singing and dancing will be me!! (Or my sis in law if her hair is brown!!)

#5- I have a fun "gothic" side. Yes, I do. and I L.O.V.E it. Currently, thanks to my high school softball girls, I have NEON PINK streaks in my hair. THEY ARE AWESOME! I LOVE THEM! I WANT MORE!!!! To top it off, my kids are a little goth too! My daughter has the cutest outfit that SHE picked out. And my son has many Rocker Shirts and we are letting his hair grow to hopefully have a fo-hawk soon.

#6- I envy MotherRunner. (ok sis- dont cry here) I want to do a job I love, while helping people. I want to be able to bring my kids to school and pick them up myself daily. I want to run at 8am or later. I want to run with my husband and hate him for being faster than me for a few minutes/hours a day. I want to be laid back while still being "mom". I want to know I can take a fast trip with a friend for the weekend for Chicago. I want to be the "FatherRunner/MotherRunner" marriage of our friends. (Ok, I am starting to believe that we are already this. The Big "D" is happening all around our friends.) I want to feel happy cooking, taking my kids all over town to all their things. I want it ALL!!!!! **Ok I am done with that now. :o)

#7- I am a FIGHTER, ATHLETE, ALWAYS STRIVING TO BE THE BEST, TO TRY ANYTHING & EVERYTHING, TRAVEL EVERYWHERE! For example- running races, longer races, multitude of races, triathalon in the future is a possibility, I have lifetime goals, yearly goals, personal goals, family goals, things I want to try at least once, things I want to get better, faster, skinnier, healthier. This is what I like best about myself.

NOW- Who wants to sponsor me through it all!!??


My workout consisted of coaching softball in the extreme humidity and 90 degree weather for 2 hours. Plus a 20 minute session of more sweating in the tanning bed. I know, I worked so hard! ;o)  But I did sweat off something, right?!


My workout consisted of running 2 miles on the bike bath after softball practice. It was hot, humid, windy, not fun. But hey, I got it done.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hard Core BOUND!

Ok, I am ready for this. Summer is here (yes, humidity and all-ugh) and I am more determined than ever (also known as- my high school reunion is just a few months away) to get in AMAZING SHAPE and DROP THAT WEIGHT!

I do realize that it is something that many women want to do in their years, but I am determined!

Reason #1:  My baby is getting ready to turn 2 years old next month!!
Reason #2:  My little girl and getting all grown up on me (t-ball has started-- yes, mommy is proud!)
Reason #3:  I AM NOT OLD, not yet anyway. I may tell my hubby that he is, but hey 5 years difference allows me that honor.
Reason #4:  My high school reunion is this October and I would like to look SOMETHING like I did in high school- hey who am I kidding, I WANT TO LOOK BETTER!! SMOKIN' HOT BETTER!! ARE YOU WITH ME!?!
Reason #5:  My cousin's wedding is this summer and we are going to Chicago to celebrate with them, so I want to have "Vacation ready, body approved" status. LOL!!
Reason #6:  I feel so amazing when I get into the workout groove! I love it! "Endorphins make you happy and happy people just don't shoot their husbands!!" (yeah, Legally Blonde moment)

Anywho-- I was reading and getting great ideas from "Runners World Magazine" this weekend. And I started making plans to run these races I was reading about. So I have started a "Race Wish List" and someday, I will get them all in. I will start posting daily what I do, and I will also get my list of races added in too. Be watching for more!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scream, Holler, Yell, Dance, Jump.....

...This is just a few things I did last night, when my NHS softball girls WON THE REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!! STATE HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Ok, so saturday mornings run was not as expected. I ran it with just my sis-n-law and what we thought would be a quick hr, was not.
Mile1- 9:11
Mile2 (just short) 9:25
Mile3-6 stopped timing. My chest started tightening up, due the the nice fast (too fast for me) mile plus we did. So the remainder was a stop and go until we were home again. We finished it somewhere in the 1:20 range. HORRIBLE!!!

We were about 1/2 mile from home and reliezed that I did NOT have my inhaler (still trying to get used to having it around) and that neither of us were carrying a cellphone! Nice.

We did however get to chat a lot and that is something that I cherish having with my sis-n-law. We are a lot alike in our thoughts most days. It is really refreshing and fun! ;o)

SO, the goal for me this week is to TRY AGAIN! With music, in town maybe (instead of my country route), with my inhaler and maybe a phone in my butt pocket. So, I will update you later with HOPEFULLY a goal met!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My saturday morning personal 10K (makeup for river run)

This saturday morning at 8am, I will be running my own 10K. I missed the River Run last saturday and I really wanted to have a personal best at under 1 hr. SO-- if you would like to join me or cheer me on, I have connected the map of my route. ALSO, you may contact me if you want to as well.


Trip from 1119 Cr-817, Newton, KS 67114 to Columbus Ave & W 12th St, Newton, KS 67114

Monday, May 10, 2010

A dreary day in Kansas

Well, Happy Mothers Day (a day late) to all my mom readers! Hope you day was better than mine!! (not a hard task) This year is just not our year. So, my gift for mothers day was my hubby taking 1 kid to the store to buy me diapers, laundry detergent and a dvd rental (Leap Year-- cute but not note worthy). I made muffins for breakfast. I made smoothies for lunch. I did 6 X-large loads of laundry. (no- i did not fold and put them away yet.) I watched my husband leave in the morning to work out at his moms farm. (a unfortanately normal occurance since his mom and her husband are in Georgia still.
**Jeff is doing good by the way, You can find out more about him HERE

I then had the kids play in the basement all day. (I know, you can imagine the mess right?) That will be a task for tonight.

My Hubby came home to put 2 pizzas in the oven and then he was working on his finals for this week.

So, that was my day. Hubby apologized more than once. (You gotta love him to caring to know that poopy day I was getting) Maybe next year I will get my new tattoo and ring. **here's to hoping :)

Well, the weather is labeled as "dangerous" today. They have been talking about it all weekend. Torando alley will be busted WIDE OPEN they say. So here is to ya and staying safe!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A gracious gift

So NORMALLY, I would not talk about money. But today, I can't let this not be told. For those of you that do not know, husband was laid off from his job a year ago last March. After months of trying to find a job and fighting with unemployment, he went back to school this last January. He is about done with his 1st semester and doing well. (2 thumbs up to my hubby!!)

So, I am working 2 jobs again this spring, my regular and coaching highschool softball. So, as you can guess, money has been tight for over a year.

Well, my cousin is getting married this end of July, and in Chicago (where they live)!! I SOOOO wanted to go. But money being an issue, we were set with not going. WELL-- my gma came to me a few weeks back and asked if they could help us attend the wedding. (Can I mention that I HATE asking for help in the $$$ department) So, they bought us all tickets to take the Train from here to Chicago, and secured hotel stay for the wedding. Well, I was looking for a run in Chicago, just for the fun of it. And found out that the ROck N Roll is that Sunday morning. So, now, our train doesnt leave for home until Sunday at 3pm!! So I can RUN!!! AND to top that off, the hotel we were staying in for the wedding is 30 minutes drive from run. WELL- last night gma secured us a room at a hotel the night before the race the is 2-3 blocks from START/FINISH LINE!!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!!!!

So now, we get to go to Chicago for cousins wedding (btw- never been before) AND I get to run in another 1/2 marathon in another state this year!!! AND I CAN WALK MYSELF TO THE START AND NOT WAKEUP THE KIDDOS!!!!!!

A gracious gift that is so happily recieved.