Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

End of November

WOW! Time has gotten away from me these past few months.

I completed my first ever MARATHON in October. It was going really well until mile 22. Yeah, I was GOING to finish around 5:30:00, however, my calves decided that they would rather lock up so tight that it sent me screaming to the ground. Luckily, my sis-n-law had joined me at mile 17 to keep me company until mile 24. So, short ending, 6:29:23. And I now have to do another one to redeem myself. Ugh! Why is this sport so addicting?!

Big Girl has been back swimming for a couple months. She loves it! She is just darn cute!!

Littleman has been busy at preschool and cuddling with mommy (or driving me nuts). He even got himself a new haircut from the salon for men. He got to watch cartoons during the cut. LOL!

The Hubby and I have enjoyed a few K-State Football games this year. Wish we could afford to go to the Bowl Game.

And we have filled our freezer with half a cow for the year. LOL!! For a family that loves their veggies, I will have my hands full coming up with new dishes to make.

 The kids both decorated the tree this year, and they did great! I only had to move a handful of ornaments this year. It made it a lot faster!
Happy Holidays to all!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Yes, I am still working on the weight and marathon training. Still sitting at 23 pounds lost and many miles run. Moving on....

I know if has been a while, and since I have just been busy, tired, busy, exhausted, busy.... you get the idea. Here is a fast slide-show of the past month, in no particular order.....

LittleMan has been trying to hold out for preschool to start...

Made from scratch bread has been checked off my bucket list... so yummy!

LittleMan and I have had a few mornings at the local coffee shop.

The kids finally got to see a calf being born, total surprise btw- we were just out feeding the cattle and tada!

College Football season has started and we took our new neighbors to their first game (and bought their first KSU gear)

I have been keeping this quote close by on a regular basis, and The Hubby assures me that if i can't walk it anymore, he will carry me. Ohhhh.

We made a fast trip to Dallas to see B-I-L and stopped to see the MonsterTruck First. (btw, had to wake littleman up for it too)

I found a new use for the bondibands that never stay on during a run, the ANTI-rubbage band for under my ipod arm strap.

Santa stopped by the coffee shop on his summer vacation (isnt this pic awesome, my camera caught his magic i guess!)

And I made my first costume, THOR, from scratch (without a pattern!) I made 2 for a friend of ours littledude too.   

Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 87 & 48

Things have been crazy as usual. Weight lose is still going well. I have come to a complete understanding that it takes time.
Weight: 187 lbs. (minus 23 pounds)
S2F plan is up to the 12 mile long run this past Saturday. It was AWFUL! It was so humid that I was not the only morning runner that found themselves walking more than not.

Here is a fast breakdown:
Plan: 12 miles
Non-plan: horrid humidity at 530am. REALLY?! I got up at the butt crack BEFORE dawn and I could drown in this air!
Mile 0.1-3 fight with drifit shirt.
Mile 3.1 strip shirt-becomes sweat towel.
Mile 4-refill water and take a Gu
Mile 5-9 completely off pace and really not pretty.
Mile 9- refill water
Mile 9.5 getting blustery on back of one ankle (new for me)
Mile 10 stop at SIL house for bandaides
Mile 11 try to keep moving
Mile 11.2 inner thigh rubbing (seriously?! I totally glided up!)
Mile 11.5-12 a lot of walking
Results 12 miles in 2hrs 45mins. Omg! My average half marathon is 2:40. SO HUMID!

This mommy is SO counting the days (10 days) until my oldest is back in school from 8am-3pm daily. And then the youngest will be in preschool twice a week in the afternoons. Oh, the time I will have to complete tasks again.

I was not renewed my Assistant Coaching Contract the local Private College. They needed to hire a Pitching Specialty Coach and needed my salary to do it. So, for a couple weeks, I was a coach without a team. However, I then became the HEAD COACH for my High School Alma mater! I am excited for this change again. I will have more time at home again, and my Fall and Spring weekends back. Sometimes change is good.
The Hubby is still looking for good work, and since that hasn't happened for him yet. I will be sacrificing my Wonderful Tahoe for a 4 door car in a few weeks. (That is the plan anyway) I will miss my favorite Tahoe, but the bank account will like the Car better. So, more to come on that later.

Finding Myself Again:
I have decided that I will take new pictures when I hit 185lbs. And sit it side by side with the Day 1 pictures. So, stay tuned for that too..............

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 76 & 37

Good Morning and Hello Again!

Wow- it has been 15 days since I last posted. Guess I have been a little busy.

Let me see, a little recap...

BigGirl is on break from Swim Club until beginning of September.
BigGirl is the 5th from right front row- the head-leaning sweetie.

LittleMan has had a summer haircut. His first ever. I love his surfer wavy hair, but he was just so hot, so this mommy got out the clips and away we went. It looks very nice, but he looks so grown up.
My littleman becoming a man.

They also enjoyed a hot morning parade over independence day. Lots of tootsie rolls for those two.
Then we had some movie time,
Some costume dress up time,
Some painting of bird houses,
   LittleMan had his first trip to Build-A-Bear,
And Superman Invaded the house.

I have been dealing with the house falling apart. It seems everything happens at once.
I have also found myself a softball coach without a team. Hopes are that will be changing very soon. All prayers welcome.
The Hubby is still dealing with his highschool pay job while applying to everything else in site. Still no luck. Prayers welcome here as well.
The pool has sprung a huge leak, so the pool is no more in our backyard. :(
BigGirl has helped me clean out the front closet, and I have been trying to sell/give away some items that are no longer needed. It feels good to move things out.
We have been to the Salt City Water Park a handful of times and we still don't get significant amounts.
It is 105 degrees regularly, and while we have been watching Wheel of Fortune lately, they are in Oregon, and I find myself dreaming of living there. 

So, on to the things you all really checked my blog for. LOL!

Weight: 189lbs (that is down 21 lbs people!)

S2F Training: I am doing what I can with the temps I have been dealt. Ugh. I did my 8 mile long run this past Saturday in 1 hour 36 minutes. Nice 12 minute/mile pace. Not my fastest, but I will be doing 26.2 miles, so lets be realistic. 12 might be just fine.

I put on a pair of jeans last week, for the FREEZING nursery at church. And I got dressed, looked in the mirror and said to the hubby "hey! I look pretty good!"
Now, my goal was to be in size 10 this fall/winter. BECAUSE I have a tote full of really nice items that we hand me down from my mother. I know, my mom, but hey she lost enough weight that she is like a size 2-4. I am not aiming for that. But size 10 is  GREAT START. Maybe a size 8 some day, but I am happy to get to Size 10. (Currently a Size 14 right now)

I went to my first ZUMBA class last week. It was killer! First, my body doesn't move like that, even though I pretend that it does. LOL! I was dripping sweat after that hour of salsa, aerobic, dance moves. I must say, TRY IT OUT! It is a new experience and a fun way to cross train.

Stay tuned................

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 61 & 22

After I posted yesterday, I started to notice that the house was a little warm. So, I checked the thermostat and watched it for a while. Outcome- broken A/C... again... times 4. SERIOUSLY?!

The facts:
1) when we moved in 4 years and and 2 months ago, we knew the A/C needed to be replaced soon.
2) we have done something too it every year to fix it up
3) the hubby went to school for HVAC and is now able to diagnosis and/or fix at a lower cost
4) after the hubby looked at it last night, he has diagnosed the problem and possible outcome.
5) we are hesitant to "fix" again- since we have put in so much money already
6) now awaiting A/C guy to double check the issue and possibly price new units.

UGH, we do not have the finances for this. But, I guess most people don't usually plan for their A/C units to die.

What I didn't plan for was the hot house last night and today. AWH. Two kids alone with mommy that is stressed out, upset, trying to work and HOT.
Not good, totally not good.

Weight: 191

S2F: slow and steady

Stay tuned and see if this mommy pulls all her hair out this week...............

Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 60 & 22

Weight: 191

Things are busy. To say the least.

36 days until school starts back up for the kiddos. (Momma is getting a little too excited.)

BigGirl ends her summer swim club this week. But, we are now trying to decide if she is going to move on to the Year-round swim team. Decisions Decisions Money.

LittleMan is starting his new part-time preschool next month too. Can't wait to have something for him to do a couple hours a day, twice a week.

The house is falling apart left and right. I have been researching the new items we need, and of course, praying for a new job for the hubby. So we can afford to finish the house.
Here is what is needed to get the house done of the outside:
Front door (steel & top window) - to be painted too
Front Storm door (full glass and half screen, heavy)
House to garage door (solid, steel) and another for garage to backyard.
Three insulated garage doors
One garage door opener
Third garage extension to existing 2 garage
Remaining Rolox Triple Panel Windows & Slider (4 regular, 1 small, 1 bay, 1 slider)
Fix gutters
Strip front half brick
Install Fiber Cement Siding
Build new front Porch
Complete Finish Gate
Build Swingset
Cement slab for A/C
New A/C
4 Escape basement windows

*** And this is just to outside***

for the Inside:
ALL Three Bathrooms redo
Kitchen from scratch
Gut Basement- make 2 bedrooms and open hallway
Redo Basement stairs covering
Then DECORATE! Paint, curtains, bedding etc.

Now, who has the money to donate?! LOL!

I am getting back to my usual speed... 11 minute miles. Not fast, but at least it is movement.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Changes... Days 51+

Good Morning Y'all!
Yes, I am still here.
Yes, I am still tracking my food and my exercise.
Yes, Yes, Yes.

But, what is happening is I don't have all the time in the world right now.
So there will be changes.
I will blog, but not daily and with only the morning weigh in.
To be honest, it takes away from my little family to blog throughout the day.
But feel free to comment any questions you may have about food our whatever you like.

Day 54

Weight: 192

S2F Day #15
3 miles

Holiday WEEK,
yeah, since when in Independence DAY a week long celebration. I am already tired of hearing fireworks every night. And we watched a town fireworks show on Saturday night. AKA JUNE 30. What the!?
Seriously, this is crazy weird.

BigGirl is really taking a liking to summer swim club. She wants to stay in it year round... can we say $$$$. We have been talking about it and trying to see if we can figure it out. One of the teenage coaches she has had lately is the tough guy she needs. She didn't want to jump in the pool, so he tossed her in. Needless to say, I laughed, the head coach laughed, she did her swim and she then jumped in the next times around. Tough love for my BigGirl is needed. But in the end, she LOVES it. I told the head coach, that he needs to push and be tough, if she comes home crying we will talk then, otherwise, go for it. And mommy was right, she thrives.
Until next time....

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 50 & 11

Weight: 192

2 servings captain crunch - 240
2 bean and cheese burritos - 560
chicken nuggets and cake - 718

total: 1518

S3F #11
2 miles on the schedule

Day 49 and 10

Weight: 192 lbs

2 servings plain captain crunch -240
Asian Chicken Breast and bday cake - 681
Roast, potatos, bread & butter - 505

Total: 1426

S3F #10
3 miles was on the schedule. However 108 degrees was the weather. I will have to make this up, but I have no fear. I am looking for other options on indoor running (besides my basement treadmill) and I will get it in.


It is crazy, kids are crazy, weather is death, house is a mess, yard is a mess, house is falling apart all the sudden, and the hubby is still looking for a job that pays more than $8 an hour. (can we say high school wages?) SO FRUSTRATING.

BigGirl is rocking out the summer swim club, and we are going to look like into keeping her going, one way or another. And while I type, we are watching the swimming olympic trials AGAIN tonight. The hubby and I love watching swimming before, now we watch it with Big Girl and in a WHOLE NEW perspective. We asked BIG Girl what she wants to be when she is older.
#1- Rockstar Singer
#2- Olympic Swimmer
Hummm, very interesting.

LittleMan has given up on his Gym class. He doesn't enjoy it. He is the oldest by far and the tallest by far. Instead, he just drives me CRAZY!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 47 & 48 and 8 & 9

So this has been a very busy time. My birthday on sunday, littlemans burthday yesterday, A/C went out on Monday (aka 105 degrees day #3, making today excessive heat warning day #5). Luckily, I have an HVAC certified hubby, that fixed in on monday night and we then enjoyed dinner out at a small diner that night. And they even had the olympic swim trials on in the diner. WONDERFUL! :-)

SO I am going to do a mash up of the last 2 days on calories. Monday was a 90 degree in the house day, so many water was on the diet.
Weight both days 192.2 lbs

Monday intake: 1462 and a small pool worth of water
S2F #8 - Rest day (replaced from 2 mile)

Tuesday intake: 1778 (littlemans chocolate buttercream superman cake)
S2F #9 - 2 mile in 25 minutes on treadmill burnt 369

So sorry for the boring post, but was wanting to get caught back up.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 46 & 7

Weight: 192 Lbs

Oh, yeah, I was sleeping. From getting home at 3am.
Am Snack:
2 slices veggie pizza and 4 mild buffalo wings- 820
Pm Snack:
I was napping from not getting home until 3am
2 Chicken dogs and 1 piece bday cake- 711

Total Intake:1531

S2F #7-
Cross Training day: 60 minutes of spousal time around 315am - unknown ;)
Total Burnt: unknown

Day 45 & 6

It is my Birthday party day-

Weight: 192 lbs

Pre workout: 
2 Tbsp Crunchy Peanut Butter - 190
low fat whole grain muffin and nonfat sugar free latte - 283
2 mcd grilled chicken snack wrap hm - 520
1 chicken hot dog,olive hummus, white bday cake, and 32 oz rum and pepsi max - 735
Total Intake:1728

S2F #6-
4 mile run in 47 minutes -813
Total burnt:813

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 44 and 5

As some of you may recall, my 30th birthday is on Sunday. The hubby is throwing me a party out at the old farmstead shed. My mom has ordered me a Topsy Turvy cake from my favorite cake maker. And that means tomorrow evening, I will be having a VERY BAD DIET day. But, I am turning 30! The hardest part will be what adult beverage is going to be the less calories, and that is very hard for someone that is not big on Beer. (I am aware that Michelob Ultra is the less calories)
So, yesterday, my mom and my kids went to Wichita to do some shopping. I was needing a shirt that fit right and that covered the still slight love handles I am still sporting. After 4 stores and 21 shirts later, I finally found what I needed at TJ Maxx. And it was only $14.99. So while I was there, I found a Hobo bag- $139.99 bag for $29.99!!
So, my kids gave me this bag for my birthday. (aka this momma bought it and told them thank you, LOL)
**I will post a picture of the evenings outfit later on this weekend.**

Weight: 192 lbs

2 slices cracked wheat bread w/ butter & jelly - 250
Am Snack:
junior mints - 80
Lunch: (bank summer fun day)
hot dog and sno cone - 363
arby beef & cheddar and jalapeno poppers - 722
Total Intake:1416

S2F #5:
XT (cross training day)- run around with kids day- unknown

Total Burnt:unknown

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 43 & 4

I know, today is Picture day, but after having BigGirl take them this morning. And I comparing them to last week and the week before. Well, they look the same. All the way down to the fact that BigGirl has a habit of taking pictures at a slight angle. So, I am depriving you all this week. In hopes that next week, there will be an obvious difference.
So Sorry. no pictures this week.

Weight: 192 lbs

2 servings cherrios - 280
Am Snack:
1 mini donut - 58
Panera broccoli cheese soup and bread - 650
Pm Snack:
Sno Cone - 247
lean hamburger patty w/ tomato, avacado, mozz cheese, bbq sauce and strawberry shortcake - 561
Total Intake:1796 (way over did it today- and I feel it too.)

S2F #4-
Rest Day

Total Burnt: 0

Day 42 & 3

So Long.
So Tired.

Weight: 192.3 lbs

Cherrios - 280
Salad w/ egg, cheese, turkey, almonds, ranch - 470
Pm Snack:
Nutrigrain bar - 140
1 & 1/2 spaghetti, red sauce & 1 Tbsp Parm Cheese and 12 m & m -378 
Total Intake:1269
Total Burnt:585

S2F #3-
3 mile run in 38 minutes - 585

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 41 & S2F Day 2

Weight: 192.3 lbs (busted through again!)
cherrios - 280
Am Snack:
gatorade - 75
ham salad sandwich -241
Pm Snack:
chips & dip - 110
guacamole hotdog, strawberry angelfood - 539
Total Intake:1245

Total Burnt:0

S2F Day #2-
Rest Day
I love Rest days, I have a feeling I will love future Rest Days a whole lot more than today, :)


I know you have all been on the edge of your seats awaiting this announcement.
Well, maybe not, but hey, I can believe that you guys all start your days wondering what I did the day before. Or maybe you just log in every "picture day" to see the fat chick try to lose weight. WHATEVER the reason, you are reading this blog and tracking my life.
So without further ado....
I started training today on the Start2Finish plan... to run the Wichita PrairieFire MARATHON!!


So, now, you will be following my food plan AND my training plan (triumphs and death wishes, LOL!)

Weight: 193 lbs ( I am not worried, this will not be the same much longer)
Banana, 2 breakfast burritos - 680
Am Snack:
luna mini bar - 80
strawberris -90
PM Snack:
BLT(turkey bacon) on italian round loaf - 305
Total Intake:1156

S2F Day #1:
2 mile run in 24:40 - 371
Total Burnt:371

The first run was only 2 miles, but I got it done at 6pm at night. (95+degrees) 
Can we say, STUPID MUCH?
I paid for it that that night, and thanks to ibuprofen and gatorade, I finally got to sleep.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 39 - Fathers Day

My meal plan was Horrid today. Being Fathers day, the hubby picked the place. Being my birthday party on saturday, we spent an hour and a half cleaning out and sweeping out the large shed at his moms.

Missed breakfast and morning snack thanks to Nyquil I took for this cough that is hanging on for dear life.

Sushi, beef and broccoli, fried shrimp and fro yo- 877 (ugh)

Missed afternoon snack flowing sweat down my body while sweeping out the shed.

steak, baked potato, fruit salad, roll - 625

Total: 1502

The interesting thing is in all this messed up eating today, I only went over the Fiber and Protein. Weird.

Hope everyone had a happy fathers day!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 38

where no one takes a breath...
so my food is all over the place and weird.

Weight: 193
breakfast burrito - 300
Fro yo - 180
hotdog, fruit salad, potato casserole, pasta salad - 683
Total: 1163

Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 37

Busy day

Weight: 193 lbs

2 slices toast with strawberry jelly - 270
Am Snack:
Non fat iced latte 12 oz - 150
Ham salad sandwich - 260
Baked potato and chicken nuggets - 600


Day 36 - Picture Day #5

Day 1

Day 36

Day 1

Day 36

PIcture day sucks this week. I have been sitting at 193 lbs, and I just havent had time to run, walk, etc. Next week things will be a changing, dramatically.

Weight: 193 lbs (this is getting old)

2 servings cherrios - 280
Am Snack:
slice swiss cheese - 80
1 dill pickle spear and ham salad sandwich - 395
Pm Snack:
M &m - 105
Bean, cheese & sour cream burrito, a cup of nachos - 428

Total: 1289

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DAY 35

Things are nuts this month, so many things going on. So little time in a single day.

Yesterdays photos of progress.....
BigGirl breast stroke - stupid computer wont save turned picture.

BigGirl catching at her softball game
LittleMans new bed finally done painting
LittleMans matching dresser- stupid computer again UGH!

WEIGHT: 193 lbs

2 servings cherrios and a banana - 360
AM Snack:
fiber one bar - 90
ham salad sandwich, grapes and 1/4 c. pasta salad - 442
PM Snack:
14 peanut butter m & m's - 105
1 c, corn chowder, 1 baked chicken leg and thigh - 440

Total Intake:1437

Day 34

Because I am exhausted from the last couple days... pictures to come later on.

Weight: 193 lbs

Banana and strawberry cake donut - 370
sour cream and chive potato, spicy chicken nuggets and banana - 630
1 baked skinless chicken breast and 1/4 c. summer pasta - 240

Total: 1240

Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 33

Today is a day of projects.
Found a bunk bed, painted it as well as the so out of date dresser in the LittleMan's room.
Went to a used sports store and picked up cleats and a bat for the BigGirl.
My new work laptop and quickbooks came via FedEx.
The pool is on the mend and about ready to set in a new salt pump and opening chemicals.

 Weight: 194 lbs

2 servings cherrios - 280
Am Snack:
Fiber One Bar - 90
12 oz non-fat Iced latte, cinnamon/raisin bagel w/ cream cheese & ham - 402
Pm Snack:
Medium Apple - 80
Ham and Swiss Lunchable - 340
Total Intake:1193

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 32

Yesterday was a funfilled day with my kids (alas no hubby bc of harvesting). We went to a small nearby town in the morning and went to garage sales. We are looking for a twin or bunk bed for Littleman. After finding nothing, we came back to town and picked up lunch and went to the park. Then we headed to my mother in laws and picked up her and my little nephew and went to the Hutchinson Salt City Splash water park and pools. After 2 & 1/2 hours, we headed home.

Today, the wind is whipping again, and I am thinking we will be finding ourselves lounging together and coloring inside today. MAYBE a trip to Wichita to let Cason and Madison look around the Toy store. Since Littleman's birthday is in a couple weeks.

Weight: 193 lbs

2 servings cherrios - 280
AM Snack:
fiber one bar - 90
1 wheat tortilla, w/ salsa, lettuce, rotel, pinto beans - 246
Wendys Spicy Chicken Ceaser Salad - 880
Total intake:1476

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 31

So, there have been a couple days of nothing but my food list. Sorry about that. I have been a little busy with work and life to take a moment to type something more. The task I have set for myself is to type my lifestyle change EVERY DAY. If you get more than that, then I am lucky to have that time.

I have been spending a lot of time trying to fix our pool. But this morning, I have woken up to still a wet patio. So there must be big holes on the bottom, that I can not see. My plan... to work with it as it is until the water runs out. I am, crap, we paid for that water, we miswell use what we can. So, we will be taking some trips to the nearby Aquatic Parks, McPherson, and Hutchinson mostly. (Because the don't cost an arm and a leg like Derby. And they are much less "Oceans of Fun" crazy crowded.)

Brooks DeFyance
Here are my new kicks that only cost me $10.73 after my Start2Finish program registration. I have been running in this style shoe since The Hubby brought me to the local running shoe store to get fitted/analized for the right shoe for my foot. They are like running on clouds, and I love them! **If you have never been Analized and fitted for a shoe, look for the local running store near you and get it done. The only way to walk into any shoe store and just buy a running shoe, is if you have already been fitted and you know what you wear. Believe me, YOU (Or rather your feet, ankles, legs, knee and hips) WILL BE THANKING YOURSELF LATER!

Stay Tuned for more on this S2F plan and why I joined....

Weight: 193 lbs

2 scrambled eggs, 1 toast w/ 1Tbsp Jelly - 280
Am Snack:
Fiber One bar - 90
Grilled Chicken honey mustard wrap & 12 oz. non fat latte - 350
Fiesta Chicken protein style and sf jello (spangles) - 235
Evening Snack:
Non Fat Fro-yo - 200
2.5 hours playing in pool with kids - 525
Total Intake:1155
Total Burnt: 525

Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 30

Weight: 194.6 lbs

2 servings cherrios - 180
AM Snack:
Cinnamon Scone and iced non-fat latte - 151
ham and cheese sandwich - 240
PM Snack:
yoplait - 100
Chili Cheese Hotdog -366

Total intake:1237

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 29! It's Picture day! (Parental Discrestion Advised.)

Day 1
Day 29

Day 1
Day 2


2 servings cherrios - 280
Am Snack:
lost track of time
2 slices white sauce mushroom pizza - 660
Pm Snack:
fiber one bar - 90
1 c. veggie mac n cheese and 1/2 pear - 298
3 mile 16 minute bike - 141 

Total Intake:1328
Total Burnt:141

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 28

Today was a day that if you looked at the calendar, you would smile and think "ahh, easy day, just VBS for BigGirl and that is all. Then, reality of work and life kicked it.
6:45am-8:40am= shower, work, pack hubby's lunch, work, feed kids and self, work, wrangle kids & dogs
8:50am= Drop Madi at VBS
8:51am-9:36am = fast drive to a nearby town to get pool parts from a friend that has 2 pools worth of parts (THANKS CREACH)
9:37am= run to my folks to setup their Amazon account on TV (didn't work- wrong style TV)
10:10am= take temporarily immobilized mom (stress fracture in femur) to Norm's (coffee shop in town) AND call my Boss about work stuff today.
11:00am-11:45am= take mom home, run back to my house, put dogs away, get all work stuff in car
11:55am= pickup BigGirl from VBS
12 Noon-12:45am= get lunch from Braum's and go back to mom's, eat, work
1:00pm= meeting with accountant for work (kids at moms)
1:40pm-2:15pm= go to post office and copy shop for work, stop at court house for my mom
2:30pm= take kids home and put down to nap
2:45pm-4:15pm= Finally get outdoor pool setup and filling (ALL BY MYSELF- totally sucked but worth it)
4:30pm= LittleMan wakes up and doesn't feel good. G.R.E.A.T
5:40pm= drive to nearby town for dinner and come home
6:50pm= notice side holeS in pool and turn off water.... may be no pool this year :(
8:00pm= kids in bed, book out, contacts out, glasses on, me time
Sometime after midnight= hubby will be home.

Did you run today?! 

Weight: 194.6 lbs

2 servings cherrios - 280
Am Snack:
1 bagel with 1/4 oz cream cheese - 200
braums grilled chicken sandwich - 302
Pm Snack:
yoplait and 1/4 c trail mix - 250
 2 slices white sauce mushroom pizza - 500
Pool setup, 105 minutes, alone, in 90 degrees - 200

Total Intake:1522
Total Burnt: 200

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 27

I am at the 15 lbs lost mark!!
I am also at the 19 days until 30 yrs mark.
Things I have accomplished today...
dog pools cleaned and refilled
work and meeting
BigGirl to VBS and softball game
Filled out a form to be a Brooks Running Lab Rat (here's to hoping)
I am at the 13 days until Start2Finish Begins, then we will see this weight drop, hopefully.
And I am getting closer to telling you what I will be doing with that group.
Oh! The Suspense!
Attempt #3 of the Popsicle making was:
sugar free white chocolate pudding pop - scored a PASS with the kids
So that is #1 & #3 PASS and #2 GROSS. Two out of three isn't too shabby.
Weight: 195.0 lbs

2 servings cherrios - 280
Am Snack:
fiber one bar - 90
4 small pancakes w/syrup - 390
Pm Snack:
smore (1 whole cinnamon graham cracker, 1 Tbsp nestle Morsels, 10 mini marshmallows - 185
chicken tetrazinni, lime pear jello, peas - 381

Total Intake: 1327

Day 26

So Aunt Flo has arrived, and just in time for her normal mood swings. (can we say "beware of the angry mommy"?)
I am feeling overwhelmed with my schedule.
To swim, to softball, to VBS, regular household errands, hubby here off and on (harvest keeps getting stopped by rain), household chores, keeping kids happy when nothing on the schedule for that time frame, and working in between all that. Ugh.
I wish our pool was up, but awaiting a part.
I wish I could find the time to lap swim starting on Wednesday from Noon-1245.
I am going to have to get up at 530am just to get a run in.
This is not the summer I was wishing for. And we are only a couple weeks in.

Weight: 196.8 lbs

2 servings Total Cereal - 360
Am snack:
1 granola bar - 90
12 cooked shrimp and 1.5 cups veggie noodle mac n cheese - 540
Pm Snack:
frozen fruit & 1 c. skim milk smoothie and 1/4 c. original trail mix - 300
turkey sandwich w/ mustard on cracked wheat bread - 190
Total Intake:1480
Total burnt: 0

Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 25- a full day with my hubby and kids

On & Off Rain
Pick up new running shoes for the Start2Finish program
Sushi at Central & Rock Rd Dillons
Sugar Free FroYo at the Cow
Movie Rental
Basement Fort Building
Catch up Book reading
Aunt Flo is imminent.

Weight: 196.8 again
1 yoplait and 1 granola bar - 190
Am Snack:
1 Fiber bar - 90
Sushi - 599
PM Snack:
Sugar Free FroYo - 160
Beef Stew and 2 slices cracked wheat bread - 358

Total Intake: 1397
Total Burnt: 0

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 24

The start of the New Plan was a success!

Weight: 196.8 lbs (BUSTED THROUGH that Road block!)

2 Eggs Scrambled with 1/8 cup cheese and 1 slice toast - 320 calories
Am Snack:
1 Fiber 90 Bar - 90 calories
3 carrots and 4 Tbsp Guacamole - 175 calories
Pm Snack:
Pistachios and skittles -  444 calories
Mcdonalds Cheeseburger & grilled honey mustard snack wraps - 560 calories

Total Intake: 1500
Total Burnt: 0

Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 23 - new plan

So, to try a new calorie intake plan, here it goes. More calories and more times daily. I hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass (actually, I could afford a go Bite OUT of my ass. LOL!!)

Something that I have noticed the past few days.
#1: Fiber One bars are not doing there regular (that is keep me REGULAR) job at all. So we will be eating 2 of those a day now. Here's to hoping.
#2: My boobs seem small/lighter/less tight/whatever the wording is. Now this my make my hubby a bit on the sad side if they keep "deflating" (and hopefully not hanging to my waist like pancakes). But I would LOVE to be a C again and not a DD. Granted, I have not been a C since I was 16 years old. Here's to hoping.
#3: My stance is closer together than day 1. But I will love it more when my inner thighs don't stick together. Here's to hoping.

Weight: 198.0 lbs

2 servings crunch cherrios w/ 1 cup skim milk and half a Lemon Berry Muffin - 340 calories
Morning Snack:
Fiber One 90 Bar - 90 calories
Wendys Sour Cream & Chives Baked Potato and 5 Spicy Chicken nuggets - 550 calories
Afternoon Snack:
Granola Bar - 90 calories
1 & 1/2 Turkey BLT - 457 calories
3.5m mile bike in 23 minutes - 207 calories

Total Intake:1529
Total Burnt: 207

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 22 Picture Day

Weight: 198 lbs.
Again, sitting in the 198 zone, but yesterday, I followed a new path. According to an article, sometimes your body needs a protein boost in the mornings to improve weight loss. So, yesterday, I had eggs with some cheese. It got me past the 199, so here is to hoping.
So- I am taking the advise and trying to add more good calories to my diet. It is hard when I am full, but maybe back to 5-6 meals a day will help.... so Day 23 will be a start to that.
After the rain (1.5 inches) we received last night, today is looking to be a nice cooler day to take a walk with the kids or something along that line.
Something that I have noticed with the pictures today, the front view, my legs aren't as far apart when I stand. So were I don't think my legs look better, they actually do if I stood with them that far apart as Day 1. NICE.

Day 1
Day 22

Day 1

Day 22

I have decided that overcast mornings make for crap pictures. I will have to figure something out for next week.

2 lemon berry muffins (homemade) - 242 calories
Panera Broccolu Cheddar Soup Bowl, 2 oz french baguette and 1/4 shortbread cookie - 587 calories
8oz Ribeye Steak, 12 cooked shrimp and a chocolate/PB Fiber One 90 - 431 calories
1 mile walk pushing LittleMan against the wind - 128 calories

Total Intake:1261
Total Burnt:128

Day 21 - need some encouragement

I am 3 weeks in, and I have been sitting at 198-199 for 7 days! SO tired of this crap. It is hard to keep motivated when the weight doesn't show it. I know that my biking, running, walking hasn't happened this week. But that doesn't mean I am not working out. Chasing kids, 4 hours of labor outside in 90+ degrees, up and down stairs multiple times a day, you get the idea. I am hoping that the pictures tomorrow show change where the scale does not.

Weight: 199 (same)

2 eggs scrambled w/dill & 1/8 cup shredded cheese and 2 pieces cracked wheat bread with 1 tbsp butter and jelly - 445
1 yoplait, 2 tbsp guac & 1 torilla - 280
2 cups lettuce, 1/4 cup shredded cheese, 5 saltines and 2 Tbsp Light Asian dressing - 231 calories
1/4 serving Ramen Noodles

Total Intake:1051
Total Burnt:0

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 20

It was a crazy day here. Kids, swim club, work, kids... maybe I already said that. :)

Weight: Still no change- i have many words for this, just none that I want to type out.

2 servings whole wheat Total - 270
3 slices white sauce mushroom pizza on thin crust - 633
frozen fruit cup, 1 torilla and 2Tbsp Guacamole - 235

Burnt: 0 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 19-- big surprise!

Today, we spent 4 hours putting up my MIL pool. So, whatever calories burnt there is unknown.

Weight: SAME!!!!! LOL!! I am trying to look at it as inch lose, and it is just resetting itself.

Fiber One 90 Bar and 1 chocolate frosted daylight donut - 280
Variety Sushi and 1 Tbsp Hummus and 6 pita chips - 569
6'' BLT subway on wheat with mustard - 351
FroYo - 170

Total Intake: 1365
Total Burnt: unknown
Torso sunburn except for sports bra area- Check!

Day 18-- windy butt day (and muddy)

Today was yet ANOTHER Wind advisory day. It was awful!
There was also a MudRun at a friends house today. So the Hubby decided to take the Bronco out for its first Run.
He made it pretty far this last time he went through...

but he did get stuck. LOL! Notice how me and my kids are NOT in the mess.We prefer to just watch from the sideline.
So, the wind was so bruttle, that when someone walked on the south side of you, you got their mud blow onto you. LOL!! Hubby get go through a few times and didn't get stuck every time.

Before this, he also got the little tractor stuck in the sand around the pond digging out sand for his moms pool. So the big tractor had to pull out the little one.

Weight: Hey, guess what... still no change. Seriously, I am going to beat the wall in.

yoplait and mini luna bar - 190 calories
a combination sushi plate - 571 calories
1/2 turkey cheese sandwich w/out sauces - 132 calories

Total Intake: 894
Total Burnt: 0 (however being outside holding yourself against the wind, is something.)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 17

This afternoon I spent fishing with my dad. Since it was after 130pm when we got out there, the fish were not biting so much. I did catch one good sized Carp, and dad caught a handful of catch and release too small Bass.

Weight: STILL NO CHANGE......

2 servings cherrios - 280 calories
1 bag popcorn - 140 calories
12 oz gatorade and 8 starbursts - 253 calories
2 hummus, tomato, lettuce wraps - 409 calories
Hiking the dam for fishing - 168 calories

Total Intake: 1082
Total Burnt: 168

Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 16- whaaaaaaaatt?

Well, I can see the changes on my pictures, but my scale is not showing them the past couple days. Frustrating, but trying to push through. The hubby however, he is 21 lbs down! Yeah for him!!!

Today starts the first day of summer break. That means 2 crazy kids in the house with me at almost all time. Pray for me. I know many of you already do this, so if you have any tips to stay sane, and still getting in a good workout, PLEASE tell me your secrets!!!

Weight: 197.5 lbs AGAIN

2 servings Special K Cereal - 240 calories
2 servings stauffers Lasagna - 468 calories
frozen fruit cup - 55 calories
2 servings chocolate cherrios and 1 carrot - 305 calories
Total Intake:1178
Total Burnt: 0

My food choices can be answered in 4 words "first day summer break". Otherwise known as headache day, kid whining they are bored day, etc. You get the picture. So I got a workout in there with kids, just dont know how to gauge that.

Stay Tuned...................................

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 15 -picture day

2 weeks in- 12.5 lbs down
BigGirl took my pictures today, so my head took a cut in one of them. 

Day 1

Day 15

Day 1

Day 15
Weight:198.5 lbs

2 servings Total Whole Wheat Cereal - 270 calories
1 & 1/2 slice digornio pizza and med nonfat latte - 715 calories
 yoplait and dried apricots -220 calories
Turkey, dijon mustard, 1 slice cheese and cracked wheat bread -255 calories
 1.5 mile walk- 225 calories
Total Intake:1460
Total Burnt:225

Today is BigGirl's last day of First Grade. Tomorrow starts my first summer home with my kids. As I am excited to get to experience this fun time with them. I am also thinking, OMG. Besides the fact that we got the pool set up this week, but we are awaiting the new filtering system to fill it. And that fact that we have been under wind advisories for the past couple days, and that means I had to save the pool from the ROOF OF OUR HOUSE yesterday. I just want the pool filled so I can enjoy my summer more. LOL!!
Let the craziness begin!!
Stay tuned......................