Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 87 & 48

Things have been crazy as usual. Weight lose is still going well. I have come to a complete understanding that it takes time.
Weight: 187 lbs. (minus 23 pounds)
S2F plan is up to the 12 mile long run this past Saturday. It was AWFUL! It was so humid that I was not the only morning runner that found themselves walking more than not.

Here is a fast breakdown:
Plan: 12 miles
Non-plan: horrid humidity at 530am. REALLY?! I got up at the butt crack BEFORE dawn and I could drown in this air!
Mile 0.1-3 fight with drifit shirt.
Mile 3.1 strip shirt-becomes sweat towel.
Mile 4-refill water and take a Gu
Mile 5-9 completely off pace and really not pretty.
Mile 9- refill water
Mile 9.5 getting blustery on back of one ankle (new for me)
Mile 10 stop at SIL house for bandaides
Mile 11 try to keep moving
Mile 11.2 inner thigh rubbing (seriously?! I totally glided up!)
Mile 11.5-12 a lot of walking
Results 12 miles in 2hrs 45mins. Omg! My average half marathon is 2:40. SO HUMID!

This mommy is SO counting the days (10 days) until my oldest is back in school from 8am-3pm daily. And then the youngest will be in preschool twice a week in the afternoons. Oh, the time I will have to complete tasks again.

I was not renewed my Assistant Coaching Contract the local Private College. They needed to hire a Pitching Specialty Coach and needed my salary to do it. So, for a couple weeks, I was a coach without a team. However, I then became the HEAD COACH for my High School Alma mater! I am excited for this change again. I will have more time at home again, and my Fall and Spring weekends back. Sometimes change is good.
The Hubby is still looking for good work, and since that hasn't happened for him yet. I will be sacrificing my Wonderful Tahoe for a 4 door car in a few weeks. (That is the plan anyway) I will miss my favorite Tahoe, but the bank account will like the Car better. So, more to come on that later.

Finding Myself Again:
I have decided that I will take new pictures when I hit 185lbs. And sit it side by side with the Day 1 pictures. So, stay tuned for that too..............

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