Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So, I having been working on this garage sale for saturday every night this week. Last night, I was doing a lot of in and out from basement to the garage. We had the gate up in between the kitchen and the living room (which happens to be right next to the basement stairs) and Cason was standing there for quite a while calling for "Momma". After a few trips by, I noticed he was quite. So when I came upstairs, I looked over the gate to see a sleeping little man, leaning against the ottoman by the gate. So, I snapped a picture.
Then, Cason woke, rubbed his eyes, and laid over. So, I snapped another picture and told Cody to put him to bed. And it was still 30 minutes before his scheduled bedtime. Poor little man wants this garage sale business to be over so he can get in some "momma" time. :(

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend fun (While mommy works hard)

So, this coming Saturday we are having a HUGE garage sale at our house. I have been working hard on it this past weekend, and sunday afternoon I decided that the kids needed pool time. Well, once you put out something fun in the front yard, all the neighbor kids come a running ! LOL!! Cason even got in and ofcourse, he loved it. :) Daddy had to keep pulling him up from trying to "drink" or face dive into the water. It was pretty hilarious. Mommy was working in the garage and vaccuming her car during all of this fun time.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day at the Zoo

~Cason Loves his big sissy~

Well, we went to the Zoo this past weekend. It was a hot morning, but we wanted to get some family fun time in. Madison is always one that is overly anxious to get there. (No Surprise there.) We headed over to the pink flamingo's first, a must with Miss Madi everytime. Thankfully they are right inside the entrance. :) Then we went to feed the ducks, geese and fish on the bridge.

Followed by feeding the goats and farm animals. Cason got his first try at feeding them, although dad had to jump in and hold his little hand down to the animals since Cason was hoping the little fiber pellet was for "his mouth". LOL!
We then made our way over to the elephants since it was time for their daily training. It is always fun to watch them.

The hippos were not exciting this time around, it was too hot, so they stayed very still in the cold water. Cason was trying to wave to them anyway.

We then headed to the Gorillas to get some needed A/C time in. The gorillas were a little too hot as well and found that there was only one way to try and stay cool. Laying flat backed on the little shade my the windows with their hands over their faces. Poor Gorillas.

We headed to the Tigers next, and to our luck with was feeding and training time!! So they open these glass doorways in the building and feed them through a chainlink fence. It was pretty great!!

I couldn't help but take this beautiful photo of daddy and Madi.

To end our morning at the zoo, we headed to Cason's little buddies, the penguins. He got in some quality time while Madi and I had snow cones. He just loves those little guys. :)

~The End of Family Fun Zoo Day~

Friday, July 10, 2009

Trying to Stay Smiling...

Ok, so with the economy how it is now, and us already being 1 job sort in our house, and my job about to been out the door too,


Well, honestly, I don't know. I play with my kids, I encourage my husband and I pray for help constantly. And still, here I am, awaiting a sign, a miracle, something. I tell myself that this happens for a reason.

My ideas with that are: Maybe it is a sign that I DO need to change careers/ areas of business.

So, I had been toying with the idea of teaching. But I am left with 2 doorways there.

#1: If I want to teach high school, that will require me to go back to school, again. More money, and more time away from my kids.

#2: If I decide to teach College, I can start right now. Althouth I will eventually need to go back to school for my Masters to grow in that field, and that is more money again. Also, it could include MORE time being part of Boards and such.

Now, both of these have matching +'s: I would have MORE time at home with my kids. And I would actually really enjoy myself.

Coaching at the Highschool this past year has been WONDERFUL!! I haven't been happier in a job ever. Even with the minimal pay, the interaction with that level of kids is great!

So, here we are again, still undecided. I did go on and apply at HCC for teaching AND a Career Coordinator position. Maybe one of those will work out. And I have kept applying at other places that have HR openings so that I am covering all my basis. I may only have a couple months before my position is completely eliminated.

When there is a will, there is a way. Right?