Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 76 & 37

Good Morning and Hello Again!

Wow- it has been 15 days since I last posted. Guess I have been a little busy.

Let me see, a little recap...

BigGirl is on break from Swim Club until beginning of September.
BigGirl is the 5th from right front row- the head-leaning sweetie.

LittleMan has had a summer haircut. His first ever. I love his surfer wavy hair, but he was just so hot, so this mommy got out the clips and away we went. It looks very nice, but he looks so grown up.
My littleman becoming a man.

They also enjoyed a hot morning parade over independence day. Lots of tootsie rolls for those two.
Then we had some movie time,
Some costume dress up time,
Some painting of bird houses,
   LittleMan had his first trip to Build-A-Bear,
And Superman Invaded the house.

I have been dealing with the house falling apart. It seems everything happens at once.
I have also found myself a softball coach without a team. Hopes are that will be changing very soon. All prayers welcome.
The Hubby is still dealing with his highschool pay job while applying to everything else in site. Still no luck. Prayers welcome here as well.
The pool has sprung a huge leak, so the pool is no more in our backyard. :(
BigGirl has helped me clean out the front closet, and I have been trying to sell/give away some items that are no longer needed. It feels good to move things out.
We have been to the Salt City Water Park a handful of times and we still don't get significant amounts.
It is 105 degrees regularly, and while we have been watching Wheel of Fortune lately, they are in Oregon, and I find myself dreaming of living there. 

So, on to the things you all really checked my blog for. LOL!

Weight: 189lbs (that is down 21 lbs people!)

S2F Training: I am doing what I can with the temps I have been dealt. Ugh. I did my 8 mile long run this past Saturday in 1 hour 36 minutes. Nice 12 minute/mile pace. Not my fastest, but I will be doing 26.2 miles, so lets be realistic. 12 might be just fine.

I put on a pair of jeans last week, for the FREEZING nursery at church. And I got dressed, looked in the mirror and said to the hubby "hey! I look pretty good!"
Now, my goal was to be in size 10 this fall/winter. BECAUSE I have a tote full of really nice items that we hand me down from my mother. I know, my mom, but hey she lost enough weight that she is like a size 2-4. I am not aiming for that. But size 10 is  GREAT START. Maybe a size 8 some day, but I am happy to get to Size 10. (Currently a Size 14 right now)

I went to my first ZUMBA class last week. It was killer! First, my body doesn't move like that, even though I pretend that it does. LOL! I was dripping sweat after that hour of salsa, aerobic, dance moves. I must say, TRY IT OUT! It is a new experience and a fun way to cross train.

Stay tuned................

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 61 & 22

After I posted yesterday, I started to notice that the house was a little warm. So, I checked the thermostat and watched it for a while. Outcome- broken A/C... again... times 4. SERIOUSLY?!

The facts:
1) when we moved in 4 years and and 2 months ago, we knew the A/C needed to be replaced soon.
2) we have done something too it every year to fix it up
3) the hubby went to school for HVAC and is now able to diagnosis and/or fix at a lower cost
4) after the hubby looked at it last night, he has diagnosed the problem and possible outcome.
5) we are hesitant to "fix" again- since we have put in so much money already
6) now awaiting A/C guy to double check the issue and possibly price new units.

UGH, we do not have the finances for this. But, I guess most people don't usually plan for their A/C units to die.

What I didn't plan for was the hot house last night and today. AWH. Two kids alone with mommy that is stressed out, upset, trying to work and HOT.
Not good, totally not good.

Weight: 191

S2F: slow and steady

Stay tuned and see if this mommy pulls all her hair out this week...............

Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 60 & 22

Weight: 191

Things are busy. To say the least.

36 days until school starts back up for the kiddos. (Momma is getting a little too excited.)

BigGirl ends her summer swim club this week. But, we are now trying to decide if she is going to move on to the Year-round swim team. Decisions Decisions Money.

LittleMan is starting his new part-time preschool next month too. Can't wait to have something for him to do a couple hours a day, twice a week.

The house is falling apart left and right. I have been researching the new items we need, and of course, praying for a new job for the hubby. So we can afford to finish the house.
Here is what is needed to get the house done of the outside:
Front door (steel & top window) - to be painted too
Front Storm door (full glass and half screen, heavy)
House to garage door (solid, steel) and another for garage to backyard.
Three insulated garage doors
One garage door opener
Third garage extension to existing 2 garage
Remaining Rolox Triple Panel Windows & Slider (4 regular, 1 small, 1 bay, 1 slider)
Fix gutters
Strip front half brick
Install Fiber Cement Siding
Build new front Porch
Complete Finish Gate
Build Swingset
Cement slab for A/C
New A/C
4 Escape basement windows

*** And this is just to outside***

for the Inside:
ALL Three Bathrooms redo
Kitchen from scratch
Gut Basement- make 2 bedrooms and open hallway
Redo Basement stairs covering
Then DECORATE! Paint, curtains, bedding etc.

Now, who has the money to donate?! LOL!

I am getting back to my usual speed... 11 minute miles. Not fast, but at least it is movement.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Changes... Days 51+

Good Morning Y'all!
Yes, I am still here.
Yes, I am still tracking my food and my exercise.
Yes, Yes, Yes.

But, what is happening is I don't have all the time in the world right now.
So there will be changes.
I will blog, but not daily and with only the morning weigh in.
To be honest, it takes away from my little family to blog throughout the day.
But feel free to comment any questions you may have about food our whatever you like.

Day 54

Weight: 192

S2F Day #15
3 miles

Holiday WEEK,
yeah, since when in Independence DAY a week long celebration. I am already tired of hearing fireworks every night. And we watched a town fireworks show on Saturday night. AKA JUNE 30. What the!?
Seriously, this is crazy weird.

BigGirl is really taking a liking to summer swim club. She wants to stay in it year round... can we say $$$$. We have been talking about it and trying to see if we can figure it out. One of the teenage coaches she has had lately is the tough guy she needs. She didn't want to jump in the pool, so he tossed her in. Needless to say, I laughed, the head coach laughed, she did her swim and she then jumped in the next times around. Tough love for my BigGirl is needed. But in the end, she LOVES it. I told the head coach, that he needs to push and be tough, if she comes home crying we will talk then, otherwise, go for it. And mommy was right, she thrives.
Until next time....