Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 60 & 22

Weight: 191

Things are busy. To say the least.

36 days until school starts back up for the kiddos. (Momma is getting a little too excited.)

BigGirl ends her summer swim club this week. But, we are now trying to decide if she is going to move on to the Year-round swim team. Decisions Decisions Money.

LittleMan is starting his new part-time preschool next month too. Can't wait to have something for him to do a couple hours a day, twice a week.

The house is falling apart left and right. I have been researching the new items we need, and of course, praying for a new job for the hubby. So we can afford to finish the house.
Here is what is needed to get the house done of the outside:
Front door (steel & top window) - to be painted too
Front Storm door (full glass and half screen, heavy)
House to garage door (solid, steel) and another for garage to backyard.
Three insulated garage doors
One garage door opener
Third garage extension to existing 2 garage
Remaining Rolox Triple Panel Windows & Slider (4 regular, 1 small, 1 bay, 1 slider)
Fix gutters
Strip front half brick
Install Fiber Cement Siding
Build new front Porch
Complete Finish Gate
Build Swingset
Cement slab for A/C
New A/C
4 Escape basement windows

*** And this is just to outside***

for the Inside:
ALL Three Bathrooms redo
Kitchen from scratch
Gut Basement- make 2 bedrooms and open hallway
Redo Basement stairs covering
Then DECORATE! Paint, curtains, bedding etc.

Now, who has the money to donate?! LOL!

I am getting back to my usual speed... 11 minute miles. Not fast, but at least it is movement.

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