Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I need you!

Bring Them…

Love. Compassion. Friendship. Understanding. Companionship.

Bring Me Hope.

Hello, my name is Kirsten. I am a wife of one, a mother of two, a sister of a few, a friend to many, a daughter, an aunt, and a follower. Being all these people to so many has prepared me for a bigger task at hand. I have much love, wisdom and support to share with others. This year, after having a “Bring Me Hope” speaker come to my church, I made the decision to share myself with others in dire need. I will be traveling with a group of 12 amazing people this July 13-23 to Zhengzhou, China. We will be volunteering our love, support, listening, and knowledge at a Summer Camp for Chinese Orphans. Many of these children have never known a parent, a sibling or even a friend. There are many stories of children being found as infants left to die. There is a lot of hate in their young lives.

What I am asking is for you to help me get to them, to show them love and compassion; and to show them a path to start healing their hearts and souls. I am need both financial and prayer support.
My costs are:
Camp fee (lodging/food): $750

Airfare: $2,000

Train/Travel/Incidentals: $500

Grand Total: $3,250
**All donations are tax deductible through the “Bring me Hope” organization.**

Any help I can get is great appreciated. I believe that another force is pushing me to teach, love and show support for these young children and the translators. I hope that you can help me get there.

*Please write all checks to “Bring me Hope” and then mail them to me at:
Kirsten Horton
1200 Columbus Circle
Newton, KS 67114

Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sun Run 10K

I had the Easter Sun Run 10K this past weekend. And the hubby and my BigGirl had there first ever registered 2 mile walk. (yeppie!!) **LittleMan just enjoyed the Crusin' Ride**

I had a good run, except for the little fact that they marked the kilometers and not the Miles. So I was all confused and thinking "Crap! i am rockin' this thing! 59 minutes here I come!!" Until marker #7 and then it hit me, "these are freakin' kilometers!" AWHH. So, after I kicked myself in the ass for pushing harder than should have too soon. I crossed the 10K with a 1:09:46... still a PR for me.

So I changed my shirt, put on wind pants, cheered on my friend Liz for her 2 mile run (like 20 minutes YEPPIE) then lined up with the Hubby, BigGirl and Littleman (in the stroller). We started out and the Hubby was POWER WALKING! So, I sent him on his merry way with LittleMan and had a nice walk with my 6 year old BigGirl. She kept telling me how she wished we could run.... (say WHAT?! thats my girl) so we decided that we would do a 1 mile run together this week and see how she does. So after the Hubby crossed at like 33 minutes!! He and Littleman turned around and headed back for us. we crossed around 45 minutes. Yeah BigGirl! She power walked her little behind across the finish and was happy to head for food.

All in all a good saturday morning :-) And a great Easter weekend.

On the calendar, Wichita Half Marathon this sunday morning.

AND HEY!! Don't forget about the SURPRISE GIVEAWAY!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Are you Suka?

Suka: In Eskimo: meaning "Fast"

Suka: My running buddy (except for lately due to wacked out ability to get body out of harness when a passing vehicle gets too close to us.

Suka: A Siberian Husky male lover dog.

Suka: The family pet that caught and killed a fluffy bunny that we have been watching every morning hop around our yard.

BigGirl: Our beautiful daughter that yells "SUKA'S GOT SOMETHING!!" and the states "COOL!" when the Hubby goes out to investigate.

LittleMan: Our Son that is in awh over the fact that his daddy is carrying a rabbit by his hind legs and it is so long. And then the son that sadly tells his daycare teacher about Suka "catching" a bunny rabbit. LOL!

The Hubby and I: The parents that are in awh of the speed and quickness from Suka and trying not to laugh at the entire situation!!

The Hubby: The parent that decides to say "Thank Goodness it wasn't the Easter Bunny!" to the kids.

Myself: Is thinking..... Why would you say that? I can't believe the kids are so tough about this. I was excepting a very upset BigGirl-- guess this mommy was more than a little off about that! LOL!!!


Ps. Dont let your dog catch and kill the easter bunny. ;-)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keepin' it lite

In the hopes of keeping things lite today........ HAAAAAAAAAHAAAAHAHAHAHA!

I am a Coach (3rd in my life), High school softball. Last night, the "other side" of Coach Horton came out.

I found from a friend of mine last night that The Hubby has a waitress at our local Pizza joint that has a little crush. She is married but apparently my man is just too HOT! (Yeah for me and my hunky stud selection!)

The SURPRISE GIVEAWAY PACKAGE is coming along nicely! I am having a blast choosing items to spoil someone with! I am even going to add another way to entry:

So- keep those entries coming!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


My fav blogger aka my sis in law (yes I am biased) did a "Secrets" post yesterday. So, I thought since I am at home, with a sleeping LittleMan and the Hubby and BigGirl are out herding cow (for real) I would let mine out. For those of you that know me, many may not be at secretive.

I hide candy (mainly chocolate- but not right now, lent time you know) around my house. But when my kids ask for a treat, my answer is 80% "no- have an apple/grapes/banana". *and then I sneak a chocolate.

I prefer a quite empty house for me, my fancy coffee and a book. But can often be found starting a family dog pile in own living room.

I am a professional and thus dress as one. But I still dream of getting my pink punk hair back daily.

A garden is something I REALLY want to grow- but I kill everything that is ALREADY beautiful so how would I even get something to GROW.

I hate attending showers/home parties- but I love shopping for the gift/goodies. (How does that work?!)

I want to own a white Porsche 911 Turbo with a sunroof so I can go FAST! But I wouldn't give up my Tahoe for the world. :)

I want to travel everywhere with the Hubby- but I don't want to do a THING without my kids. Huh?

I love weddings....... for the cake. ;-)

Soooo...... that me! What about you?

Don't forget about my GIVEAWAY!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just stay out of my way!....... unless you want a GIVEAWAY!

That is right.
It is one of those days.
Steam is sepping from my ears.
My eyes are bulging out of my head.
My hands are flying everywhere when I speak. (making typing a little difficult)
But you have all been there a time or two, right. RIGHT?!

Ok- so my emotions are out of control today. If there is something going wrong, or someone to make upset with me, APPARENTLY that is my job this week.

SO- TADA! (insert tongue sticking with raspberry sound included)

Why today of all days you might ask. Well, I HAVE NO CLUE!

And in spite of my temper and need to want to throw something, I see 2 men running today. And for a moment, I feel peace.

Then, I feel jealousy and anger. I mean look at them. Chatting and laughing while they sweat purfusly and release them daily anger in this peaceful act of running. I want  Need that today.

Then, I feel sad. I was mad because 2 men took time out of their lives to enjoy the company of a friend while doing something that makes them feel good. What is wrong with me?! I could be them if I only MADE myself MAKE time. I am beyond words with myself... for that moment.

So I dropped my LittleMan at school and headed towards work, where I got to see the happy carefree men enjoying their morning. And I decided right then. I NEED MY RUNNING TIME. It is a daily necessity. Period. I MUST make time for that, or my stressors have no healthy outlet. I have signed up for the Easter Sun Run 10k this saturday. The Wichita Half next sunday. AND the hubby has decided to join me in the Kansas City Warrior Dash 5k. YES YES YES!!!!

And in the midst of this all....... A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! It will be a surprise package sent straight to your door. A little bit of HAPPINESS to brighten your day. Maybe it will be your "bad" day and it will be just what you need. What is in the package you say?? No way! That is what will make it a surprise!!

~~1 comment about something or someone that made you say "Hey! Snap out of it! You can do this" etc.
~~1 comment each for posting my blog link on your blog page/facebook/twitter

**update**The SURPRISE GIVEAWAY PACKAGE is coming along nicely! I am having a blast choosing items to spoil someone with! I am even going to add another way to entry:


A random winner will be chosen on May 4th!!! SO START POSTING!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just a funny--

A High School classmate of mine is in training for her first Marathon. (your can read more about her here) She has done halfs, 10k, 5k, etc. But this past weekend she did a half. She is a teacher, and one of her students did his first 10k race (outside of school events). The story he gave the next monday was too good to not share with you all!!

Finally, I must share this story from the weekend’s race. Part of me can’t believe it’s actually true, but I laughed so hard when this kid was telling it that I had tears in my eyes. One of my students ran in the 10k race this past weekend. It was his first ever race event like this. He is accustomed to cross country and track events. (Side note: he actually took second in his age group.) The concept of water stations, where volunteers stand on the side of the road with cups of water, was new to him. He said he saw all the other pack leaders grabbing cups on the run and drinking them or pouring them over their heads. He thought it looked pretty badass, and in an attempt to be like them, he grabbed a cup mid-stride and dumped it on himself. It ended up being lemon-lime Gatorade and so by mile 2 he was covered in sticky liquid. His headphone cords were plastered to his neck and face and his shirt was glued to his body. It gets better. He came up on the aid station at mile 4 and decided to try again. He grabbed a paper cup from a little girl standing by the table, and even though he said he thought it felt a bit warm, he was going for a second try at the “badass water dump”. It was coffee. Yes, coffee. No clue why the little girl was holding coffee, or how he didn’t notice, but he claims she was holding it out like all the other volunteers. So he ran the last 2 miles of the race covered in coffee and Gatorade and still managed to place second. The class had MANY questions for this student as you can imagine. So at two separate aid stations, he twice poured a liquid on himself that wasn’t water. What an awful first race experience.

Hope this gave you a laugh today!!
Keep Running!
And I promise I will get a new blog and GIVEAWAY in this week!!!! STAY TUNED!!!!