Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Total ECLIPSE of the Heart (Jimmy Kimmel Style)

So, Yes, I was one of the CRAZY people to watch the Entire Twilight Saga (thus far) last night in the Theatre. (Well, hubby was one too- what a trooper, he REALLY loves me!)

So at 630pm, after winning tickets (FREE PEOPLE) to this event. We were at a Dickinson Theatre (no Warren) and the first thing we realized was...

You spend $5 a seat morE at the Warren Theatres for the LEG ROOM. TOTALLY WORTH IT FOR FUTURE REFERENCE! I was stuggling with it at 5'5'', poor hubby is 6'5''- again, he REALLY loves me.

You spend LESS money at the Warren for Bottled Water  (we are talking a regular size BW at the Dickinson Theatre was $4.50!! WTH?!)

You spend Less money at the Warren for ALL CONCESSION items AND you get MUCH BETTER popcorn there too! (Seriously we are talking a JUMBO popcorn full of the broken crap that is usually only at the bottom.)

After the first 2 movies (lots of teeny=boppers screaming and talking) seriously? I never did that during a MOVIES. Maybe watching The New Kids on the Block in Concert at age 7... just saying. We finally got to Eclipse. It was Great. Best movie in the series yet. Followed the Love story to the key. --which the the main point in all the books anyways. Totally can't wait to buy this one to add to our "Horton Family Video Rental".

I would suggest that if you want to see this movie, quietly. Go to a morning or very early matine'. Before the kids parents are around to take them to the movies. Heck, go alone if you like. I have done that many times. (cut work early, go late or take the day off all together, and go to as many movies as you want! No one to bug you, or worry about =, just you and the movies- priceless)

More to come on the running/workout front and the summertime activities/chicago trip planning/post LittleMan bday...

Friday, June 25, 2010

It was my birthday and I'll sing if I want to, dance it I want to, run if I want too!!!!!

Well, Yesterday was the big 2-8! Awh... that SOUNDS young! So, I had a great day! (even though I had to go to work) When I was heading to work, I got a voicemail- my parents singing "my child version" of Happy birthday. You know... Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you, you look like a monkey and smell "one like too". Ok, so maybe I was a little TOO determined at the age of 8yrs that I had the words RIGHT and everyone else was WRONG. (insert image of child with determined on the edge of tantrum face here)

So, later at work, I received these....

...hand delivered from my grandmother and my daughter, along with a small Blondie Cake (which I cut into 3 pieces to share with my co-workers) Sorry, no pictures of the cake, it didn't last that long.

I also received 30+ birthday wishes on facebook from friends and family. Gotta love the easy method for people to greet you daily.

I spent the early evening after work, watching my daughters Tball game. Then we all went to my folks for takeout (didn't want to haul kids to a restaurant) CHIPOTLE!! And for dessert, LEMON MERINGUE pie!!!

For gifts this year, I had received a purse from my Grandparents....

my RoadID from my parents, a year membership to the new Anytime Fitness in our town, and a Wii game (this is really for the kids)

And my daughter MADE me a gift this year...

The hubby and I didn't do gifts to each other this year. We are happy to spend the money on something else, like a movie together, a race I may want to run (BRING IT CHICAGO RNR!!), a softball tournament he wants to play in, etc.

And on the running front, well, lets just say, I will get back on the wagon tomorrow.

And tomorrow, well that is LittleMan's 2yr birthday!!! So MUCH AHEAD!!
MonsterTruck Cake (just wait until you see this!)!
Visit to see Popa Jeff!
Party time!
I think we wants his own cowboy boots this year too!!!
(I believe gma Penny is on this one!)

(LittleMan was in BigGirl's closet! She left her door open, and in our house, that means FREE ROAMING for LittleMan!! LOL!!!!!!)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Warning: Serious questions ahead!

OK, sorry this won't be funny (like the last post- you may want to read that one again after this to equal you back out) But I just got home from my evening at the farm. (we are a harvesting family) I got on Facebook to see what was up, because I have my littleman in bed, my husband out on a combine and my biggirl staying at the farm overnight. And the first posting I read was this...

 "Well the class of 2000 has now lost 3 members since graduation, R.I.P *Billy Bob Tom".
*I changed the name to protect the innocent*

OK, read it again...

WHAT?! I just say this guy LAST WEEKEND! I just played softball against this guy LAST WEEKEND! I just said out loud to a few friends LAST WEEKEND that I hate being around this guy! *Yeah, I am just a thoughtful, loving, sincere person.

Then I find myself upset. What is wrong with me right? I knew about the other 2 deaths. Suicide and death a childbirth. I wasn't effected by these death. So, OK, lets be honest here. I didn't KNOW these first 2. I Knew who they were, but I didn't KNOW them, hang with them, whatever. But *Billy Bob Tom, well, I knew him. I mean, I KNEW HIM. Not to the FULL intimacy level, but hey, halfway from 3rd base. Now, It wasn't a Proud time in my teenage years, it was the "tree hugger, post broken cherry heart boyfriend, freelovin', do what I want" area of teenage year. (yeah I know, I will have my kids on lock down-- well to be honest, I was a SAINT compared to the hubby and his "extra curricular high school years.)

So I think where I am going here, is this one is different, a little closer to home. (totally) To top this death off, it was a Suicide, and this is the 2nd this year from us. My hubby had a friend end his life this winter hanging from a tree across the street from the Kwik Shop on night. He was found when the sun was coming up from a driver coming off the interstate/highway exit on the other side of the tree.

But where I am going is this, this last 2 years, maybe 3. There have been a MULTITUDE of suicides in our little area. Mostly teenagers. But a few YOUNG adults. *aka under 30 years* What is happening to us, the world? Why are this youngester (well, people no older than me) looking for a way out? And in this case, Billy Bob Tom was NOT alone. He had kids, a family, people, a life (or so it seemed).

It makes me wonder ...
where these people were,
why didn't they see the signs?
What can I do?
What can we all do?

This is what I will be pondering..... any thoughts?

**As a side note- there have actually been 6 deaths from our graduating class all post graduation (10 yrs so far), 4 of which have been suicides.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Today, I was checking the local running website for another run I could do close by this next month or so. And while checking it out, I found a local (20 minutes away) half-marathon! I was excited!! I could add another Half to my yearly goal!! So, I pulled up the bulletin and read about it.

Now, I know this area well.  Plains, flat & hilly (closer to that area), BFK (ya know, bumm f ' ing Kansas), etc. So, when I read the description they had posted of this run, I couldn't stop laughing!! I mean SERIOUSLY! If you know what Marion County Kansas is like... well, just read this...

Course Description:
Come! And run the Run for Your Momma Half-Marathon on a fun and challenging course of pavement and country roads. The course features a variety of both hills and flat lands! The Run will take you into the Norman Rockwell setting of the City of Marion. You will wind around the popular family destination of Marion County Lake with its commerative CCC Workers Statue, and beautiful examples of classic hand laid stonework of the 1930's. Experience pastoral scenes of prairie, growing crops and cattlle grazing all while being treated to the melody of native Kansas Birds. Watch for them perched on fences as you breeze by!


Tornados are always possible!!

It's it just magical!!
The Local Womens Group... Just kidding, maybe.

Anyway, just wanted to share it bit of HILARIOUS!! And if you know the area, please- I want to know if you LAUGHED LAUGHED and LAUGHED some more!!!
If you aren't from around here, tell me about a race you may have thought the same thing about!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Race List

Ok, After reading BW's Race Post today, I thought I would post my own. It is a compiling of all the race I have done, however, I do NOT have all the times. In the Beginning (no watch) AND at the Walks, I didn't time those. So, here ya go...

6/2004: Wichita Heart Walk 1 miler (Very Pregnant with BigGirl)
6/2005: Wichita Heart Walk 1 miler
6/2006: Wichita Heart Walk 1 miler
5/2007: River Run 2 miler
6/2007: Wichita Heart Walk 1 miler
5/2008: River Run 2 miler
6/2008: Wichita Heart Walk 1 miler (VERY PREGNANT with LittleMan, he was born 10 days later)
4/2009: Emma Creek 5K 32:24
5/2009: River Run 10K 1:09:14
11/2009: GobberGrind 1/2 Marathon MY FIRST(walked almost all with not prepared Cousin) 3:23:24
3/2010: Dallas Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon 2:51:46
4/2010: Oklahoma Memorial 1/2 Marathon 2:47:08

Sadly, I have missed the 5/2010 River Run 10k this year. I was hoping to beat an hour time frame.

I am signed up for the Chisholm Trail 5K this July, the Chicago Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon in August and the
Prairie Fire 1/2 Marathon in October. And I am planning on doing the GobblerGrin 1/2 Marathon again this year-RUNNING this time around. (maybe cousin can sleep, shop, or get a haircut while I run this time) :)

Keep hitting the ground!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

just a couple things

I have a picture of my little family (minus me- taking the picture obviously) from the Heart Walk this past weekend. (before we did a 5K)
Mine are the Three in the middle (no idea who the smiling lady and boy are behind them)

Also, I wanted to share one of my early Birthday gifts I recieved from my parents...

...LOVE MY RoadID!!!! It is a MUST HAVE for anyone!! Athlete or not, it is a good idea!!
(I chose Orange since it is bright and I don't have any running clothing that is that color. So it will be noticable)

I will post some pictures of my BigGirl at Tball soon. And I will get back to my "HARD CORE" soon!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Well, this weekend was fun filled and I AM EXHAUSTED AND SORE!!

Friday, we stay home with the kids that night and rented the movies:

Both Movies were GREAT!! Ths kids were mesmerized by Alice in Wonderland. They watched the ENTIRE thing just sitting together on the couch. It was Wonderful!!

FROM PARIS WITH LOVE was good too. (We put kids to bed for this one) It was enough action to keep you interested, and ofcourse Jonathan Rhys Meyers is always nice to look at. yummy.

We then went to bed and got up around 6:45am to head to Wichita. My mother is the Wichita Heart Walk Director for the American Heart Association. She is AMAZING at her job and has gotten many awards, bonuses, etc for it!! We were in Wichita by 8:30am and all 4 of us ( well little man road in the stroller and our girl had a 1 mile shoulder ride on hubby) walked a 5K. It was humid out, so sweating was a given unfortunately. When we were done, we took my teenage brother (yes, I have a teenage brother, we are 13 years apart and NO ONE in between. Story Short- the parents finally stopped trying, and BAM, baby brother.) and headed home to unload a seat and stroller fromt he tahoe. We then turned on a movie in the Tahoe, and headed to halstead to pick up 11 bags (16 bags total) of sloattered beef. And we are talking 3 foot bags here. And it is FROZEN. We hauled those to the farm in Burrton and unloaded into 2 deep freezers.
So, workout saturday- check! 5K and weight lifting/moving weights
We then feed the kids, brought my brother home and picked up 2 more bags of beef. After that, we ran around the house like chickens with our heads cut off for the next hour to get kids to nap and changed/ready for an ALL NIGHT SOFTBALL TOURNEMENT!!
So at 2:45pm, my aunt was there to kids sit. We drove an hour to Wellington and played Softball at 4pm, 6pm, 1030pm and 3am!!! We lost every game, but we had fun!! I was amazing!! (well-hell, it is me< LOL!!) We then headed home at 4:15am and were home by 5:30am. When we hit Wichita, it started POURING RAIN! And when we got home they were putting up High Waters Signs all over! It had rained 6+ inches from after we left home until a few hours after we got home!! So, we took showers and crashed in bed for a couple hours until the kids got up. SO TIRED AND SORE!!
That afternoon at 230pm, I went to see Sex and the City 2 with my mom.


SO, minus some more TOTALLY EXHAUSTED, LAUNDRY FILLED, RUN TO STORE, RUN TO THE FARM TO CARE FOR ANIMALS AND CORRAL AN INJURED HORSE TO GET HIS WOUND CARED FOR WHILE ANOTHER STORM IS LIGHTENING ABOVE US ** and we are in a metal surrounded corral, so smart**, that was the weekend. And now it is Monday and I am SO SORE that when I sneeze, I moan with pain. But hey!! It is worth the pain to drop the pounds!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time is a changing

I was noticing today that Little Man's hair has grown a TON in a year. (well, actually, less than a year) I am looking at the family picture was had taken in October and he had peach fuzz. You know, the bearly there, top of a peach.

Well that is not the case anymore, he has HAIR! Wavy Curly Long adorable Hair. And yes, I know, he is a boy. But isn't long hair IN for boys?

 I just dont want to cut it yet. He looks so adorable. And someday, he will be asking me for a green mohawk (which, knowing me, if it is not close to anything like Christmas, I might just give in.)

So, on that note, I took this picture of my little girl after Tball practice the other night...

... now, she has long, wavy, curly hair as well. But it hasn't passed the thin baby hair stage yet. And she has asked me if she can get a hair cut. But she has a few front calic's (spelling) an it is finally almost all able to to in a braid or ponytail. And it is summer, so her hair being on her neck is not a good idea.

So.... question.... am I being a bad mom? Selfish mom? Greedy mom?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Back from State...

So here are the girls!! (taken through the fence, yes, but they are there all the same!!

The large dugout was HOTT!   

BB was up to bat, and while she never ACTUALLY swung at this ball. I thought the Pic was too cool!!

I had to add another Dug Out pic, because "Critter" -The far left side of picture. She was having a "vomitting" moment, and I kept catching her in the midst of throwing up in her mouth!! YUCK! I did send her outside the dugout a time or two. LOVE YA CRITTER!!

E-MO striking a pose! BatterUP Chick! (Notice the other team is in all white- yeah.

A little "regrouping" inbetween innings.

OK, this pic IS cool if you know the story. This is a FEW CLOSE (AKA-- yelling coach close) play against us at First base. They girl overly stretching out her Vajayjay, she gloving the ball by her left foot. Butdo you notice all the dirt trail on your right side of the picture?? THAT IS MADIDIE'S DUST! Cool pic huh?? (AKA-- not my Madi, mine is 5yrs old not 15)

OK, a little more team time, and through Coach Gunn in too.

This was our little speech time after our 2-0 lose to St. Thomas Aquinas. They were #1 Seed and we were #8 Seed. SO a 2-0 lose is VERY GOOD. (just to fill you in a bit) Our 4 Seniors were saying there last "Thanks" (Tears... yes many. All I can say is I have some Major Shades and they were NOT coming off anything soon that day.)

Senoir Mona and Coach Gunn hugging it out! AWh!!

Seniors Erin Boston (left) and Erin Mosiman aka E-Mo (right) **Just wanted to mention.... see the Pink hair, it ain't just me!!

The Last BreakDown as 2010 NHS Softball Team

2010 NHS Varsity State Softball Team

We always have to throw in a GOOFY!!

My Crazy Van Load home!! left-Critter, Maddie, Mona, and Olivia

We made the Girls clean off the Vans on the way home. They were decorated by parents for state.

Maddie and Olivia (they took my camera for awhile, atleast the pics aren't bad.

Well, this is DISGUSTING THOUGH!!!!!!! See, Mona doesn't like it either.

Goodbye Dakota Bear

This was Dakota Bear Horton....

He was a Great Dog, a family Dog, a caring Dog, a Loving Dog.
Madison's crawling partner. (Yes, he would CRAWL too- Hubby taught him that)
Madison's "hearder" while she learned to walk.
Madison's Nurse while she healed from her broken leg.
Madison's "circus trick" Dog. (aka would CLEAR the 3 Foot baby gate & a 3 foot baby Madison EASY)
A well trained (born trained) Dog. **He always stayed in the yard, by our side, or in the truck**
He was our First Dog.
We got married, had our first baby 15 months later, bought our first house 4 months after that and added Dakota to the family that same month. He was just a few months old then. So Madison and Dakota grew up together. He will be missed. He was only 6 years old, and no where near his end. But whatever happened to him, we hope he didn't suffer.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Things

I promise to get a big post on here soon with my State Softball Info.... but right now,  a little Memorial Day Info.

I spent my Memorial Day relaxing with Walking Pneumonia at home with movies. (Dear John, True Blood Season 1 & 2) But today I read, randomthotschick's blog and there was something there I liked.

Somewhere in Iraq, the soldier's spent Memorial Day morning running a 10K... was about 104 degrees too. But look at them go!! They are all runners/athletes/mothers/fathers/sisters/brothers/uncles/aunts/friends/coworkers and they still have the heart to show their spirit in 104 degrees!!! (Three Cheers for all our military!!!)


A second thing I liked from randomthotschick's blog was this....
...the metal given this September at the Virginia Beach Rock N Roll Half Marathon!!! I am now praying for a winning lottery ticket, miracle from god, the financial means to go to this run in September!! Because, lets be honest here, wouldn't you want that hanging on YOUR wall?!?!?!!!!

**You may have noticed my lack in activity this past few days.... let me remind you that you just read about my walking pneumonia. So, does the "walking" part count? LOL! I will get back on the horse very soon. I mean, MotherRunner (my sis in law) just challenged me to the 100 miles in June Just Do IT! So that is a challenge, and I don't back down from those!!!