Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Monday, June 7, 2010

Back from State...

So here are the girls!! (taken through the fence, yes, but they are there all the same!!

The large dugout was HOTT!   

BB was up to bat, and while she never ACTUALLY swung at this ball. I thought the Pic was too cool!!

I had to add another Dug Out pic, because "Critter" -The far left side of picture. She was having a "vomitting" moment, and I kept catching her in the midst of throwing up in her mouth!! YUCK! I did send her outside the dugout a time or two. LOVE YA CRITTER!!

E-MO striking a pose! BatterUP Chick! (Notice the other team is in all white- yeah.

A little "regrouping" inbetween innings.

OK, this pic IS cool if you know the story. This is a FEW CLOSE (AKA-- yelling coach close) play against us at First base. They girl overly stretching out her Vajayjay, she gloving the ball by her left foot. Butdo you notice all the dirt trail on your right side of the picture?? THAT IS MADIDIE'S DUST! Cool pic huh?? (AKA-- not my Madi, mine is 5yrs old not 15)

OK, a little more team time, and through Coach Gunn in too.

This was our little speech time after our 2-0 lose to St. Thomas Aquinas. They were #1 Seed and we were #8 Seed. SO a 2-0 lose is VERY GOOD. (just to fill you in a bit) Our 4 Seniors were saying there last "Thanks" (Tears... yes many. All I can say is I have some Major Shades and they were NOT coming off anything soon that day.)

Senoir Mona and Coach Gunn hugging it out! AWh!!

Seniors Erin Boston (left) and Erin Mosiman aka E-Mo (right) **Just wanted to mention.... see the Pink hair, it ain't just me!!

The Last BreakDown as 2010 NHS Softball Team

2010 NHS Varsity State Softball Team

We always have to throw in a GOOFY!!

My Crazy Van Load home!! left-Critter, Maddie, Mona, and Olivia

We made the Girls clean off the Vans on the way home. They were decorated by parents for state.

Maddie and Olivia (they took my camera for awhile, atleast the pics aren't bad.

Well, this is DISGUSTING THOUGH!!!!!!! See, Mona doesn't like it either.

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