Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Never-ending Story

Running? What is that?
The weather can't decide if it is a wicked winter or the beginning of spring.
So, running outside is not happening much.
Then since the weather is wacky, the health in my house is wacky.
My poor LittleMan has spent more time this year sick than healthy. Today, I am sitting on the couch awaiting the results for him to either have Strep throat, Influenza or BOTH.

Then there is my BigGirl would is my little busy bee. She goes to Awana at church once a week. But this week, she goes twice because she is going to compete in a competition on saturday. AND indoor soccer started this week, and it happens to be the SAME night at Awana. So 25 minutes at soccer practice and a race to church for Awana. But will I take away anything from her growth? NO WAY!

I start my High School softball season on MONDAY. Which means I am a crazy ass wacky mom for 90 days. And my sanity will be border lined as well.

The hubby is 88 days from GRADUATION!!!!! He is AWESOME!!! He started his 2, YES TWO, Internships this week. (ROCK OUT HUBBY!!!)

So, thanks to my dad (retired Popa) and BigGirls BFF's parents... my kids are covered for being picked up and cared for until either hubby or myself is home. I actually have calendars set up for them for make it easier (and keep my mind at ease that they aren't missed or forgotten)

So- Sanity- my neverending story. Family illnesses- also my neverending story. But HOPE- I am trying to keep HOPE to the future. I am proud of my hubby. And I am proud of my kids. They keep ME HAPPY.

But, running, I am missing my running, and I having races on the mind. So running, next week, I will be adding you to my INSANITY!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Extreme Makeover!! Home Edition!


ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition is in the area! And I decided to lend a hand, and arm, a leg, whatever!
Here I am at 530am, after a fast breakfast, a large coffee and it is COLD. But I am READY!!!

Here is my first sighting of Paige, Jillian, Paul and Ty!!

 Paul and Ty (doing the acting thing)

 There is a scene that we "send the family off" and "fake a demo" (since this family rents a condo currently. They needed a WSU spoof. And that is where this I come in! CHECK OUT WHAT GOT ME AN INSTANT HIGH FIVE FROM TY!!!!!!

I am just the SHIT! LOL!!

 And of course, who can say "no" to a photo op with me now?! THANKS PAUL!!!!!!
 I had such a great time on my first 12 hour shift, that after coming home and watching my BigGirl shake her thing at the high school dance clinic varsity basketball game, I slept and went back for MORE!!!!!

Paige wasn't big on photo ops with fans- so I got this.
 And I got this photo of house on day 3! FREAKING AMAZING!!!
 So after moving lots of wood, cleaning up after workers, doing a little acting (without pay of course) and building a floating floor from the VIP viewing section, and MUCH MUCH MORE. I had a great time. If it is ever near you- JUST DO IT!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today is a sad day.
A day that dreams are shattered. (at least my dreams)
A day that the average runner is pushed down on the asphalt.
A day that I will HATE the rest of my mobile life.

"FEBRUARY 16th, 2011: I HATE YOU!"

Yes sir bob- B.O.S.T.O.N.

I will never run your race. I will forever find it untouchable.

Not only is qualifying not in my reach, but now you are making it 5 minutes harder to do so.

Not only will I never get to register if I ever did qualify, I better beat that extra 5 minutes with 20 minutes faster so guarantee a registry.

Yes my runner friends.

A sad SAD day for us average folk.

SO- whats your thoughts?

**btw- exciting news coming by the end of the week. Stay Tuned!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Melting Icicles

Yesterday- I complained.
I spoke to Lemons and Apples.

Today- I am going to watch the Icicles Melt.
Yep- Large, dripping Icicles.

I had a couple suggestions yesterday for my Lemons.

#1- Chuck the Lemons back at someone.

I must say, this is my favorite. Just chuck them back! Demand they be returned! Refuse to be bearied in the pile!

Chuck the Lemons. (Thank you Cnyther)

#2- List my Graditudes.

ok- I can do that. So while the Icicles melt- let me reflect on the positives....

We will call this the "Apples"


-The Hubby is in his last semester of school and has yet again received the VP Honor Roll!
-BigGirl is an over achiever in Kindergarten and is only half way through it. (she asks me every few days when she can move to First Grade)
-LittleMan is finally over the worst of all the illness and has a plain old cold currently. But he's HAPPY!
-She have helped out a good friend this past 3 weeks by keeping his huskie. (thought is the apple-situation has become a big lemon)
-I may not be the happiest in my current work, but at least I DO HAVE A JOB.
-I have great folks that are always there to help anyway they can. (emotionally, or whatever way)
-My oldest brother has moved back to the area to find a "new" start. And I keep finding out in new ways, just how much he respects and looks up to ME, the little sister.
-My father-n-law #2 (if confused by this, just ask me, a little story) is doing small improvements lately and I have volunteered my time no less than 1 saturday a month to keep him company.
-I have found ways to laugh at the small things again. (Like when LittleMan decided to cover the kitchen floor in 2 dozen fresh eggs while daddy was moving snow, sissy was in next room watching TV and I was at work-- sadly daddy forgot to take a picture until halfway thru clean up.)
-The 1 night a week that I get to watch 3 hours of (semi-non- interupted) Television with my hubby.
-How the hubby and I have gotten better at talking about everything... still a work in progress, but wont it always be
-how even though I dont enjoy my job, I DO enjoy my co-worker and how we talk about ANYTHING and laugh a lot most days.
-I have WONDERFUL BFF's, Rach who just moved from 3.5 hours away to 30 mins away!! And Gunn who has always lived a few blocks away, but she is almost ALWAYS available to trips to shop, eat, a drink or a movie.
-I have a AMAZING hubby who is always supportive with knowing I need my outtings with Gunn or my day with the Father in law.
-I have a hilarious and supportive Sis in law that I believe God wanted me to be connected to for life.

So I guess there is a lot of Apples in my basket. Sometimes it just takes someone special/important in your life to remind you to look for those. (Thanks Shana) So, for today, while I watch the Icicles melt out my window at work, I will think about the Apples. And just how blessed I am to have those.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lemons- not always for lemonade

Have you ever noticed how life can give you lemons? And then people tell you to make lemonade. And maybe you don't want lemonade. So you make lemon bars, lemon cake, lemon drops. And then sometimes life gives you SO MANY LEMONS, that you can't dig your way out of them. That they take over your life, your thoughts, your SANITY!
Why is that?
Why does life throw you lemon after lemon after lemon sometimes?
Why must a person, ANY person, go through so many struggles that you can't see the light outside the pile of lemons?
Does God feel that the Lemons will teach us to push thru the sourness? The lip pukering, face squishing, teeth peeling sour of disaster.
I, personally, am sick and tired of Lemons. It is NOT summertime, aka "lemonade season". I need warmth, comfort, an Apple.
I need an Apple.
The fruit that keeps the bad away. (An apple a day keeps the doctor away--- oh and I am not calling doctors bad, just to clarify)
I want normal.
I want sweetness.
I want Apples.

This past month has been lemons.

The Hubby is in his last semester of school (the light thru the pile)
Then my Tahoe went to the shop. ($400) *Lemons
Snow is coming! I love snow!
Then there are multiple days of no school. But I still have work. (some lemons)
Then the heater goes out and this is hubbys schooling, but since not certified until May- he can't order the part himself and fix. (bill not recieved yet) *more Lemons
3 days at my folks house (great folks, by day 3 I really missing "our" space/place- but great folks)
4 dogs kenneled in cold house alone *more Lemons
Then heater is fixed! (awaiting bill)
First night home- LittleMan spends 10pm-early am hours puking all over bed multiple time *more lemons
Then stuck in house with below zero temps (more lemons)
Help with Church Nursery and all the easy babies are sick/cranky/teething/needing and we have get four 3 months and youngers in too (Lemons)
Another Snow storm comes through (17 plus inches)!!! yeppie
again no school expect I work (lemons)
I applied for a job I really wanted that would allow me to have summers off with kids and work school hours
And I didnt get it (lemons)
Stress with multiple sides of Family issues (LEMONS)
Arguements between hubby and his bff (Lemons)
Littleman has had 2 rounds of Antibiotics this month & is going BACK to the doctor tomorrow (LEMONS)
I took Suka out for a much needed run BEFORE all this snow, and 2 blocks from home he has a freak out, and get out of his very tight harness!! How is that even possible?! Luckily, I got a sprint workout following him home. THANK GOD he ran home.

So- Lemons, puckering awful Lemons. And I dont have an outlet for this tension, since running outside with 17 inch snow and none-cleared roads is IMPOSSIBLE here. And the treadmill and I are arguing.

Any thoughts on what to do with Lemons?
Notice how great BigGirl has been? No complaints here for her. :-)

Complaining Done.