Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Sunday, December 18, 2011

6 days people... 6 DAYS!

So, 6 days, yeah.
Just ordered 2 gifts online for Wednesday delivery.
Have 5 more gifts to purchase in the next 5 days.
Contemplating one of those said gifts between one thing or another....
I am NOT a person that procrastinates at all. I am the planner, the do it myself, done early person. But when you are getting your family back on track after you were a one income home for 3 years, it takes living on the "paycheck" schedule. SOOOO can't wait to get out of that mode.

 So, I mentioned a new path that I will be starting right after the New Year....
I will be working for the Kansas Association of Infant and Child Mental Health. ( )
Administrative Assistant from HOME!! WOOHOO!!
LittleMan will be my wingman, saving us a load on money on full-time daycare. And BigGirl won't need a place to go throughout the school breaks. Life will be grand. :)

So on the lose 15 lbs by Christmas. Well MAJOR FAIL. I am sad and pathetic, I know.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Wow! December already?! What the...?!

20 days to Christmas.
Yes, you hear me right.
Are you done shopping? Because I am NOT. This year has been different for us in so many ways.
And getting back on track has been a challenge all on its own.
Changes are good they say, well some changes just plan suck.

So, in the holiday spirit, I am trying to lose 15 pounds by Christmas. I am watching the calorie intake and trying to get in as much calorie burning time as possible. Where am I in my goal so far... well, I have only 15 more pounds to lose! LOL!! Yeah, it isnt looking to good. HOWEVER, my FAVORITE JEANS finally got a hole worn into them, and not in a good place. So, do I spend money on another pair or do I work harder on the weight so I can ACTUALLY wear the huge tot of jeans and pants I have in the basement? I am going for weight lose.
PLUS- In 6 months and 22 days, I turn 30. So, I WANT TO LOSE THE WEIGHT!!
The goal is 50 lbs by that day.

Also on my goals list... A full marathon BEFORE my 30th birthday.

On the family front,
BigGirl is playing basketball now. It is so fun to see you learn, and yet so hard to not want to jump in a teach her when she makes a mistake. (But I dont. Good mommy, keep your big butt on that bleacher during practice)

LittleMan is still struggling with potty training, and is needing to get a bigger bed (those tall genes he gets from his daddy are annoying sometimes, will when money is concerned.)

We have the tree up, but we dont have the swingset up yet. My poor kiddos.

The Hubby is still working the job he started in August, he is just trying to make it through this first year, which is learning EVERYTHING. We are keeping our fingers crossed for that bonus this winter.

Me, well, I am on the verge of a NEW path very soon. More to come when it is confirmed. :)

Until then, I am still here, I am not dead. I have goals that I am determined to meet. And I am thinking about actually having a birthday party this year. THEMED AND ALL. More on that as it progresses too

My great friend, Gunn, ran her FIRST HALF MARATHON THIS WEEKEND!!!
Las Vegas Rock and Roll!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Journey Begins.

(names have been changed to protect.. oh who am I kidding! LOL!!)  
Here we are. 
Twelve people traveling together.
To experience another country.
another culture.
another life.

 The first flight was smaller, the next flight (as shown above) was larger. 
And longer (13 hours). 
Since there was 12 of us, the chances of having more of us together on a flight was great. 
I am on the window, and then we are 4 more deep. 
We had a lot of laughs on this trip.... and many started on this flight.

 The three gals smiling in this picture and the one in pink is just 4 rows back. 
These gals were the majority of the giggling all the way to Tokyo (where we awaited our last flight).

 These three gals spent the majority of the long flight SLEEPING! 
I do not know how they did this. I slept all of 15 minutes!!

 At different points, I would open the window and take a gander... 
this is somewhere in British Columbia. 
(I only know this because they have GPS on the TV screens during the flights, telling you where you are.)

Welcome to the open waters.

 After 3 flights and 22 hours of travel time, we made it to Beijing, China. 
It was 11:30pm local time (10:30am back home)
When we arrived, our ride was not there to pick us up yet. 
We were fine, just hung out, and tried to make sure our buddy, Bert, was on his way.

At 12:30am, we found Bert and his friend Mark. They loaded up 12 people, 24+ bags, and few pillows and 1 Guitar into one 11 person van and 7 person wagon. It was also RAINING! And since we hadn't seen or felt Rain in weeks, it devoured it! 

Keep in mind, if you ever travel to China, that you need to arrive in the regular working hours. 
Otherwise, you will spend 2 hours looking for a hotel.
Wthe one you had reservations at decides to not take you 
and 5 other hotels say they are full, 
or turn off the lights, 
or lock the doors.

So at 2am,
we all were welcomed into Bert's house 
to sleep on the floor, 
in bunk beds, 
and on couch cushions. 
And it was the best sleep, 

And bless his wife for rising in the morning and making a yummy breakfast for 12 American strangers.

We did get into a better hotel that next morning and we started 
Day One of our 48 hours Marathon Sight-Seeing in Beijing.

Stay Tuned.....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

And my new address is....

... haha, gotcha?!
No~ I did not move to China.
No~ I did not get lost in China.
No~ I did not lose my passport and have to stay longer. (however this did happen to a teammate-more later)
No~ I did not bring home a Chinese Baby (yet, more on that later too)

Yes~ I am home. And have been for 3 weeks?
Yes~ I had an AMAZING adventure.
Yes~ I will tell you ALL ABOUT IT.


I am overwhelmed with the
and physical
experience of it all.

I am still processing,
still understanding,
still finding the....
to tell the stories.

There is so much to say.
There is so much to share.
There is so much to show.

Just be patient, and it will all come out.
And more than likely, in bites and pieces.
In chapters, and not the entire Novel.
And to be honest, it may come over time.
There may be blogs in between about anything else, running, BigGirl's year of 1st Grade, LittleMans Adventure of still potty training, The Hubbys new job (YES THAT DID HAPPEN TOO!).. well you get the drift.

Thanks for understanding, and STAY TUNED....

Thursday, July 7, 2011


........the hours until my flight takes off from ICT to start it's multi-stop path to Beijing, China.


........the dollars I still need to collect by said hours.


........the times last night at I had an anxiety dream about missing luggage, wrong flight, late, etc.


.........number of times since this morning that I have started to freak out about leaving my family for 11 days.


..........the number of other people in my group going together


.........the number of hours (predicted by flight plan) that I will be travelling (in flight or awaiting flight)


...........the number of days that HE will teach me and lead me down HIS path.

What is in your plan the next 6 days???

Monday, June 27, 2011


This past couple weeks as been CRAZY!

I have made 270 burritos to that I sold for China Trip Donations.

I have attending many T-ball games of BigGirls and watched LittleMan climb the chain fencing in flipflops during them.

I have gone to the drive in movies for the first time with ALL 4 of us-- twice. First time was 3 weeks ago and it was FREEZING that night. Second time was Friday night and LittleMan ended up shirtless for the evening it was so hot and sticky. FYI---
Kung Fu Panda 2-- good
Rio-- LittleMan and I slept. The hubby and BigGirl enjoyed.
Cars 2-- We all enjoyed
Green Lantern-- I loved, Hubby enjoyed, BigGirl watched half (and she REALLY WANTED TO SEE IT) and LittleMan slept.

I celebrated my last year of my twenties with my little family on Friday (recall the movies). We went to the Twisted Cow (yummy serve yourself yougart joint) for Dinner, and had McAlisters Deli (yummy speciality deli food) for dessert. - it was my birthday and I wanted a backwards dinner. I also enjoyed getting 2 new ULTRA CLEARANCE wicking tanktops (good for humid china) and 1 Pink Breast Cancer Fishing pole from the Hubby and kids.

I also celebrated LittleMans 3 year birthday. (again the movies), and a party yesterday with grandparents. Complete with a 3D Thomas the Tank Engine Cake. YUMMY!!!

My folks also decided to put their large above ground pool up.... in our backyard this year.  I am telling you, if I didn't work a full time job outside my home right now... I would TOTALLY be one of those moms that floats her afternoons away. Ahhh, such a nice dream.

Also, last week I accepted a new coaching job! I am no longer a High School Assistant Softball Coach. But now a 4 yr College Assistant Softball Coach at Bethel College. Plus here, besides the HS to College upgrade. It is a few more months a year (fall and spring) that I can enjoy my passion. It is a little more pay, so that will allow me to make a change from my full time job in the near future. Which in turn- gives me more time at home with my kids (and time to RUN) in the off season!! Off season is mid october-end of january, and mid may thru end of August. Holiday season and summers.... ahhhhh how nice that will be. :-)

The Hubby is still job hunting with his new degree.... pray for him to get an offer SOON.

And last but not least, CHINA IS 16 DAYS AWAY!!!!! I am only $836 short of my goal funding. I am telling you those family recipe burritos WERE A HIT! Such a hit, that my mother has confidence me to do another batch this week for next week delivery. Meaning that with 10 days until my flight takes off, I will be wrapping and selling for burritos!! OMG! But that father of ours has been amazing. Without him, I don't know where I would be in this path today.

So- $836 dollars in 16 days. I have trust.... do you?

ps-- someone close to my heart is awaiting an answer for a new path for her. please pray for her to have an answer soon.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wichita River Run

This past weekend- 3 of my family of 4 ran a race at the Wichita River Run!

There was even a couple Flash Mobs (Freeze Flash Mobs)

Aviation Church Freeze Flash Mob.
 I started the morning off with a 10K. My watch decided to stop some way thru... so I am guessing a time of 1:15 ish. IT WAS HOT AND STEAMY AT 7:30 am!!!

The Hubby did the 2 mile, and limped his 2-time post surgery knee across at 30-31 minutes. YEA HUBBY!! He even made it in the newspaper!!!

The Hubby is the big guy in white cutoff just to the right of center.

If you have a keen eye, Hubby is 7 rows back right of center.

Can you see Hubby here?! LOL!!

BigGirl did her FIRST race! It was about a half a block long, and no time. But she received 3rd in her heat. ** I have a short video of her race.... if I can figure out how to get it off my phone and onto this.....


LittleMan was a great cheering squad!! And the three of us went home HOT and with little medals.

BigGirl and LittleMan awaiting Daddy to run by!!

Can't wait until we are a running family of 4!!!


Friday, May 27, 2011


47 days!
China is right around the corner and I am only sitting at 24% goal met to go. I have great faith that he will provide.

So... BigGirl spent her first day of summer sick. Yep... puking up a storm.

Why? Do you ask? -- Well NO IDEA. She is still sick today, day 2 of summer break.

The Hubby is still J.O.B. searching, and while he has been wasting time waiting... he finally put in my livingroom ceiling fan/light and the wall switches for it too. :-) I am SOOOOOOOOO happy now! Awh- a cool breeze in my livingroom means less A/C time needed so far. And I can see better too. Stupid 1970s houses that didnt put in ceiling lights. Ugh.

Hubby has also been spending time helping his mom at the farm, making dinner, doing laundry, etc etc etc. h, don't worry though, I have a list of things to keep him from boredom. LOL!!

I have been working on something new.... more on that later once I know it is solid. But... FUN FUN FUN!!

What does your holiday weekend look like??

Monday, May 23, 2011

51 DAYS.... and PANICING!!!!!!!!

My Volunteer team leaves for ZhengZhou China to work at an Orphans summer camp, and as I am SO VERY EXCITED, I am also PANICING.

I am sitting at only 18% of my fundraising goal to be able to go on this trip!!


We completed our first group fundraiser dinner this past sunday. And as it was a success, earning each member of the group $150, it still leaves me in a big whole. I know God will prove for me. But I am a "planner" and having the faith to wait this timing is AWFUL for me. I guess this is his way of teaching me patience. (I understand, but it is still hard!)

So, here is me again putting this out there.....

If you feel the pull to help me show children without families love, compassion and support.
Please write checks to "Bring Me Hope" ****This is a TAX WRITE OFF, BTW****
and mail them to:
Kirsten Horton
**Click here for information**

Thank you for anything you can do, even if it is just commenting that you are adding me to your prayers.

Friday, May 13, 2011



And here is the College Graduate....

Somethings just don't change with age!

It's he just a doll!!?
So seriously, here is The Hubby.
He will be a graduate in a few short hours.
He will get to celebrate like he is still in his 20's.
He will get to walk in a graduation ceremony for the first time ever.
He will get to wear the cap and gown.
He will get to hold a diplomia.
And then he will be told to "GET A JOB!"(hehe)

No really, I am never proud and excited that he has achieved this goal he set for himself.
I am also very happy that this will finally be over.
And that soon I won't be the only steady income in this household. :-)


Thursday, May 5, 2011

And the winner is........

...... #19 Kristen at runningwhat? CONGRATS KRISTEN!! Email me your info and I will get this in the mail asap!!!! (

Thank you to all that entered!! I have another great giveaway coming very soon!!!

Right after I get The Hubby through his College Graduation next week, and BigGirl through the end of Kindergarten, and myself through the end of Softball season!!! Much more "fun" me coming, and less "stressed" me around the corner!!! And many new races, faces, and news this season!!!

Also, I will be taking any donations you feel like sending to me for the China Volunteer Trip I am taking this summer to show love to orphaned children. Just email me for my address. All donations are TAX DEDUCTABLE when checks are written to "Bring Me Hope". I will collect them and get them off in lue of my travel expenses. A giveaway will be given to a random donating submission on July 1st.
 Learn more about that HERE. 
I have $3250 to raise by July 1st!!! Please, Help me help the lives of others.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So this past Sunday, I got in Half Marathon #7... Johnston's Wichita Half Marathon.
It was a last minute choice to not do the OKC Memorial Half, due to $, $$, and $$$. Oh, and my nice hotel I like there was Full.

Turns out, it was the BEST CHOICE I have made all month! OKC was delayed due to WIND, RAIN and Lightening. So sad for them, but dodged a bullet for me. And saved money sleeping in my own bed.
**Read here for the complete experience of a runner in OKC that day

Highlights were....
1. I ran a part of Wichita that I had NEVER known was there. WOW. That is a challenge.
2. It was a cool beautiful day (minus the head wind on the second half)
3. The homeless people along the path were just waking up for our footsteps. (except that unfortunate man that was waking himself up... if you get my drift, ugh.)
4. My sis n law and bro n law were running it too. I never saw the bro n law after the start line until the end. And my sis was in view until mile 2.5. LOL!
5. I finished 48 seconds past my PR. (2:33:08) so it was my 2nd best time so far.
6. I enjoyed some inner thigh cramping while in the truck heading home.

I let the Hubby and the kids sleep in and not come out in the early morning cold. We had spent all Saturday at the Kansas State University Spring Football Game and gotten home late that night. So, I have a nice sunburn too. (Granted I was GREAT with bathing the kids in sunscreen all day.... kinda forget about the parents.)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I need you!

Bring Them…

Love. Compassion. Friendship. Understanding. Companionship.

Bring Me Hope.

Hello, my name is Kirsten. I am a wife of one, a mother of two, a sister of a few, a friend to many, a daughter, an aunt, and a follower. Being all these people to so many has prepared me for a bigger task at hand. I have much love, wisdom and support to share with others. This year, after having a “Bring Me Hope” speaker come to my church, I made the decision to share myself with others in dire need. I will be traveling with a group of 12 amazing people this July 13-23 to Zhengzhou, China. We will be volunteering our love, support, listening, and knowledge at a Summer Camp for Chinese Orphans. Many of these children have never known a parent, a sibling or even a friend. There are many stories of children being found as infants left to die. There is a lot of hate in their young lives.

What I am asking is for you to help me get to them, to show them love and compassion; and to show them a path to start healing their hearts and souls. I am need both financial and prayer support.
My costs are:
Camp fee (lodging/food): $750

Airfare: $2,000

Train/Travel/Incidentals: $500

Grand Total: $3,250
**All donations are tax deductible through the “Bring me Hope” organization.**

Any help I can get is great appreciated. I believe that another force is pushing me to teach, love and show support for these young children and the translators. I hope that you can help me get there.

*Please write all checks to “Bring me Hope” and then mail them to me at:
Kirsten Horton
1200 Columbus Circle
Newton, KS 67114

Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sun Run 10K

I had the Easter Sun Run 10K this past weekend. And the hubby and my BigGirl had there first ever registered 2 mile walk. (yeppie!!) **LittleMan just enjoyed the Crusin' Ride**

I had a good run, except for the little fact that they marked the kilometers and not the Miles. So I was all confused and thinking "Crap! i am rockin' this thing! 59 minutes here I come!!" Until marker #7 and then it hit me, "these are freakin' kilometers!" AWHH. So, after I kicked myself in the ass for pushing harder than should have too soon. I crossed the 10K with a 1:09:46... still a PR for me.

So I changed my shirt, put on wind pants, cheered on my friend Liz for her 2 mile run (like 20 minutes YEPPIE) then lined up with the Hubby, BigGirl and Littleman (in the stroller). We started out and the Hubby was POWER WALKING! So, I sent him on his merry way with LittleMan and had a nice walk with my 6 year old BigGirl. She kept telling me how she wished we could run.... (say WHAT?! thats my girl) so we decided that we would do a 1 mile run together this week and see how she does. So after the Hubby crossed at like 33 minutes!! He and Littleman turned around and headed back for us. we crossed around 45 minutes. Yeah BigGirl! She power walked her little behind across the finish and was happy to head for food.

All in all a good saturday morning :-) And a great Easter weekend.

On the calendar, Wichita Half Marathon this sunday morning.

AND HEY!! Don't forget about the SURPRISE GIVEAWAY!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Are you Suka?

Suka: In Eskimo: meaning "Fast"

Suka: My running buddy (except for lately due to wacked out ability to get body out of harness when a passing vehicle gets too close to us.

Suka: A Siberian Husky male lover dog.

Suka: The family pet that caught and killed a fluffy bunny that we have been watching every morning hop around our yard.

BigGirl: Our beautiful daughter that yells "SUKA'S GOT SOMETHING!!" and the states "COOL!" when the Hubby goes out to investigate.

LittleMan: Our Son that is in awh over the fact that his daddy is carrying a rabbit by his hind legs and it is so long. And then the son that sadly tells his daycare teacher about Suka "catching" a bunny rabbit. LOL!

The Hubby and I: The parents that are in awh of the speed and quickness from Suka and trying not to laugh at the entire situation!!

The Hubby: The parent that decides to say "Thank Goodness it wasn't the Easter Bunny!" to the kids.

Myself: Is thinking..... Why would you say that? I can't believe the kids are so tough about this. I was excepting a very upset BigGirl-- guess this mommy was more than a little off about that! LOL!!!


Ps. Dont let your dog catch and kill the easter bunny. ;-)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keepin' it lite

In the hopes of keeping things lite today........ HAAAAAAAAAHAAAAHAHAHAHA!

I am a Coach (3rd in my life), High school softball. Last night, the "other side" of Coach Horton came out.

I found from a friend of mine last night that The Hubby has a waitress at our local Pizza joint that has a little crush. She is married but apparently my man is just too HOT! (Yeah for me and my hunky stud selection!)

The SURPRISE GIVEAWAY PACKAGE is coming along nicely! I am having a blast choosing items to spoil someone with! I am even going to add another way to entry:

So- keep those entries coming!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


My fav blogger aka my sis in law (yes I am biased) did a "Secrets" post yesterday. So, I thought since I am at home, with a sleeping LittleMan and the Hubby and BigGirl are out herding cow (for real) I would let mine out. For those of you that know me, many may not be at secretive.

I hide candy (mainly chocolate- but not right now, lent time you know) around my house. But when my kids ask for a treat, my answer is 80% "no- have an apple/grapes/banana". *and then I sneak a chocolate.

I prefer a quite empty house for me, my fancy coffee and a book. But can often be found starting a family dog pile in own living room.

I am a professional and thus dress as one. But I still dream of getting my pink punk hair back daily.

A garden is something I REALLY want to grow- but I kill everything that is ALREADY beautiful so how would I even get something to GROW.

I hate attending showers/home parties- but I love shopping for the gift/goodies. (How does that work?!)

I want to own a white Porsche 911 Turbo with a sunroof so I can go FAST! But I wouldn't give up my Tahoe for the world. :)

I want to travel everywhere with the Hubby- but I don't want to do a THING without my kids. Huh?

I love weddings....... for the cake. ;-)

Soooo...... that me! What about you?

Don't forget about my GIVEAWAY!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just stay out of my way!....... unless you want a GIVEAWAY!

That is right.
It is one of those days.
Steam is sepping from my ears.
My eyes are bulging out of my head.
My hands are flying everywhere when I speak. (making typing a little difficult)
But you have all been there a time or two, right. RIGHT?!

Ok- so my emotions are out of control today. If there is something going wrong, or someone to make upset with me, APPARENTLY that is my job this week.

SO- TADA! (insert tongue sticking with raspberry sound included)

Why today of all days you might ask. Well, I HAVE NO CLUE!

And in spite of my temper and need to want to throw something, I see 2 men running today. And for a moment, I feel peace.

Then, I feel jealousy and anger. I mean look at them. Chatting and laughing while they sweat purfusly and release them daily anger in this peaceful act of running. I want  Need that today.

Then, I feel sad. I was mad because 2 men took time out of their lives to enjoy the company of a friend while doing something that makes them feel good. What is wrong with me?! I could be them if I only MADE myself MAKE time. I am beyond words with myself... for that moment.

So I dropped my LittleMan at school and headed towards work, where I got to see the happy carefree men enjoying their morning. And I decided right then. I NEED MY RUNNING TIME. It is a daily necessity. Period. I MUST make time for that, or my stressors have no healthy outlet. I have signed up for the Easter Sun Run 10k this saturday. The Wichita Half next sunday. AND the hubby has decided to join me in the Kansas City Warrior Dash 5k. YES YES YES!!!!

And in the midst of this all....... A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! It will be a surprise package sent straight to your door. A little bit of HAPPINESS to brighten your day. Maybe it will be your "bad" day and it will be just what you need. What is in the package you say?? No way! That is what will make it a surprise!!

~~1 comment about something or someone that made you say "Hey! Snap out of it! You can do this" etc.
~~1 comment each for posting my blog link on your blog page/facebook/twitter

**update**The SURPRISE GIVEAWAY PACKAGE is coming along nicely! I am having a blast choosing items to spoil someone with! I am even going to add another way to entry:


A random winner will be chosen on May 4th!!! SO START POSTING!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just a funny--

A High School classmate of mine is in training for her first Marathon. (your can read more about her here) She has done halfs, 10k, 5k, etc. But this past weekend she did a half. She is a teacher, and one of her students did his first 10k race (outside of school events). The story he gave the next monday was too good to not share with you all!!

Finally, I must share this story from the weekend’s race. Part of me can’t believe it’s actually true, but I laughed so hard when this kid was telling it that I had tears in my eyes. One of my students ran in the 10k race this past weekend. It was his first ever race event like this. He is accustomed to cross country and track events. (Side note: he actually took second in his age group.) The concept of water stations, where volunteers stand on the side of the road with cups of water, was new to him. He said he saw all the other pack leaders grabbing cups on the run and drinking them or pouring them over their heads. He thought it looked pretty badass, and in an attempt to be like them, he grabbed a cup mid-stride and dumped it on himself. It ended up being lemon-lime Gatorade and so by mile 2 he was covered in sticky liquid. His headphone cords were plastered to his neck and face and his shirt was glued to his body. It gets better. He came up on the aid station at mile 4 and decided to try again. He grabbed a paper cup from a little girl standing by the table, and even though he said he thought it felt a bit warm, he was going for a second try at the “badass water dump”. It was coffee. Yes, coffee. No clue why the little girl was holding coffee, or how he didn’t notice, but he claims she was holding it out like all the other volunteers. So he ran the last 2 miles of the race covered in coffee and Gatorade and still managed to place second. The class had MANY questions for this student as you can imagine. So at two separate aid stations, he twice poured a liquid on himself that wasn’t water. What an awful first race experience.

Hope this gave you a laugh today!!
Keep Running!
And I promise I will get a new blog and GIVEAWAY in this week!!!! STAY TUNED!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

His Hands of Hope

Well- that big decision that was being discussed at our house. A couple weeks ago, the choice was made. I will be going to China with a group to volunteer at a Children's Orphange Camp.
It is a wonderful opportunity and one that I feel drawn to being a part of. I have never traveled outside the USA, well if you don't count a Canada day trip in my middle school years. (Which, really you shouldn't, you didnt even need a passport to cross the border for a day back then.)
So, here I am, starting a new chapter in my life, and this year, I will be traveling without the hubby. If you recall, he is graduating College in 51 days. (but who's counting?) Therefore, he will be back to the workforce thereafter. (three cheers for the Hubby!! and a large margarita for me.) So, as much as he wants to join me on this new experience, alas he must wait until another time.
Here are some wonderful details.... (but keep in mind that things are still being decided)

1. The group is looking at 3 locations to volunteer at.... but we are aiming for Xi'an.
(please don't ask me to say this word outloud)

2. We will be volunteering the week of July 18th-22nd. However, I don't know when we will actually fly out or home. The flight time is 24 hours total. With a flight change or two along the way.
(Do you think they allow running laps in the aisles on the planes??)

3. I have recruited a good friend on mine to take the Hubby out for "our" anniversary. Since I will be halfway around the world on July 19th. *Sorry babe :-(

4. I can't afford this "trip" on my own dime. I am going to be looking for any donation to aide me on this journey. The stay at the camp is $750 for the week. And the flight is looking to be around $2000-$2500 round trip. Any assistance I can gain is a blessing.
If you would like to help me get to the camp, and pass on love to the Orphans there, Please email me at I would be happy to answer any questions further and to the best of my ability.

I am only "running" the path at was laid out for me to follow.
***Learn more about the cause here***
Keep Running.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A sad day for me

My Tahoe got to return home from it's long long LONG stay at the Vehicle hospital today. But apparently, it missed it's friends. So, this afternoon it went back for a check up. We are awaiting the results.

My "critter", no this is not an animal, but a softball girl that I have spoken of before on past blogs (recall the "death student" photos) well, **deep breaths here** she quit the team today. I thought she was kidding for about 10 seconds, until the tears started flowing down her face. I still don't know what to say, except, I already miss her. She was part of my first freshmen class, my first year of coaching, and we is welcome to return if she ever wants too.

For now- that is my day. Tonight, I am AGAIN being an Professional for the Seniors Exit Interviews tonight. (Why do I agree to this again? Am I not stressed and busy enough? -- insert "duh" smack in the forehead here)

Run on.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Somedays I wish.....

It is Sunday night- my kids are in bed (half hour early since we are time adjusting), the hubby and I just folded and pick away 3 loads of laundry (there in one more left), the dogs are relaxing inside, the basement is clean from another weekend of playtime, the backyard is clean of doggie doo-doo, the house is "phicked up" (no- I did NOT say clean), I have 4 new books by the bed and one from the library (5 total but only 4 left to read).... do you see where this is going yet?
We are 2 weeks into Softball season, the BigGirl has 12(?) weeks before summer break, the Hubby has 10(?) weeks before college graduation (and hopefully a J.O.B. again), LittleMan is being SO DIFFICULT with potty training (he will be 3 yrs in June), we are getting closer a a Big Wonderful decision (more to come soon!!), and Oh yeah- It is RACING SEASON TOO!!

Oh the brain (but not registered yet) are Emma Creek Womens 5K in April, Easter Sun Run in April (10K), OKC Memorial in May (half), Wichita RiverRun in June (10K), Warrior Dash KC in July ("3.1 HELLISH MILES"), what is missing...... MORE HALF's and a Tri Sprint! That is what my goal list says right?! What is standing in my way.... oh STRESS and LIFE.

So here I am on a Sunday night- wondering "what happened to my weekend?", "What happened to my sanity?", "What happened to my life?". I want MORE, I want serenity! I WANT is more like I NEED!!

So, looking around at everything I need to do/say/try- life would be easier as a "house mommy". But then my sanity might be the only problem-- oh that is where the hubby and my running comes in!!!
I have 1 year and 3 months before my 20s are gone.....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The neverending story took a turn....


We got some ice 13 days ago. I was headed out with BigGirl to church for her game practice.

We never got there.

We were maybe 1/2 mile from church and were getting off the 360 degree on ramp to Highway 50 and once we were on the Highway, we never had control. I was going MAYBE 25 mph. I moved onto the Highway and we started fish tailing IMMEDIATELY. After I dont know how many slipes across the long bridge in both lanes. I prepared my daughter calmly for the impact that we were going to have.

In the end, we were heading east and we came to a stop heading southwest. In the middle of a bridge.

I remembering seeing a large truck coming at us and I realized it would hit BigGirls side of the Tahoe. I was frantic in my head how I could switch her places. But that truck never hit us. (GOD BLESSED MIRACLE)

We ended up hitting the bridge side with the passengers front then it slammed us around for the passengers rear. Tahoe sounds worse than it looks.

In the end, BigGirl bumped her head on the window after last hit. (SHE IS 100% FINE!- BLESSING! Not even a bruise.) We were both in our seatbelts and her in her booster.

So 13 days later- I am still driving the rental (VERY NICE rental- thank you insurance) I really miss my Tahoe. I am hoping it is ANY DAY NOW.

Softball season has started- so I am NEVER home and REALLY busy getting the kids covered for pick ups and care until hubby or I can get to them.

Hubby: 67 days until GRADUATION!!
Tahoe: Still at the Doctor
Dogs: handling the crazy well

On another note-- I think the Motherhood of the Traveling book (aka TMTB) is M.I.A If any news comes, I will be sure to post it here.

Also, Flat BigGirl seems to be M.I.A as well. Actual BigGirl is quite sad about this and if anyone knows anything about this please message me.

In todays conclusion- Hubby and I have been talking and praying about a mission of possibility this week. When that decision has been made, I will tell you all about it here. I will be looking for help from you all if that time comes.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Never-ending Story

Running? What is that?
The weather can't decide if it is a wicked winter or the beginning of spring.
So, running outside is not happening much.
Then since the weather is wacky, the health in my house is wacky.
My poor LittleMan has spent more time this year sick than healthy. Today, I am sitting on the couch awaiting the results for him to either have Strep throat, Influenza or BOTH.

Then there is my BigGirl would is my little busy bee. She goes to Awana at church once a week. But this week, she goes twice because she is going to compete in a competition on saturday. AND indoor soccer started this week, and it happens to be the SAME night at Awana. So 25 minutes at soccer practice and a race to church for Awana. But will I take away anything from her growth? NO WAY!

I start my High School softball season on MONDAY. Which means I am a crazy ass wacky mom for 90 days. And my sanity will be border lined as well.

The hubby is 88 days from GRADUATION!!!!! He is AWESOME!!! He started his 2, YES TWO, Internships this week. (ROCK OUT HUBBY!!!)

So, thanks to my dad (retired Popa) and BigGirls BFF's parents... my kids are covered for being picked up and cared for until either hubby or myself is home. I actually have calendars set up for them for make it easier (and keep my mind at ease that they aren't missed or forgotten)

So- Sanity- my neverending story. Family illnesses- also my neverending story. But HOPE- I am trying to keep HOPE to the future. I am proud of my hubby. And I am proud of my kids. They keep ME HAPPY.

But, running, I am missing my running, and I having races on the mind. So running, next week, I will be adding you to my INSANITY!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Extreme Makeover!! Home Edition!


ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition is in the area! And I decided to lend a hand, and arm, a leg, whatever!
Here I am at 530am, after a fast breakfast, a large coffee and it is COLD. But I am READY!!!

Here is my first sighting of Paige, Jillian, Paul and Ty!!

 Paul and Ty (doing the acting thing)

 There is a scene that we "send the family off" and "fake a demo" (since this family rents a condo currently. They needed a WSU spoof. And that is where this I come in! CHECK OUT WHAT GOT ME AN INSTANT HIGH FIVE FROM TY!!!!!!

I am just the SHIT! LOL!!

 And of course, who can say "no" to a photo op with me now?! THANKS PAUL!!!!!!
 I had such a great time on my first 12 hour shift, that after coming home and watching my BigGirl shake her thing at the high school dance clinic varsity basketball game, I slept and went back for MORE!!!!!

Paige wasn't big on photo ops with fans- so I got this.
 And I got this photo of house on day 3! FREAKING AMAZING!!!
 So after moving lots of wood, cleaning up after workers, doing a little acting (without pay of course) and building a floating floor from the VIP viewing section, and MUCH MUCH MORE. I had a great time. If it is ever near you- JUST DO IT!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today is a sad day.
A day that dreams are shattered. (at least my dreams)
A day that the average runner is pushed down on the asphalt.
A day that I will HATE the rest of my mobile life.

"FEBRUARY 16th, 2011: I HATE YOU!"

Yes sir bob- B.O.S.T.O.N.

I will never run your race. I will forever find it untouchable.

Not only is qualifying not in my reach, but now you are making it 5 minutes harder to do so.

Not only will I never get to register if I ever did qualify, I better beat that extra 5 minutes with 20 minutes faster so guarantee a registry.

Yes my runner friends.

A sad SAD day for us average folk.

SO- whats your thoughts?

**btw- exciting news coming by the end of the week. Stay Tuned!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Melting Icicles

Yesterday- I complained.
I spoke to Lemons and Apples.

Today- I am going to watch the Icicles Melt.
Yep- Large, dripping Icicles.

I had a couple suggestions yesterday for my Lemons.

#1- Chuck the Lemons back at someone.

I must say, this is my favorite. Just chuck them back! Demand they be returned! Refuse to be bearied in the pile!

Chuck the Lemons. (Thank you Cnyther)

#2- List my Graditudes.

ok- I can do that. So while the Icicles melt- let me reflect on the positives....

We will call this the "Apples"


-The Hubby is in his last semester of school and has yet again received the VP Honor Roll!
-BigGirl is an over achiever in Kindergarten and is only half way through it. (she asks me every few days when she can move to First Grade)
-LittleMan is finally over the worst of all the illness and has a plain old cold currently. But he's HAPPY!
-She have helped out a good friend this past 3 weeks by keeping his huskie. (thought is the apple-situation has become a big lemon)
-I may not be the happiest in my current work, but at least I DO HAVE A JOB.
-I have great folks that are always there to help anyway they can. (emotionally, or whatever way)
-My oldest brother has moved back to the area to find a "new" start. And I keep finding out in new ways, just how much he respects and looks up to ME, the little sister.
-My father-n-law #2 (if confused by this, just ask me, a little story) is doing small improvements lately and I have volunteered my time no less than 1 saturday a month to keep him company.
-I have found ways to laugh at the small things again. (Like when LittleMan decided to cover the kitchen floor in 2 dozen fresh eggs while daddy was moving snow, sissy was in next room watching TV and I was at work-- sadly daddy forgot to take a picture until halfway thru clean up.)
-The 1 night a week that I get to watch 3 hours of (semi-non- interupted) Television with my hubby.
-How the hubby and I have gotten better at talking about everything... still a work in progress, but wont it always be
-how even though I dont enjoy my job, I DO enjoy my co-worker and how we talk about ANYTHING and laugh a lot most days.
-I have WONDERFUL BFF's, Rach who just moved from 3.5 hours away to 30 mins away!! And Gunn who has always lived a few blocks away, but she is almost ALWAYS available to trips to shop, eat, a drink or a movie.
-I have a AMAZING hubby who is always supportive with knowing I need my outtings with Gunn or my day with the Father in law.
-I have a hilarious and supportive Sis in law that I believe God wanted me to be connected to for life.

So I guess there is a lot of Apples in my basket. Sometimes it just takes someone special/important in your life to remind you to look for those. (Thanks Shana) So, for today, while I watch the Icicles melt out my window at work, I will think about the Apples. And just how blessed I am to have those.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lemons- not always for lemonade

Have you ever noticed how life can give you lemons? And then people tell you to make lemonade. And maybe you don't want lemonade. So you make lemon bars, lemon cake, lemon drops. And then sometimes life gives you SO MANY LEMONS, that you can't dig your way out of them. That they take over your life, your thoughts, your SANITY!
Why is that?
Why does life throw you lemon after lemon after lemon sometimes?
Why must a person, ANY person, go through so many struggles that you can't see the light outside the pile of lemons?
Does God feel that the Lemons will teach us to push thru the sourness? The lip pukering, face squishing, teeth peeling sour of disaster.
I, personally, am sick and tired of Lemons. It is NOT summertime, aka "lemonade season". I need warmth, comfort, an Apple.
I need an Apple.
The fruit that keeps the bad away. (An apple a day keeps the doctor away--- oh and I am not calling doctors bad, just to clarify)
I want normal.
I want sweetness.
I want Apples.

This past month has been lemons.

The Hubby is in his last semester of school (the light thru the pile)
Then my Tahoe went to the shop. ($400) *Lemons
Snow is coming! I love snow!
Then there are multiple days of no school. But I still have work. (some lemons)
Then the heater goes out and this is hubbys schooling, but since not certified until May- he can't order the part himself and fix. (bill not recieved yet) *more Lemons
3 days at my folks house (great folks, by day 3 I really missing "our" space/place- but great folks)
4 dogs kenneled in cold house alone *more Lemons
Then heater is fixed! (awaiting bill)
First night home- LittleMan spends 10pm-early am hours puking all over bed multiple time *more lemons
Then stuck in house with below zero temps (more lemons)
Help with Church Nursery and all the easy babies are sick/cranky/teething/needing and we have get four 3 months and youngers in too (Lemons)
Another Snow storm comes through (17 plus inches)!!! yeppie
again no school expect I work (lemons)
I applied for a job I really wanted that would allow me to have summers off with kids and work school hours
And I didnt get it (lemons)
Stress with multiple sides of Family issues (LEMONS)
Arguements between hubby and his bff (Lemons)
Littleman has had 2 rounds of Antibiotics this month & is going BACK to the doctor tomorrow (LEMONS)
I took Suka out for a much needed run BEFORE all this snow, and 2 blocks from home he has a freak out, and get out of his very tight harness!! How is that even possible?! Luckily, I got a sprint workout following him home. THANK GOD he ran home.

So- Lemons, puckering awful Lemons. And I dont have an outlet for this tension, since running outside with 17 inch snow and none-cleared roads is IMPOSSIBLE here. And the treadmill and I are arguing.

Any thoughts on what to do with Lemons?
Notice how great BigGirl has been? No complaints here for her. :-)

Complaining Done.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No- to make you all wrong- I have NOT fallen off the edge of the earth!

I know... I KNOW.
Forever right?!
A whole 2 months! Really?! I mean REALLY?!
I didn't mean to cut you all out. Seriously, life just took over for the holidays and the EVERYTHING.
So here we are-- how about a quick "up to speed"

I made Thanksgiving meal... the ENTIRE THING.... ALL ALONE..... It was a combo of Pioneer Woman Cookbook, and Real Simple Thanksgiving issue. IT WAS AMAZING! No, I am not just quoting "the cook" (aka myself) I am telling you what the others said.
Nothing is complete without a nice wine (or 2)

 Around this same time.... we had BigGirl lose her FIRST 2 TEETH!!! The first one was at a restaurant with my dad, myself and BigGirl. I asked to see it real fast- gave it a lite snap and it came out right before her chocolate cake came!  LOL!!
#1 bottom middle left
Tooth #2 came out when she was trying to eat an Apple. CLASSIC!!
#2 bottom middle right
 Needless to say- good thing the tooth fairy was prepared for the first 5 teeth. Those Gold dollars are a special trip to purchase. :-)

Next we had Christmas- which meant lots of BAKING!!! We make Sugar cookies together every year, and this year decided to add gingerbread cookies.
6 trays of cookies (one is under the middle tray)
3 more trays

 TOTALING 11 & 1/2 DOZEN! WHAT?!  (** footnote- we threw away a couple dozen 2 weeks ago)

Then we have Christmas morning breakfast... I prepare it the night before (keeps me busy while we await the late late late night tree and stocking filling) I made HOMEMADE Cinnamon Rolls this year from Pioneer Woman.... one word- AMAZING.
Recipe made 2 tight fit 9x12 pans- next year will spread out to 3- 9x12
I also make a breakfast casserole, coffee, juice, hot chocolate. YUMMM....

To be selfish- I will just show you what hubby got me for Christmas....

Gotta love a new bondiband and running glasses!!
I then took a load of coupons and store cash and purchased these...
Earbuds, Gu's and Tempos!

.... the earbuds are to go with the New Ipod Nano that I received from my folks for Christmas. :-D

Over Christmas LittleMan discovered the Original Superman movie on Instant Netflix.

 Did you know that the like 6 year old Superman in that movie is shown completely naked. You see his little junk in the trunk and everything! WHAT?! I was beyond words for a period of time?! How was THAT ok back 40 years ago??

Then we spent New Years Eve out with a girlfriend of mine (it was her birthday and she is single). That is the first time we have gone out for new years without kids in 6 years! WOW! We went to dinner and then to a theatre that serves alcoholic beverages to your seat (large leather recliners with a table to one side and a cup holder and a button to push for your server) while you watch a movie. This is the $8 Three Amigos 32 oz drink of mine. NICE. See the milk dudes behind it.... note: do not eat milkdudes and drink tequila. No Bueno.
32oz for $8~!
So, holidays- check! ** for your relieve- I left out all the stress, crying, sweat and guts. Your welcome.**


Second, I have an interview TOMORROW for a great job....stay tuned for more on this.

Third, we have snow, and we are getting ice tonight.

Fourth, softball is a little over a month away

And I will get back soon with a giveaway, HOPEFULLY  Part 2 of the Motherhood of the Traveling Book, and much more. Just keep reading, watching, laughing at me, whatever.