Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, August 11, 2011

And my new address is....

... haha, gotcha?!
No~ I did not move to China.
No~ I did not get lost in China.
No~ I did not lose my passport and have to stay longer. (however this did happen to a teammate-more later)
No~ I did not bring home a Chinese Baby (yet, more on that later too)

Yes~ I am home. And have been for 3 weeks?
Yes~ I had an AMAZING adventure.
Yes~ I will tell you ALL ABOUT IT.


I am overwhelmed with the
and physical
experience of it all.

I am still processing,
still understanding,
still finding the....
to tell the stories.

There is so much to say.
There is so much to share.
There is so much to show.

Just be patient, and it will all come out.
And more than likely, in bites and pieces.
In chapters, and not the entire Novel.
And to be honest, it may come over time.
There may be blogs in between about anything else, running, BigGirl's year of 1st Grade, LittleMans Adventure of still potty training, The Hubbys new job (YES THAT DID HAPPEN TOO!).. well you get the drift.

Thanks for understanding, and STAY TUNED....