Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sometimes happy feeling come from the most odd places...

Quick back store: For those that don't know, I am a Pharmacy Technician (currently- I have a Business Degree but this economy doesn't let everyone keep their actual JOB)

So- today I was at work, and a patient came into work and for what? Not their medication. It was to talk to ME about running and races. He is a 60+ year old man, that has recently dropped around 100lbs. And he has also become a VERY nice man, unlike the horrible angry man he was before. Last time he was in to get his medications, he was sporting a new local 5K long sleeve shirt. I commented on it and asked if he had walked/jogged it. His answer, "yes!" and he really enjoyed it. I told him about other races and when they were coming up. He wasn't interested at the time, and so passed on my info.

But TODAY- he came in just to talk to ME about races. I gave him the local running club website (because he is actually an internet savy older man, and he was happy to get any info I may come across from time to time. It made me feel needed, running savy (LOL!!!-snort-LOL!!) and I have never had anything make me feel so awesome in a while.

So, I am back to another fun fact. I have a couple girls from my High school days that have been asking my advice and information on running and races this past few months. The first girl still asks me questions from time to time. Like what shoes, gear, running stores, etc. But her first half was going to be this past October with me, after paying for the race, she bailed on training and the race.

The second girl is doing well, she asks me advice on staying motivated and what to do thru the winter, etc. She has signed up for her first half marathon in May already, and is planning on seeing me there. I fully believe that she can and will do this for herself.

Where am I going with this? Well, all this makes me feel like a support leader. Someone that is helping others help themselves. And why is this so intriguing to me? Because I can give you the right answers, but I am hard at following through them myself!  I can fill you quota for answers to any questions- and all great complete answers, but I rarely follow them myself. I try to tell myself that having the knowledge base is key to helping anyone. And the knowledge base tells me that ALL INDIVIDUALS WORK DIFFERENTLY. Including myself.

Ex. Question: It is so cold in the winter, how do I stay motivated to keep running, and when the treadmill is boring?

Answers: You can load up on ColdGear wear and keep pushing outside, maybe get a running partner to MAKE you get outside first. OR you can move the treadmill in front of the TV and run during a favorite show or movie, load audio books on your ipod that you have been dying to read, put the treadmill in front of a window that gives you the outdoor scenes or a busy street or your kids playing outside.

Ok- so out of all those answers, what do I do??
1. I have all the ColdGear- thats doesn't get used.
2. I have the treadmill in front of the TV, but I can't make it past 30 minutes myself.
3. I don't own an ipod to load books too (maye that my problem- hummmm)

Do you see where this is going? So know I ask you, is giving advice to others about running a bad thing or is my knowledge from thousands of books, magazines, and blogs too great a talent to waste??

My next venture to get thru the winter starts tomorrow...... KICKBOXING AT 6am!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


this is going to be short and sweet.

Happy anniversary to me
Happy anniversary to me
Happy 1 yr racing anniversary to meeeeeee
Happy anniversary to me!

I celebrated my anniversary with my hubby, in Tulsa OKLAHOMA.
I ran the Route 66 Half marathon............the end.

ok- so maybe not the end, but my performance was THAT AWFUL TERRIBLE SAD DEPRESSING (you get the picture) that I was mad sad depressed..... anyway.

But I have one thing to say in my defense...... 1 mile straight up .25 miles into the race. (totally understand now right)

And to end my 1 year, another young man died. It happened in Dallas in March, and now Tulsa. This young man was 27 years old! Only a year younger than me!! So- when I passed this guy at mile 10 getting massive CPR- I had to push back my tired, hurting body from crying crying crying! God sure has interesting times picked out for some people, and it is so sad that a family has to go through that.

So you can imagine what happened when we got home from Tulsa-- my mom FREAKED OUT! And she has demanded that I get a complete checkup (including heart check) since many problems run in the family.

Anyway- my time was sad, the death of a young man as sad, my race photos were scarey sad (I will not be posting ANY OF THEM- so dont even ask)

But I will say this. I got to meet Allie! A favorite blogger buddy and her hubby and kiddos. I must say- for the length of time that we (including my sis in law and her hubby) were all eating dinner and talking talking talking, her kids were AWESOME! And were at the lengths of quietly falling asleep at the table. Unfortunately for Allie- we started running together from the beginning, her long legs pulled her away from me at the hill. And I slowly watched her leave my view. But at mile 5, I caught up to her and her injured ankle was losing her battle. And I heard at the end, that at mile 6, she got to catch a ride in a police car. SAD day for Allie too. But maybe Germany will bring something new (since that is where they are moving too.

So 1 year down- 6 half marathons completed- and 4 states marked off the map!! What next?? I am working on that!!

Stay tuned for the continuing journeys of Flat BigGirl and the Motherhood of the Traveling book.....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The exciting adventures of Flat BigGirl Continues!!

Julie and Flat BigGirl at the famous Gold and Silver Pawn shop in LAS VEGAS!

Flat BigGirl even got to see the Hoover Dam!!! (I believe Tim was giving her a hands up LOL!!)
The adventures continue....!!!!
Flat BigGirl has made her 2nd stop!
She was sent to Julie and Tim Book (more cousins) and they took her on their vacation to Las Vegas!!!
Where will she go next???

Friday, November 5, 2010

The exciting adventures of Flat BigGirl

So, have you ever heard of the story about "Flat Stanley"?
If you answered YES- then you have kids, are a teacher, or a just a great book eater
If you answered NO- well short story version- There is a book where a kid named Stanley gets flatten and become as thin as paper, so his family concludes that it would be cheap for him to travel- via the postoffice mail.

Well- BigGirl's kindergarten class is doing just that. (minus smashing my kid paper thin)

BigGirl chose to send hers to her FAVORITE city first.


Luckily, we have some great cousins that live there and agreed to "hotel" Flat BigGirl.

Here is Flat BigGirl in the Lincoln Park with Adam and Heidi!! Does it look like she is having the TIME OF HER LIFE?!

So, they feed her, cared for her and sent her on her way.

Next stop.... stay tuned!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Motherhood of the Traveling Book: Chapter 1

Location: Lawrence, Kansas

Lodging: Hotel Mueller

House Mother: CityMom

Doots was interested in TMTB
CityMom's Review:

Review - Run Like a Mother

Let me begin by clarifying – I am not a runner. Oooo, nooo, not a runner at all. Passing runners on my drive into the office does not make me want to run. Seeing professional marathoners on TV or at actual races does not make me want to run. And even when my motivation to flex the old muscles is there, and I’m in shape and feeling great and ready to go Go GO: that does not make me want to run. Hit the gym yes, but run: no.
That said. I started running because it was free, and easy to do at 5am.
This book is great motivation, and if I were actually a runner, I think it would get me through all those painful, hard runs and bad days and look forward to my daily run. I have since joined a gym (because shall I say it again? Not a runner. Love my climate control, my elliptical, my television and magazine distractions…). But! The words of this book still echo in my head, because the book was that well written. It was fun to read, it was full of lots o’ info - and motivation that I can still use no matter how I exercise, to get me ‘in the zone’ and keep me from seriously maiming myself in my own idiotic way.
I thought it was witty that it was broken into 26.2 chapters (nice nod to the marathon there). The writing style was very sisterly/friendly, which is such a big help when you’re trying to train/get back in shape after baby. Training, running, working out – it’s hard and tricky to figure out post-kids. This book was just what I needed to keep my motivation going and remind me why, exactly, I’m setting my alarm fro 4:45a every morning…

Thanks so much Kirsten dear! The book is a-traveling now, I am honored to be its ‘first’ ;)

CityMom also wanted to share this MANTRA

Thanks CityMom for the being the first B&B stop on The motherhood of the Traveling book's tour!!! I hope you enjoyed it and got as much out of it as I did.
So, where do you think TMTB will be next?...... STAY TUNED....................

Monday, October 25, 2010

Exhausted, Sick and whatever else God throws at me

There is my update list...

1. BigGirl has conquered the 2 wheel bike
2. BigGirl has conquered the crash and burn (2 elbows and 1 knee)
3. LittleMan has started his crying painful growth pains in his legs.
4. LittleMan has started ANOTHER new diet to try and conquer the "toddler diarrhea" he has had since birth.
5. Judgement house is halfway through at church and it has been wonderful and EXHAUSTING!
6. I have been in bed sick since around 2am this morning
7. I had an opportunity arise this past week and I am awaiting the next step (if I get that chance)
8. My EX-best friend is a.............(I will let you pick the right word)
9. I have read a GREAT book from my MOM2MOM at church. AND IT WILL CHANGE OUR HOME!
10. Can't find a "within driving distance" half marathon for December!! HELP ME OUT!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

BEST DAY EVER-- oh yeah a giveaway winner too!!

Seriously, I don't have anything better to say about my day, 10/10/10.
ok- maybe not QUITE this....

We are going to attempt a SHORT way thru this day, here goes.....

6am- I am up and going through the race day motions.
630am- Hubby awakens and gets moving
645am- I let dogs out, whom are both loud and awaken kids.
650am- Kids up, getting dressed and given a snack
7am- Dogs inside and re-kenneled (sorry loveys)
715am- Loaded in Tahoe and headed to Wichita
716am-730am- All singing and dancing in the car (hey gotta wake up somehow)
740am- Pass exit thinking race is next exit.... see people, go back and can't find parking...
7:49am- Hubby drops me off alone 1 or 2 from start line.
7:55am- In pack and waiting. (thank goodness for smaller cities)
8:00am- We are off
8:09:58am- 1 mile down (huh that why I can't get my breathing set! slow it back a bit)
8:20:23am- 2 miles down (ok- still feel a bit pushed, hummm.. )WHOA! GUY DOWN! Tripped on orange cone blocking for traffic. He is up and running again, I try not to look at him legs that HAVE to be bad.
8:31:03am- 3 miles down (hey there is Andy! ANDY!!!!  A: KIRSTEN!!! GO!!!)
8:31:10am- HOLY SHIT!! We are to run straight up a HUGE LONG HILL!! WTH?!
**stop reading watch**
4 Miles down: running through rich people housing for next 3 miles.... no one I know
5 Miles down: wave at one of my softball girls dad cheering on his wife ( have GU #1)
6 Miles down:...............
7 Miles down: Out of rich housing and CRUISING BACK DOWN THAT HORRID HILL
8 Miles down: Starting to be very lonely. I am 20 minutes from home and NO ONE (not even kids and hubby) in sight yet.
9 Miles down: Tell myself that I am doing good, still not checking watch for calculations on time, just to see how long have run.
10 Miles down: Hey I am here BEFORE 2 hours.... huh.... thats weird (feeling like my mojo is going out so have GU #2)
11 Miles down: HEY!! HUBBY AND KIDS!!! BigGirl runs with to give a high 5 and I am gone again.
11.5 Miles down: Ambulance hauling away girl running down. :(
11.8 Miles down: HIRED PHOTOGRAPHER tells me to hurry up and get out of the picture?! My responds to him "UNBELIEVEABLE!"
12 Miles down: WHAT?! 2 hours 15 minutes?! WHAT??!!! I could brake 2:30?! I was praying to get 2:39:59!!
12.1 Miles down: Where is my mojo already?!!
12.2 Miles down: Ok, be realistic. You want to break into the 2:30 somethings. Just finish. Breaking 2:30 was NOT the plan.
12.3 Miles down: Man! I really would have LOVED 2:29:59
12.4 Miles down: Dreaming about me breaking 2:30.
12.5 Miles down: STOP IT. Just Finish already
12.9 Miles down: SPEED SPEED! WTH?! Bridge incline. bridge decline- long fast stides!! Past people!!
13.1: PRICELESS 2:32:25   PR BABY!!!!
This momma is FREAKIN' HAPPY!!

ok- it was harder than I put, the race needs a major makeover. Inaugural and all, but seriously- did you research other races and how these bigger one work?? (I have already facebooked them my "suggestions".

But let me say "2:32:25!!!!! P freakin' R!!!!!"
Little Family picture TAKE 1


BigGirl, my mom and myself
BigGirl and ME!

LittleMan totally wiped out! I KNEW it wasn't ok to make your toddlers run 13 miles! LOL! JK!

I thought this photo said a lot. Thanks for all the great pics mom with your big special camera!!

 NEXT RACE: ROUTE 66 in TULSA, OK on Sun. Nov. 21st!!


*#8 Cynther F. at Brillance Wasted!!

CONGRATS GIRLIE!! You have won the INJINJI Micro Socks. Email me at and we will get you squared away!!!!
Thanks to all that have joined in my first giveaway!! (And the 56 comments!!) The "LIST" will be started now and come in the future for you viewing. Welcome to all my new followers and I hope I am not to boring for you! LOL!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pre-Race (night before) 10/10/10

I did my packet pick up and now here is my race wear setup:
plus my RoadID- got missed in the photo-opt

I did my carb load dinner (homemade by ME) after water logging my day away:
White Sauce Mushroom Spaghetti with homebutter oven hot bread

And now the question, what movie to watch before bed?? The other 3 are for my "RECOVERY" tomorrow!
Get Him to Greek, Frozen, Robin Hood, Dorian Gray

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I have a half this weekend just 20 minutes down the road! OMG- a race that is not 3 hours or more away!! WHOAHOO!! This is the medal I will be sporting afterwards.....
...Nice huh? Mine will be the red (half marathon) one. But still, it is different and will be a nice add to the collection!! And since it is SOOOOO close to home, I have threatened, forced, nicely asked all my family and friends to come yell at me cheer me on. So hope to see everyone there!
*post race to come soon*

Also- a quick note, there is only 84 more hours to get in on my firste ever GIVEAWAY HERE!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Giveaway from SHUT UP AND RUN!!

The crazy wonderful blogger, SHUT UP AND RUN is doing a series of giveaways that go along with the Subway Jerad guy. CHECK IT OUT!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall tidbits- Class Reunion

It's been really nice outside this past week. And the routine every night when we get home is to eat- right away. (ex. door opens- kids go in, mom steps in with first foot, kid looks at mom and says "I'm hungry home, I want a snack." -- you all know the feeling, anyway)

So, one night we came home, repeat story, let dogs outside and I decide they can have a picnic. (aka mess outside for once) I was the best mom ever that night! LOL! All about the small things.

Tonight, we have dinner inside, and it isn't too common that my kids eat together in SILENCE. Tonight- they did. So I snapped a pic. BigGirl is eating the salad she made HERSELF at the salad bar tonight. It consists of: cheese, olives, croutons, egg, cold peas, and 3 strawberrys. And LittleMan just snuck that cheeser face in.

Suka (and half Ruby)
I thought I would throw in a pic of Suka (and Ruby) tonight, just to show he is surviving us. :) And he is getting better on the "running buddy" job. Still car-fearful, BUT keeps moving now just not the most fun for me. (aka 4.58 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes! SLOWS MY DOWN) But he is getting better.

On to the show--
Last night was my 10 year class reunion. I was skeptical as to what it would be like. And it was a refreshing surprise. We had MAYBE a 1/4th of the class attend. And everyone (95%) has grown up and just came right on up and asked how you were, etc. It was nice. Thanks to my step-sis-n-law (whom was in my class too) we had an evening overnight off of the kiddos. She did not wish to attend the reunion, so she took our kiddos overnight. THANKS SIS!!
We spent 4 hours at the dinner/dance reunion at the yummy mexican restaurant. Then we loaded up a friend and her hubby and headed to the sports bar. Run up with another HS friend there and loaded her up to head to a country "gathering". It was so REFRESHING to have the mix of people. AND this mommy and daddy didn't get home until 330am! 5 hours later- dogs are howling to go outside, and we are up trying to get ourselves ok enough to go pickup kids.
But hey- hubby was the DD. (I LOVE YOU BABE!!) and the night was really fun. I am still recouping 14 hours later, but the kids are being great about us being "sick". ;-)

Natalie "MOOSE" (HS BFF) and myself

Myself, Natalie & Leslie
So moral of story--
1. I recommend everyone goes to their class reunion
2. Having a Shot or 2 before you go is SO OK. (thank you Patron Silver)
3. Talk to EVERYONE!

GIVEAWAY ends in 7 days!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

#5 and #6 on in the books (well the checkbook)

It is official!
Today, I finally got registered for Half marathon #5: Wichita Ingural Prairie Fire Half Marathon!!
and Half Marathon #6: Williams Route 66 Half Marathon!!

Does my checkbook feel a little lighter? Yes.
But does this runner's heart go a little stronger? HELL YES!

Here we go! Finishing the year strong!

Weight lost to date: 10 lbs  (it is SO FREAKIN' HARD to bust past these 10lbs!)

Run time goal for Wichita: 2:39:59

Run time goal for Tulsa: 2:30:59

Sanity intact:  NAHHHHHHH


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Runner & Dog, to the starting line!

Yes, today was the day that I finally trusted Suka enough (and had finally purchased a twice-smaller- harness) to go for a trial/practice run. We got out and down a few blocks and he was "heeling" good. So I started a jog. He kept right up.
(only had to walk a little faster, not a trot or a skip but WALK. dogs suck)

We got a half mile from home and had our first "freak out" episode. C.A.R.S. He is a little frightened of MOVING cars. (that he is not in himself)
this makes me sad to think that he had a bad experience that I am glad I don't have details of
Anyhow- he did his usually (name sake) spin out and laying down.


I stopped, said "Suka, enough, lets go" and started jogging again. He jumped right back in. So imagine this seen a few more times in 2.8 miles. And an episode of not paying attention to the task at hand and walking right into me. (another freak out session) He started to learn to pattern, fell when I was turning a corner or crossing the road. Have a longer road to deal with on the "car" problem. But atleast I realized that I CAN and WILL jog faster next time. I was breathing good and felt I should have been going harder.
HOWEVER it could have been the 55 degrees and a breeze outside in September in Kansas!! IT FELT GREAT!!!

Wish us luck tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Drum Roll...... TADA!


This is what happens when you are SO EXCITED to get your new running buddy picked up (that you have been waiting & getting ready for the last 5 days) from a town 30 minutes from home. You rush out of work on a friday evening, you jump in your Tahoe to rush to the Shelter in Hutchinson, you yell at the traffic on the 2 lane highway you have to take, you pass dump ass drivers going 55mph in a 65mph for no good reason, you make it with 15 minutes to spare BEFORE the shelter closes for the night.

You are SO HAPPY!! You meet your hubby and his new buddy outside the shelter. You load the dogs up in eachothers vehicles and drive into the town to hit the local Petco before heading home. At the Petco, hubby notices his buddy is popped a stitch and is slowing bleeding from her morning spaying. So hubby loads his dog up in his car and heads to the farm to have her checked out.

I finish the shopping with my new buddy, and we get 10% off our whole purchase for saving a shelter dog. YEA! We load up and head back towards home. We decide to stop at the farm and check on hubby and his buddy. We few minutes later we are ALL heading home in our own cars. I make it first down the dirt road, 1 mile away from mom-in-laws farm.... well you can see what happened.
It is 7:30pm. It is almost sundown. Spare tire is NOT coming down from under the Tahoe, safety latch is corroded. (are you freakin' kidding me)
long story short.... 2 GREAT local Friends, 1 mom in law, 2 dogs and 4 & 1/2 hours later...
Old tire off, new tire on, tahoe dead, tahoe jumped, on road home.
Pick up kids (OH YEA! THANKS to plans of having the kids stay at sis n laws and my folks so we can "run fast" to get new buddies, the kids were NOT with us for this "event"), get home, dogs to kennels, kids in bed, us in bed..... 1:30am.
Now- enough complaining for now....

(Eskimo name meaning "Fast")
and SHIT! IS he EVER!!

This is Cody's House Buddy, another Australian Shepherd, Ruby.

Suka is IN LOVE with Ruby.
In truth, Suka is Ruby's Bitch. It is sad really, and making it hard on me to get Suka to understand that I am the "Alpha" and not Ruby.
Oh, and Ruby, well, she is still deciding on her love for Suka. Right now, he is kinda her "security guard". Which she doesn't need in this house! LOL!
And Yes, that is a football toybox in my living room... it is how LittleMan has toys in livingroom and the dogs don't eat them.

BigGirl is IN LOVE with both dogs. However, she comments on how Suka is the prettiest. So, he means to love you back too. And he is spoiled, he gets to love on the couches. Ruby doesn't even try.

Ruby knows that playing with LittleMan can sometimes get her doggy treats. Since he askes me for them often now. Overall, both dogs are GREAT with the kids. I have been having trouble with Ruby mostly. Suka just followers her suit, so even if I spend mucho time with Suka, if Ruby walks into the room, he gets right up and follows her out. SUCKS for me right now, but work is worth the reward.

On a side note: I got myself a her haircut. Yeah- I hate taking pics of myself. CHEESE!

And in the mail this week, I recieved my FIRST Rock and Roll Encore medal. For completing 2 Rock and Roll half marathons in this calendar year. It is PRETTY! ALL silver in color and a white ribbon.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow, your only a day away!

Yeah! That's right! I got one! A running buddy! A 4-legged beautiful male running buddy!

What is he you say?

Well that you will have to wait to learn. Sorry, but it is only fitting that you see us together at the same time that you get to meet him.

Yes, HIM. I know, I wanted a female. But this handsome guy NEEDED me. He was dumped. Can you believe it?! DUMPED. Oh, and that's not all. He was obviously had a hard life. And by most likely a male human. (since he was a little shy for us all- you know me, 2 kids and hubby) But he would go hide when hubby walked in. No matter how loving hubby was trying to be. Poor thing!
*don't worry handsome, I was heal you on the inside, and you will love from our house! Heck, we even got you a female partner. No, she is not the same as you, but she will love you too! -did I throw you all for a loop there!! Yes 2 new dogs!! Hey more love to go around!

Ok- watch for my post this weekend!!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The BIG debate part 3

ok- we have made a decision!! We are both happy with the choice AND we might even need to get 2 eventually. I am pumped!  We even went to look at 2 that are at an Animal Shelter in the near by town of Hutchinson. (Where our state fair is...which started this weekend-yes we went)


I am NOT telling yet. Nahnah Nahnah Nah Nah!
Mad yet??

Let me explain.
What we have learned from this experience is that things change. We don't/can't spend much on another dog right now. So if we can't find the specific breed in a shelter or rescue that is near by, then we may have go through this debate again.
Totally praying that this does NOT happen, after all this was a hard decision with LOADS of research to find the right match for our household.

So-how did today's venture out to meet & greet these dogs today go?
Like my life- sucked! There were 3 dogs there.
#1- approved adoption TODAY
#2- a pending application already so we are 2nd in line
#3- 2 pending applications already so we are 3rd in line

nope not kidding.... God will prevail!

Yes, God WILL prevail... he decides when and whom.
 Dear God, please keep in mind that 1 have already been jumped by a dog while running alone. Just saying. Amen.

SO--- more to come (they say by tuesday) STAY TUNED FOR MORE!!!!


Friday, September 10, 2010

KState vs UCLA

So- yes, for those of you that do not know, my blood runs purple (through and through). And No, I did not get to attend college this wonderful school in Manhappiness (Manhattan) Kansas. BUT I did get to go on hubbys recruiting trip!! I was treated as purple royalty that day (well, hubbs and I were a package deal). I did have lunch with the entire Coach Bill Synder Family and we did get to WALK OUT ACROSS THE FOOTBALL FIELD AT WARM UP!!! OHHH YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!

Ok, deep breaths......

So,  we attended attended the opening game this past weekend in manhattan. We wildcats played UCLA. Let me just jumped to the end real fast.... WE KICKED SOME BUTT!!! (31-22)

We tailgated with my BFF and her friends.

*pre-game, post-rum, LOL!!

*Isn't this couple HOT STUFF!! (me and the hubby)

We met up with Sis n Law, Mom n law and bro n law & girlfriend at our seats!!

Shana and Penny (sis and mom) *Don't know what mom was doing there??

Shana and I pic number 1....

Fighting with the shadow from the sun... and thought you might like to see the game behind us.
*nice sunburn later that day on my nose and forehead!

Willie from last year (2009) was sitting infront of us.
(Shhh, he wasn't suppose to tell us, that is why he has no face here)

We did a little shopping before the game, I got some purple football beads, a $5 tee shirt, an adorable light knitted socking style cap (will not be keeping my head warm, but will look cute in the fall!) and the KSU Nike Tempo shorts!!!

The Hubby got a tshirt and a hat.

Anyway, we had a great time all together. Ate some great food and we were even sobber by the time we headed the 2 hours drive home. NICE.

Ohhh-- and if anyone asks, Mom in Law BOUGHT her purple bead necklace, atleast that is what we will tell people if they ask.
(the true story, she forgot she had it on her neck while we were shopping, and then we walked right out and forgot about it. opps! I figure we are even with God, since they took away my candy I wanted to carry back into the game. Right?!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The BIG debate Part 2

Ok- I have heard all your comments.
But Sis- what is the terd-eater?

I have read the Runners Magazine article.

This is where I am now...

I miss my Aussie. He was a great dog.
I DONT miss the long hair shedding on my retro dark brown shag carpet.

I would like a short-hair dog. But, I have a hard time falling in love with them.
I had a Chocolate Lab when I was 10yr (a christmas dog in the box, jump out and lick your face puppy- he was finally put to rest this past year- he was 17 years old x7 = 119 dog years)

I found an adorable Great Pyrenese 1 yr 7 month lady at the local Humane Society. SHE IS GORGEOUS!

I also have been told that my mom-n-laws Aussie may be prego again.
This is where we got Dakota (our lost to heaven aussie)


I want a buddy sooner than later, but am undecided on my venture.

I NEED INFO! Comments! Suggestions! Experiences! Whatever!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The BIG debate...

Last week I went for a  6 mile run through out my town. A little over 2 miles of it was on our great bike path (aka rape path- past a specific point and time of day) ANYWAY- at one point there was a biker and a skate boarder in front of me. We ALL come upon a fisherman and his dog (looked to be leashed). The dog sat and watched the biker go by, then the skate boarder go by, then when it was my turn- I get attacked on. WTH?! Mr Fisherman yells for his dog and I keep running by. About 20 paces later, my fear kicks and I start to realize what just happened.
I decide to keep this bit of info to myself ( aka away from hubbys ears until I can sugar coat it OR have resolved the program for future- dont want to scare him or lose my running) for a bit.
Then, the following Saturday, my little moms running group consisted of JUST ME. Apparently there was a little 2 mile run hosted by the high school cross country team going on for a fundraiser on our bike (rape) path. I missed it. But I decided that I would still get in my 2 Trail laps at the college. So 80% of this trail is SECLUDED. After I hit this SECLUDED area, my heart started to race, my ears and eyes were darting everywhere, I noticed that I had forgotten my RoadID, at one point I thought I say a dog in the corner of my eye! (dead tree stump-nice) Needless to say, I stopped after lap1, got right in my car and took a deep breath. NOT COMFORTABLE!

So - I went home, sat down, told hubby about the dog jumping me on the bike (rape) path, then told him about my freak out Trail run ALL ALONE and that is why I was home early. We decided- I NEED A RUNNING COMPANION. AKA: DOG.

Ok, So I want this...

Blue Great Dane

And hubby wants this...


What one is a better running companion. What I have heard is that a Great Dane is "happier" "Hyper" and a Mastiff is "slower" not the best running buddy but a good scarer.

So- what are your thoughts?? Or even- what would OR do you run with as a 4 legged buddy? Do you know someone that needs to adopt a 4 legged friend out? Or sell at a low (poor people) price??

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Motherhood of the Traveling Book!!

For my 28th birthday, my sis in law (you can meet her here) gave me the book "Run Like a Mother" I have recently completed it and was SO entirely FULFILLED by it that I wanted to share it with my friends, and their friends and so on!!

SO- here is what is happening with my precious book. ~sis, i love you for gifting me this wonderful book, I am temporarily sharing the love and will hope to see it back in my arms in the future.~

I will be sending it off to a Mother Runner Friend in Lawrence Kansas tomorrow. Inside the cover, I will include the readers directions of usage.
#1: My name, address, and email.
#2: They are to read it the book (timely) enjoy it, breath it in, take a picture of it with them, the kids, their running shoes, whatever!! THEN email me their thoughts, best parts, the picture, etc AND to whom the book is headed and where. (needs to be a running mommy to really get the entire book btw)
#3: Each participant will do the same. And someday, the book will HOPEFULLY find its way back to me.

During this process- every time I get an email, I will blog it and MAYBE even have a giveaway or 2 (or more) corresponding to its travels.

Fingers crossed this all goes well and that my BBF (Bestie Book Forever) has a traveling good time!!!


Monday, August 23, 2010

In my dreams!

Ok, so the phrase is "in YOUR dreams" but hey, I don't know one person that has ever dreamt about ME running, but myself.
Yes- it has happened.
I have officially dreamt of myself running.
And to make it crazy, I was running a MARATHON. I haven't even done that yet! So this is a SIGN I have decided. But first let me tell you how crazy weird my dream was....

#1 I was running a marathon
#2 My sis in law, motherrunner & her hubby, fatherrunner were running it with me... the weird part: I BLEW them away in speed (HAAAHaaaaaaaa- never happening!!)
#3 This marathon course consisted of actually running THROUGH peoples houses every so often.
#4 At the turn off for the marathon runners (must have been a half too) I turned off into a warehouse, where they took crazier than highschool portrait photos of you (ex. hercules in heaven with angels scene)
#5 THEN they check to see your idea and check what college you were registered with (WHAT?! COLLEGE?!) Apparently I was registered with some catholic sounding school (dont recall name- and I am not even catholic!) and not what my College ID (yeah- apparently I had one on me) told them. Don't know what college it said by the way. SO they kicked me off the marathon at that point (somewhere around the halfway point. And NO ONE would give me a ride to the finish- AND they won't let me run it.
Then I woke up.
What would you take from that??? Please let me know your opinions. I don't know if it is a sign to NOT do a marathon or TO DO a marathon.

AND don't forget about my GIVEAWAY HERE!!!

On a side note: BigGirl Started school last week. Kindergarten!! And on day #2- she says " Mom, I dont need you to walk me in anymore." WHAT?! So, holding back tears, I drove up to the drop zone, and let her go- after a hug a kiss in the car ofcourse. Where did that time go??

Monday, August 16, 2010

Old Settlers 5K (rebound from vacation)

Ok, I will admit that it has beena TOUGH return to exercise since the little Chicago vacation. I have had my share of HIT AND MISS workouts. This morning, I FINALLY pulled myself out of bed at 5am to drag my vaca-comma butt to the gym. Don't get me wrong, I have attended my Thursday & Saturday morning running groups, but the gym has been harder for me. Now- I didn't work my butt off like usual, I decided that today my goal was to get there and spend an hour. Get my unresponsive body to move at 5am, PERIOD. A nice walk on the treadmill, a nice medium cycle and than Legs day on weights. (that is my most favorite lifting day)
So, ok, I got up, got there and did something. Horray for me.

This past weekend, I aided my Sis-In-Law, MotherRunner, with keeping her kiddos while she and FatherRunner (her hubby) ran the Georgetown/Idaho Spgins half in Colorado. The kids were easy, polite and great, ofcourse. And we are always hapy to lend a hand when needed. I helped with the paper route, took care of dogs/cat, and even got them up at 6am on Saturday for the Halstead Old Settlers 5K Run. (race was at 730am but we had a paper route to do first) LittleFoot (their daughter) did the 2 mile Run. And she did very well, snagging herself the 3rd place metal for the age group. BigFoot (their son) ran the 5K. He is a teenage, so I was happy to keep him in my sites ( a few blocks ahead of me) until around the 1 mile range. Than he was GONE, POOF, never to be seen again until the finishline. He did good as well, snagging the 2nd place metal for his age group.

I came around the corner for the final 3 blocks, and I could see BF and LF waiting for me at the finish. It was a cute experience, my little cheering team. LOL! So, I did well, getting a PR of 33:03. But alas, no metal for me. (5th or 6th in my age group) Someday I will quit telling people about the race and then MAYBE I will metal. LOL!!!

The rest of the weekend was filled with friends, a "teaser" rain shower and a lazy sunday filled with movies.

The weekend ahead is filled with hubby's first day back to college (today), and BigGirls first day of Kindergarten (Thursday). What is in store for you??

BTW- don't forget my GIVEAWAY here!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keep them Running in!!!!!

Today is the day-
The day that I am taking a leap-
A leap of sheer faith-
Faith to keep moving-
Moving towards a great Start-
Start to the big list I need from you-
From you, all the GREAT runs in your area-
Area being your town/state/continent-

SO, throw them out there everyone! Give me your most fun, always sold out, must do once your lives races! Halfs-Fulls-Trail Races-Sprint Tri's-Even you ULTRAs!!!

Because I am starting today! I am making my list! The list that gets me to ALL 50 STATES! Even Different Countries!

The Goal.
My first Marathon in the next 2 years. (Expires August 10, 2012)
My first Trail Race in the next year. (Expires August 10, 2011)
My first Sprint Tri in the next 2 years. (Expires August 10, 2012)
My first Ultra in the next 5 years. (Expires August 10, 2015)
All 50 States in my lifetime (Sorry can't predict that date)
And at least 1 other Country in my lifetime. (again sorry)

SO- repost this on your facebook, or blog, or tweet, whatever you have!! And lets see what I can get planned!!

And a random blogger will be winning: INJINJI MICRO TOE SOCKS!!!

*Color and Size will be chosen by winner

*Every Race post is an entry
*Tell me you Linked it with your blog, facebooked it, tweeted it- each one is an entry
*Become a Follower- one entry

GIVEAWAY ENDS OCTOBER 10TH!! (This is a good 2 months to get me something good! And to get me some more followers! LOL!!!)

Saturday, August 7, 2010


So today was my mom's running group. We were running the Bethel College Trail 2 times around. On the first lap, we had a little chit chat. We talked about other runs we want to do, for example Rock n Roll Vegas is December 5th and I think that my sis-n-law and I should take a fast weekend and go run it. And we talk about bloggers we read and races they just completed. (see we do love you all!!) And we talked about the Banana (muffin top) outfit I wore this past weekend in Chicago RnR. Apparently wonderful sis n law likes the outfit and thinks it looks good. She incouraged me to go back and look at the photos from my first half marathon this past November. So I did,

I can show to compare for you, since that photographer has an actual copyright block. But she is right. I did wear clothing that was larger. Pants and a longsleeve tee, with a larger regular teeshirt over that. I was not ok with my look. I don't look like I have lost weight, but the working out has redistributed it. I am more comfortable in my look. I wear what is better for me and not better at hiding necessarly. And for the first time in years (we are talking at least 8 years) I am 100% ok with shredding my shirt after a long hot run. Chicago almost got to see that! LOL!! But I was so exhausted and needing to get back to hotel to check out fast, that I didn't give myself the time to loss it.

So, I guess what I am saying is that even if I am not photo perfect yet, I am still feeling better about myself. Maybe soon, the muscle build will slow and the fat loss will increase, thus showing a difference on the scale. Or at least I can pray for that to happen soon. I have been playing with the same 10 lbs for the past 3 years, I need to get over that hump.

So run on friends, and watch out for running bananas!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chicago Part 2: Race Day

After sleeping with the leech (BigGirl), I awoke with the sound of my blackberry alarm "I wanna be a Billionaire so freakin' bad!! Buy all of the thin...." ahh sorry there. I quitely got up, got dressed,
**note to self: never wear this outfit again until the muffin top is ALL GONE. You will see why in the below pictures.

..went through my morning  regiment and had my peanut butter natures bar. I walked out the door and awaited for the SLOW elevator. I was happy to find it open after only a few moments and was able to get one with another runner, it stopped on a another floor and picked up 3 more runners. Awhhhhh the early morning runners make me sooooo happy. :o) When the door opened, we headed outside and down a couple blocks to the start liner and our corrals.

When I got to the corrals, how happy was I too see that not only were they empty (not opened for runners yet) but it was a straight shot from my hotel to my corral. No walking forever until I got to my sad and lonely corral. * I pulled corral 25 out of 29 this time. Pathetic, right. I did meet a few great gals while awaiting the start, then awaiting the 40 minutes after the official start to the start of my corral. YAWNNNNNNNN.

During that time, I found out that there were a handful of celebreties in the race... Jason & Molly Mesnick(the bachelor), Jake Pavelka (the bachelor & dancing with the stars)*yucky guy*, Kelly Bensiman (Real housewives of NYC), Giuliana Rancie (E! news), Andrea Powell (The Gates), and Al Roker (morning weather guy). *more on these coming, but can you guess which 1 celeb I beat? Don't strain yourself, it is a no brainer. Another sad moment for me.

Ok, and we are off!
Mile 1: 10:55 Woohoo good start
Mile 2-3: I am telling myself to make this good, the 5k is the first text message to family about my time!
5k: 37:04
5k-Mile 5: Keep going strong! My kids and hubby are right around the corner waiting for you!!
Mile 5-6: Where are they, Where are they, Ohhh "Sweet Caroline, bom,bom, bom" HEY! There they are!! HIGH 5s!!!!
Mile 6: 1:17:03
Mile 7: Getting beat here, just don't look at your watch, need mile 8, Coffee Bean Gu at mile 8.5....
Mile 7.75: ICE!! Wohoo!! DEAD BEAT TIRED! A little fast walk and ice in my water.
Mile 8: My legs are so heavy, just keep moving, HATE all the people that are already running along the lakeshore (mile 10-finish)

Mile 9: Coffee Bean GU!!! Ok, turn towards last 4 miles. Look at watch, 2:39:59 MAYBE POSSIBLE.

Mile 10: 2:11:38  Pass the Gu station. Take the ice cold sponge! Try to move faster.

Mile 10.5: Look at watch, push harder. Lots of weaving, this SUCKS!
Mile 11: Look at watch, damn! Try to atleast cut ahead of 2:46:09 (last race time)

Mile 11.75: Girl down... not me. 3 people stop with her, I speed up to...
Mile 12: .... and tell the Crew to send for help
Mile 12.1: we are on a freakin' wall to wall curving sidewalk. I can't weave around anyone anymore. Shit!
Mile 13: Try to speed up the hill since the walls around gone... haven't looked at watch in a while... I now I am f 'ed.
Mile 13-13.1: My usual Sprint to the finish is non-existant. I am done. Just look for family, wave and cross the line. I didn't even throw my hands up for the Rock Star photo finish. I am feeling totally pissed at myself already.
Finish Line: 2:53:26    (Pace: 13:14)    I spend the rest of the day, oh hell who am I kidding, I am still running over in my head what I should have down at mile 7 to have given me a better chance for my 2:39:59 or better goal.

So, I am VERY hard on myself. I am not looking for a handout of "you did great" "you did it, I can't/did't/would have stopped...etc" I am just a natural competator. I am always hard on myself. That is my way of life..... welcome to my world.

Back to the race;
I loved having my family there to actually see me finish this time around. And to see me during the race too! It was great! I was disappointed by the finishline grabs though. It consisted ICE COLD TOWELS (fav!! and best part), NOT COLD water, NOT ENOUGH cytomax (didn't get one), Some oranges that they were STILL CUTTING, popcicles that were half melted and half broke to the ground before I got it to my mouth, 2x2 inch protein bars that were GROSS, and ohh yeah- that was it! What the hell?! So I headed over to the beer garden to get my free beer..... no way in hell was I going to wait 45 minutes or more for a free beer. I need to get moving to the hotel to get out of the soaked clothes, take a shower and get us checked out in 45 minutes time.

ALL IN ALL: I need to get in another half asap to make my time better and myself feel happier.

Ok on those celebs: Well the only one I beat was Al Roker...... 3:20:58. All I have to say is "WAY TO ROCK IT AL!!! CONGRATS!!! MAYBE I WILL SEE YOU AT ANOTHER SOMEDAY SOON!!"

E! News: 2:20:05
NYC Housewife: 2:21:40
YUCKY Jake: 2:23:05
Married Bachelor stars: 2:42:05 (they ran together the whole time!)
The Gates: 2:44:31

The Winner Patrick Rizzo 1:06:19
The Female Winner Tera Moody: 1:13:36
Both Illionis natives

A little review...
The Injinji Socks!!!

THEY DID THE JOB!! Just a small blister on the small toe and a tiny one under big toe! BAM!

As for injuries....

.... A major rubbage (burn from shorts that have never done it before) on the inner left thigh.
The Day ended with getting checked out of hotel, taking the bus to Union station, eating a Lo Carb burrito salad from a "like chipotles" place at the station along with a bowl of white chocolate TCBY!!
Then a 12 hour+ Train ride back home.


Worst part: falling asleep in window seat with hubby and sleeping littleman on his lap. Waking up to asleep right foot and cramping right leg, jumping up to fix the issue and not being able to move... sleeping littleman on hubby remember. Totally didnt drink enough water saturday. But a little after 3am, we got home. Got the kids back to bed and ourselves too. And was woken at 9am from kids. Spent 2 hours in our king size bed with kids watching Happy Feet. Then suffered though the rest of the day before back to the grind Tuesday morning.

The End.