Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sometimes happy feeling come from the most odd places...

Quick back store: For those that don't know, I am a Pharmacy Technician (currently- I have a Business Degree but this economy doesn't let everyone keep their actual JOB)

So- today I was at work, and a patient came into work and for what? Not their medication. It was to talk to ME about running and races. He is a 60+ year old man, that has recently dropped around 100lbs. And he has also become a VERY nice man, unlike the horrible angry man he was before. Last time he was in to get his medications, he was sporting a new local 5K long sleeve shirt. I commented on it and asked if he had walked/jogged it. His answer, "yes!" and he really enjoyed it. I told him about other races and when they were coming up. He wasn't interested at the time, and so passed on my info.

But TODAY- he came in just to talk to ME about races. I gave him the local running club website (because he is actually an internet savy older man, and he was happy to get any info I may come across from time to time. It made me feel needed, running savy (LOL!!!-snort-LOL!!) and I have never had anything make me feel so awesome in a while.

So, I am back to another fun fact. I have a couple girls from my High school days that have been asking my advice and information on running and races this past few months. The first girl still asks me questions from time to time. Like what shoes, gear, running stores, etc. But her first half was going to be this past October with me, after paying for the race, she bailed on training and the race.

The second girl is doing well, she asks me advice on staying motivated and what to do thru the winter, etc. She has signed up for her first half marathon in May already, and is planning on seeing me there. I fully believe that she can and will do this for herself.

Where am I going with this? Well, all this makes me feel like a support leader. Someone that is helping others help themselves. And why is this so intriguing to me? Because I can give you the right answers, but I am hard at following through them myself!  I can fill you quota for answers to any questions- and all great complete answers, but I rarely follow them myself. I try to tell myself that having the knowledge base is key to helping anyone. And the knowledge base tells me that ALL INDIVIDUALS WORK DIFFERENTLY. Including myself.

Ex. Question: It is so cold in the winter, how do I stay motivated to keep running, and when the treadmill is boring?

Answers: You can load up on ColdGear wear and keep pushing outside, maybe get a running partner to MAKE you get outside first. OR you can move the treadmill in front of the TV and run during a favorite show or movie, load audio books on your ipod that you have been dying to read, put the treadmill in front of a window that gives you the outdoor scenes or a busy street or your kids playing outside.

Ok- so out of all those answers, what do I do??
1. I have all the ColdGear- thats doesn't get used.
2. I have the treadmill in front of the TV, but I can't make it past 30 minutes myself.
3. I don't own an ipod to load books too (maye that my problem- hummmm)

Do you see where this is going? So know I ask you, is giving advice to others about running a bad thing or is my knowledge from thousands of books, magazines, and blogs too great a talent to waste??

My next venture to get thru the winter starts tomorrow...... KICKBOXING AT 6am!!


Elizabeth said...

Check at your local library for playaway, my new running partner. this are preloaded audio player, small and perfect for running just plug your ear phones in and off you go.

shana said...

Always feels good to be needed - in a way that we love.

I have been listening to free podcasts on my ipod while on the mill - makes the time FLY by.

ps - I will be hitting snooze and briefly thinking of you sweating your butt off!

funderson said...

ooooo...Kickboxing sounds awesome!

The Horton's said...

Ok - update... a typical "Starter" me: I did NOT start kickboxing this morning! LOL! maybe tomorrow...