Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


this is going to be short and sweet.

Happy anniversary to me
Happy anniversary to me
Happy 1 yr racing anniversary to meeeeeee
Happy anniversary to me!

I celebrated my anniversary with my hubby, in Tulsa OKLAHOMA.
I ran the Route 66 Half marathon............the end.

ok- so maybe not the end, but my performance was THAT AWFUL TERRIBLE SAD DEPRESSING (you get the picture) that I was mad sad depressed..... anyway.

But I have one thing to say in my defense...... 1 mile straight up .25 miles into the race. (totally understand now right)

And to end my 1 year, another young man died. It happened in Dallas in March, and now Tulsa. This young man was 27 years old! Only a year younger than me!! So- when I passed this guy at mile 10 getting massive CPR- I had to push back my tired, hurting body from crying crying crying! God sure has interesting times picked out for some people, and it is so sad that a family has to go through that.

So you can imagine what happened when we got home from Tulsa-- my mom FREAKED OUT! And she has demanded that I get a complete checkup (including heart check) since many problems run in the family.

Anyway- my time was sad, the death of a young man as sad, my race photos were scarey sad (I will not be posting ANY OF THEM- so dont even ask)

But I will say this. I got to meet Allie! A favorite blogger buddy and her hubby and kiddos. I must say- for the length of time that we (including my sis in law and her hubby) were all eating dinner and talking talking talking, her kids were AWESOME! And were at the lengths of quietly falling asleep at the table. Unfortunately for Allie- we started running together from the beginning, her long legs pulled her away from me at the hill. And I slowly watched her leave my view. But at mile 5, I caught up to her and her injured ankle was losing her battle. And I heard at the end, that at mile 6, she got to catch a ride in a police car. SAD day for Allie too. But maybe Germany will bring something new (since that is where they are moving too.

So 1 year down- 6 half marathons completed- and 4 states marked off the map!! What next?? I am working on that!!

Stay tuned for the continuing journeys of Flat BigGirl and the Motherhood of the Traveling book.....


Kevin said...

Sorry to hear about your performance but look on the bright side. You did more than most people will ever will do in their lifetime. Most people never ever run that distance in their lifetime.


funderson said...

Happy anniversary! A good one indeed...