Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Juice Juice and more Juice

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.... not me, well maybe me, but what I am talking about is the Documentary.
Do you have Netflix? (Free)
Amazon Prime? (Free)
Or just Amazon Instant Video on your Computer? (This one cost $1.99 to watch it)
Then, I really suggest you watch it.

I will admit, I am a major anti-liquid diet person. I fully believe in a Lifestyle change, not a fast fix. However, I have an open mind to research everything, even if I believe it to be scam.

Now, let's be honest here. I am beyond my health weight, beyond might be a light word... Heaviest I have ever been my entire life.
Next, add to that, my hips decided all on their own one day (without knowledge of any heavy labor) to COMPLETELY Rotate to one side. Seriously, you should SEE the X-Ray. Imagine seeing one hip bone the size of a Ping-Pong and the other the size of a Softball, while you are looking at your body straight up. Yeah, hilarious image not so hilarious otherwise.
Then add to that, my jeans do not fit without a huge muffin top and front flap. Yeah, I can only wear sweats, leggings, athletic wear and wind pants.
Finally, Yes there is one more vital thing, my Non-Profit Grant based Job let me go this month. Now, I knew this would probably happen much sooner than later, what I wasn't ready for was the suddenness of it. So, my regularly expected twice a month paycheck is gone. And I am left a little frazzled. As many of you know, I am a planner and organizer, so this is like someone pull the rug out from under me hard and I cracked my head on the cement. I might have a little concussion, but I am trying to heal it fast.

So, basically, I am/was a little on the down side. And I was looking for a pick me up, so I would be ready for my favorite job, the one I have left, Coaching High School Softball.

Anyway, this Documentary is AMAZING! One big negative for me, there are 3 people that do this method. The 2 men do a 60 Day Juicing. That means nothing but veggies and fruits thru a juicer everyday all day. The 1 woman does a 10 days reboost juicing. I want to see a woman go thru the 60 days. Because everything in health and science shows that women respond SLOWER. (This is a bunch of crap, this is the only unfair thing to me)

Here is a little info:

Joe- Australian Guy, that is overweight to obese and has a autoimmune disease. After 60 day juicing and then making a lifestyle change after that, after 10 months he is medication and disease FREE and has lost around 100 lbs.

American guy is Morbidly obese, so much that he is only a few points from not measureable on the BMI scale, and has same disease as Joe. He did the same as Joe. And lost much more weight.

American Woman- Migraines. 10 day juicing, migraines gone. So, she juices each day a some point.

Now back to me, I starting Juicing 6 days ago. (Friday Febrauary 21, 2014) And I have decided to do this one week at a time. I have a great friend, Tami, that loaned me her juicer for a bit. And So far so good. I still cook and bake (both things I love to do) for my family, and I think that is the only reason this isn't so bad. No, I can't eat it, but it feels good to stay normal in my daily tasks. I have only lost 3 lbs in the first 6 days, but hey, I FEEL AMAZING. I did add One-A-Day Womens Active Multi Vitamin and Milk Thistle Caps to my daily intake. But, I feel better already. I sleep better, my hips are almost back to normal (thanks to an amazing local Chiropractor) and I just feel better. Downside- my leg hair is growing like crazy! But hey, it is freezing outside still, what's a little extra warmth?! LOL!!

So today, I am suggesting you watch Fat, Sick and Nearly dead.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Good Morning!

As life goes, my hope was to post weekly again. LMAO!!! Yeah right.
Between Awana, Swim practice, Swim meets, Snow days, work, lack of The Hubby, conferences....
That being said, there was my last 2 weeks.

First, The Hubby.
He has this great job at a local Dairy distributor. He also has a 1999 Ford 350 Super Duty that needed New brakes, new rotors, new plugs, and can you guess where I am going here? Yeah $2500 later.... So he has been working A LOT of overtime. Including Double Shifts. That means he gets home at his regular 7:30am and goes straight to bed. He then rises at Noon and is out the door by 1pm, not to be scene again until 7:30am. And then the cycle repeats 2 more days. He gets a day off, and then a double, then a single, a double, etc etc etc. Needless to say, we miss him when he is gone and we miss the Happy Hubby when he is awake. It will pass, since at the beginning of March my Coaching season starts and there will be regular schedule and minimal overtime until June. I have included a pic of The Hubby from a couple years back, when he let Big Girl dress him up.
To liven up the Winter Weather,  LittleMan allowed BigGirl to doll him up. And he allowed mommy to take his pic!! I love my Boys and their willingness to let BigGirl have some fun!! Like Father Like Son I guess. LOL!!

 The wonderful Winter Snow (That I am SO OVER NOW) hasn't allowed much for warmth or outside time. So, thanks to our ever so crappy HeatPump system going out, we had a couple warmth filled nights sleeping together in LittleMans Room.
 And the dogs had a different opinion of outside time. Ruby was a whiner and Suka was just hanging out in the snow. It was hilarious to watch Suka dig himself into the snow and then burst out of it!!

My mom-in-law has a small farm outside of town, and we butcher a couple cows every year. Here is what HALF A COW looks like in your stand up freezer. The paper bags are full of more 1 lb hamburger like that bottom shelf in the pic.
I had my annual 2 day Softball Coaches Conference in Kansas City. This is a picture of getting The Hubby ready to run the house for 2 days. This included preschool and a swim meet. Things he hasn't gotten to handle before due to his third shift schedule. Sadly, on the swim meet morning, not only did he have to get them all up and out the door, with everything they need for the day, but it had iced over bad that day/night before and it took him twice as long to get to Wichita. They made it and she did great!! More of that below.

 Thanks to We can get BigGirl the best suits for so much less!! They have Grab bag specials, these are last season or older patterns. You pick the brand and kind (this is a TYR Polyester) and the size you need. They send you what they have, it is a fun surprise! This one was a GREAT SURPRISE!! So retro and adorable!
 BigGirl say this cap on back in October. It was so cute and a great deal ($8 less than at the store, and with Prime- no shipping) so I ordered it and gave it to her for christmas. She loves looking like a Day of the Dead Skull when she comes out of the water for Fly or Breast stroke. LOL!
 BigGirl did AMAZING this past meet. She busted all her best times however, she is still struggling with clearing the Breast Stroke with a clean run. (But she is determined) This last meet, she really got more dedicated. This is where the Sharpie to the back came in. A lot of the swimmers do things like this to show their spirit. BigGirl was never interested until this last meet. This mom has gone from teaching my kids NOT to write on themselves, to writing on them myself with a permanent marker! And I love it! My child is SO over the top with athletics. She is a 2 sports a season girl and I LOVE IT!
 On a funny ending note, these are our basement stairs.... after LittleMan and I took a crowbar to them. When we bought this house almost 6 years ago, the previous owners has decided to play floating floor down the staircase. Stupidity won here. After the dogs have dented the walls over and over from running up and down, and the railing ( that is laying to the left of this pic) came down, and the childgate (notice the extra picket on the far end) took a beating, and finally after more falls (with luckily no injuries) have happened by all- LittleMan and I had had enough. After he fell 3 times in one day we tore that crap out. Yes, it is just a thin blue pad now, when they bottom two still the floating floor. But it is already so much better!!
So, that is my misc in a nutshell.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A New Start for myself and for our "God" Son.

Hello 2014!
For those of you that don't personally know me: No, I am not dead. LOL!
I know if has been over a year since my postings have stopped, but my life has gone WILD!

My kids to example, well they grew!
BigGirl, for example, wears a Women's Size 7 shoe... she is 9 years old! And LittleMan, he is talking about marrying a little "girl" friend of his!

 The Hubby is now working for a great company and is loving it. However, he is currently paying his dues and working third shift irregular work week with a lot of overtime, extra shifts, and even double shifts. This is where "SuperMom" comes in. For example: This is the only recent pic I have with The Hubby. It was out last "date" we had, a FREEZING KSU football game back in November.
BigGirl has been keeping me busy the most. She plays 5-6 sports a year (yeah do that math!), she is always doing double each season, Swim Club year round along with Fall Volleyball, Winter Basketball, Spring Indoor Soccer (but not this year- we are taking a break) and Summer Softball. Add in Church Awana one night a week, and BigGirl doesn't have a free day unless there isn't a swim meet that week. That means mommy doesn't have a day off either. I LOVE that she is so active!!

LittleMan tried Outdoor Soccer in the fall, he was not fond of it.(He is the kid hanging out in the middle of the picture) He wanted to tackle- so I guess we will await Football. LOL!
Instead, he has become my little baker! He LOVES Pie. He can be found asking to make a pie or asking to go to "that place where they make pie" often. So, this last fall, I taught him. He made a Pumpkin Pie and an Apple Tart. Do you think he was proud?!

Now, when it comes to myself, here is it in a nutshell.... cooking, baking, reading, crocheting, quilting, working multiple jobs including preparing a new business my grandmother is starting, driving my kids everywhere, hanging out with the dogs, drinking lots of coffee... you get the point. Most recently dealing with horrid back pain while yearning to be running/training for another half marathon this spring and full marathon this fall.

Now, to the "God" son part of this post.

3 years ago, The Hubby and I were sitting in church listening to a Bring Me Hope representative talking about there organization, involving China Orphans and Camps. During this speech, I turned to The Hubby and said "I think I need to do this." With his support, I took the leap. And with the great prayers, blessing and help of many I joined a great group of people to head to China.

 Skipping to the last days, we made a stop at a local Special Needs American Funded Orphanage. Lots of these children will die in from their diagnosis in this very loving environment. (very much unlike the majority of orphanages in this country) While visiting, I met and feel in love with this LittleDude. He was 10 months old in this picture. I came home from our trip and The Hubby and I started talking about Adoption. Talking turned into finding an Agency that could help me locate this boy. That turned into starting the paperwork... and then our life fell apart here at home. Then we hit a blockage with The Hubby's medical condition and our finances. And after over a year of trying ot figure it out, we had to back out.
The good part that came from all this was that when the Agency found LittleDude for us, he wasn't processed for adoption yet. Because of our inquiry, we got his paperwork rolling to be adopted. Fast-forward another year, I contacted the Agency this week to see if he had found his forever family. And the answer was "Yes". We believe that God's plan for us was to help this child get on the list to be adopted. He would be just over 3 years old now. And somewhere someone is loving him just as much as we do.
Stay Tuned...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

End of November

WOW! Time has gotten away from me these past few months.

I completed my first ever MARATHON in October. It was going really well until mile 22. Yeah, I was GOING to finish around 5:30:00, however, my calves decided that they would rather lock up so tight that it sent me screaming to the ground. Luckily, my sis-n-law had joined me at mile 17 to keep me company until mile 24. So, short ending, 6:29:23. And I now have to do another one to redeem myself. Ugh! Why is this sport so addicting?!

Big Girl has been back swimming for a couple months. She loves it! She is just darn cute!!

Littleman has been busy at preschool and cuddling with mommy (or driving me nuts). He even got himself a new haircut from the salon for men. He got to watch cartoons during the cut. LOL!

The Hubby and I have enjoyed a few K-State Football games this year. Wish we could afford to go to the Bowl Game.

And we have filled our freezer with half a cow for the year. LOL!! For a family that loves their veggies, I will have my hands full coming up with new dishes to make.

 The kids both decorated the tree this year, and they did great! I only had to move a handful of ornaments this year. It made it a lot faster!
Happy Holidays to all!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Yes, I am still working on the weight and marathon training. Still sitting at 23 pounds lost and many miles run. Moving on....

I know if has been a while, and since I have just been busy, tired, busy, exhausted, busy.... you get the idea. Here is a fast slide-show of the past month, in no particular order.....

LittleMan has been trying to hold out for preschool to start...

Made from scratch bread has been checked off my bucket list... so yummy!

LittleMan and I have had a few mornings at the local coffee shop.

The kids finally got to see a calf being born, total surprise btw- we were just out feeding the cattle and tada!

College Football season has started and we took our new neighbors to their first game (and bought their first KSU gear)

I have been keeping this quote close by on a regular basis, and The Hubby assures me that if i can't walk it anymore, he will carry me. Ohhhh.

We made a fast trip to Dallas to see B-I-L and stopped to see the MonsterTruck First. (btw, had to wake littleman up for it too)

I found a new use for the bondibands that never stay on during a run, the ANTI-rubbage band for under my ipod arm strap.

Santa stopped by the coffee shop on his summer vacation (isnt this pic awesome, my camera caught his magic i guess!)

And I made my first costume, THOR, from scratch (without a pattern!) I made 2 for a friend of ours littledude too.   

Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 87 & 48

Things have been crazy as usual. Weight lose is still going well. I have come to a complete understanding that it takes time.
Weight: 187 lbs. (minus 23 pounds)
S2F plan is up to the 12 mile long run this past Saturday. It was AWFUL! It was so humid that I was not the only morning runner that found themselves walking more than not.

Here is a fast breakdown:
Plan: 12 miles
Non-plan: horrid humidity at 530am. REALLY?! I got up at the butt crack BEFORE dawn and I could drown in this air!
Mile 0.1-3 fight with drifit shirt.
Mile 3.1 strip shirt-becomes sweat towel.
Mile 4-refill water and take a Gu
Mile 5-9 completely off pace and really not pretty.
Mile 9- refill water
Mile 9.5 getting blustery on back of one ankle (new for me)
Mile 10 stop at SIL house for bandaides
Mile 11 try to keep moving
Mile 11.2 inner thigh rubbing (seriously?! I totally glided up!)
Mile 11.5-12 a lot of walking
Results 12 miles in 2hrs 45mins. Omg! My average half marathon is 2:40. SO HUMID!

This mommy is SO counting the days (10 days) until my oldest is back in school from 8am-3pm daily. And then the youngest will be in preschool twice a week in the afternoons. Oh, the time I will have to complete tasks again.

I was not renewed my Assistant Coaching Contract the local Private College. They needed to hire a Pitching Specialty Coach and needed my salary to do it. So, for a couple weeks, I was a coach without a team. However, I then became the HEAD COACH for my High School Alma mater! I am excited for this change again. I will have more time at home again, and my Fall and Spring weekends back. Sometimes change is good.
The Hubby is still looking for good work, and since that hasn't happened for him yet. I will be sacrificing my Wonderful Tahoe for a 4 door car in a few weeks. (That is the plan anyway) I will miss my favorite Tahoe, but the bank account will like the Car better. So, more to come on that later.

Finding Myself Again:
I have decided that I will take new pictures when I hit 185lbs. And sit it side by side with the Day 1 pictures. So, stay tuned for that too..............

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 76 & 37

Good Morning and Hello Again!

Wow- it has been 15 days since I last posted. Guess I have been a little busy.

Let me see, a little recap...

BigGirl is on break from Swim Club until beginning of September.
BigGirl is the 5th from right front row- the head-leaning sweetie.

LittleMan has had a summer haircut. His first ever. I love his surfer wavy hair, but he was just so hot, so this mommy got out the clips and away we went. It looks very nice, but he looks so grown up.
My littleman becoming a man.

They also enjoyed a hot morning parade over independence day. Lots of tootsie rolls for those two.
Then we had some movie time,
Some costume dress up time,
Some painting of bird houses,
   LittleMan had his first trip to Build-A-Bear,
And Superman Invaded the house.

I have been dealing with the house falling apart. It seems everything happens at once.
I have also found myself a softball coach without a team. Hopes are that will be changing very soon. All prayers welcome.
The Hubby is still dealing with his highschool pay job while applying to everything else in site. Still no luck. Prayers welcome here as well.
The pool has sprung a huge leak, so the pool is no more in our backyard. :(
BigGirl has helped me clean out the front closet, and I have been trying to sell/give away some items that are no longer needed. It feels good to move things out.
We have been to the Salt City Water Park a handful of times and we still don't get significant amounts.
It is 105 degrees regularly, and while we have been watching Wheel of Fortune lately, they are in Oregon, and I find myself dreaming of living there. 

So, on to the things you all really checked my blog for. LOL!

Weight: 189lbs (that is down 21 lbs people!)

S2F Training: I am doing what I can with the temps I have been dealt. Ugh. I did my 8 mile long run this past Saturday in 1 hour 36 minutes. Nice 12 minute/mile pace. Not my fastest, but I will be doing 26.2 miles, so lets be realistic. 12 might be just fine.

I put on a pair of jeans last week, for the FREEZING nursery at church. And I got dressed, looked in the mirror and said to the hubby "hey! I look pretty good!"
Now, my goal was to be in size 10 this fall/winter. BECAUSE I have a tote full of really nice items that we hand me down from my mother. I know, my mom, but hey she lost enough weight that she is like a size 2-4. I am not aiming for that. But size 10 is  GREAT START. Maybe a size 8 some day, but I am happy to get to Size 10. (Currently a Size 14 right now)

I went to my first ZUMBA class last week. It was killer! First, my body doesn't move like that, even though I pretend that it does. LOL! I was dripping sweat after that hour of salsa, aerobic, dance moves. I must say, TRY IT OUT! It is a new experience and a fun way to cross train.

Stay tuned................