Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Yes, I am still working on the weight and marathon training. Still sitting at 23 pounds lost and many miles run. Moving on....

I know if has been a while, and since I have just been busy, tired, busy, exhausted, busy.... you get the idea. Here is a fast slide-show of the past month, in no particular order.....

LittleMan has been trying to hold out for preschool to start...

Made from scratch bread has been checked off my bucket list... so yummy!

LittleMan and I have had a few mornings at the local coffee shop.

The kids finally got to see a calf being born, total surprise btw- we were just out feeding the cattle and tada!

College Football season has started and we took our new neighbors to their first game (and bought their first KSU gear)

I have been keeping this quote close by on a regular basis, and The Hubby assures me that if i can't walk it anymore, he will carry me. Ohhhh.

We made a fast trip to Dallas to see B-I-L and stopped to see the MonsterTruck First. (btw, had to wake littleman up for it too)

I found a new use for the bondibands that never stay on during a run, the ANTI-rubbage band for under my ipod arm strap.

Santa stopped by the coffee shop on his summer vacation (isnt this pic awesome, my camera caught his magic i guess!)

And I made my first costume, THOR, from scratch (without a pattern!) I made 2 for a friend of ours littledude too.   

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