Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A New Start for myself and for our "God" Son.

Hello 2014!
For those of you that don't personally know me: No, I am not dead. LOL!
I know if has been over a year since my postings have stopped, but my life has gone WILD!

My kids to example, well they grew!
BigGirl, for example, wears a Women's Size 7 shoe... she is 9 years old! And LittleMan, he is talking about marrying a little "girl" friend of his!

 The Hubby is now working for a great company and is loving it. However, he is currently paying his dues and working third shift irregular work week with a lot of overtime, extra shifts, and even double shifts. This is where "SuperMom" comes in. For example: This is the only recent pic I have with The Hubby. It was out last "date" we had, a FREEZING KSU football game back in November.
BigGirl has been keeping me busy the most. She plays 5-6 sports a year (yeah do that math!), she is always doing double each season, Swim Club year round along with Fall Volleyball, Winter Basketball, Spring Indoor Soccer (but not this year- we are taking a break) and Summer Softball. Add in Church Awana one night a week, and BigGirl doesn't have a free day unless there isn't a swim meet that week. That means mommy doesn't have a day off either. I LOVE that she is so active!!

LittleMan tried Outdoor Soccer in the fall, he was not fond of it.(He is the kid hanging out in the middle of the picture) He wanted to tackle- so I guess we will await Football. LOL!
Instead, he has become my little baker! He LOVES Pie. He can be found asking to make a pie or asking to go to "that place where they make pie" often. So, this last fall, I taught him. He made a Pumpkin Pie and an Apple Tart. Do you think he was proud?!

Now, when it comes to myself, here is it in a nutshell.... cooking, baking, reading, crocheting, quilting, working multiple jobs including preparing a new business my grandmother is starting, driving my kids everywhere, hanging out with the dogs, drinking lots of coffee... you get the point. Most recently dealing with horrid back pain while yearning to be running/training for another half marathon this spring and full marathon this fall.

Now, to the "God" son part of this post.

3 years ago, The Hubby and I were sitting in church listening to a Bring Me Hope representative talking about there organization, involving China Orphans and Camps. During this speech, I turned to The Hubby and said "I think I need to do this." With his support, I took the leap. And with the great prayers, blessing and help of many I joined a great group of people to head to China.

 Skipping to the last days, we made a stop at a local Special Needs American Funded Orphanage. Lots of these children will die in from their diagnosis in this very loving environment. (very much unlike the majority of orphanages in this country) While visiting, I met and feel in love with this LittleDude. He was 10 months old in this picture. I came home from our trip and The Hubby and I started talking about Adoption. Talking turned into finding an Agency that could help me locate this boy. That turned into starting the paperwork... and then our life fell apart here at home. Then we hit a blockage with The Hubby's medical condition and our finances. And after over a year of trying ot figure it out, we had to back out.
The good part that came from all this was that when the Agency found LittleDude for us, he wasn't processed for adoption yet. Because of our inquiry, we got his paperwork rolling to be adopted. Fast-forward another year, I contacted the Agency this week to see if he had found his forever family. And the answer was "Yes". We believe that God's plan for us was to help this child get on the list to be adopted. He would be just over 3 years old now. And somewhere someone is loving him just as much as we do.
Stay Tuned...

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The Sieberts said...

what awesome news! i didn't know this part of your story. thanks for sharing!!