Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Juice Juice and more Juice

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.... not me, well maybe me, but what I am talking about is the Documentary.
Do you have Netflix? (Free)
Amazon Prime? (Free)
Or just Amazon Instant Video on your Computer? (This one cost $1.99 to watch it)
Then, I really suggest you watch it.

I will admit, I am a major anti-liquid diet person. I fully believe in a Lifestyle change, not a fast fix. However, I have an open mind to research everything, even if I believe it to be scam.

Now, let's be honest here. I am beyond my health weight, beyond might be a light word... Heaviest I have ever been my entire life.
Next, add to that, my hips decided all on their own one day (without knowledge of any heavy labor) to COMPLETELY Rotate to one side. Seriously, you should SEE the X-Ray. Imagine seeing one hip bone the size of a Ping-Pong and the other the size of a Softball, while you are looking at your body straight up. Yeah, hilarious image not so hilarious otherwise.
Then add to that, my jeans do not fit without a huge muffin top and front flap. Yeah, I can only wear sweats, leggings, athletic wear and wind pants.
Finally, Yes there is one more vital thing, my Non-Profit Grant based Job let me go this month. Now, I knew this would probably happen much sooner than later, what I wasn't ready for was the suddenness of it. So, my regularly expected twice a month paycheck is gone. And I am left a little frazzled. As many of you know, I am a planner and organizer, so this is like someone pull the rug out from under me hard and I cracked my head on the cement. I might have a little concussion, but I am trying to heal it fast.

So, basically, I am/was a little on the down side. And I was looking for a pick me up, so I would be ready for my favorite job, the one I have left, Coaching High School Softball.

Anyway, this Documentary is AMAZING! One big negative for me, there are 3 people that do this method. The 2 men do a 60 Day Juicing. That means nothing but veggies and fruits thru a juicer everyday all day. The 1 woman does a 10 days reboost juicing. I want to see a woman go thru the 60 days. Because everything in health and science shows that women respond SLOWER. (This is a bunch of crap, this is the only unfair thing to me)

Here is a little info:

Joe- Australian Guy, that is overweight to obese and has a autoimmune disease. After 60 day juicing and then making a lifestyle change after that, after 10 months he is medication and disease FREE and has lost around 100 lbs.

American guy is Morbidly obese, so much that he is only a few points from not measureable on the BMI scale, and has same disease as Joe. He did the same as Joe. And lost much more weight.

American Woman- Migraines. 10 day juicing, migraines gone. So, she juices each day a some point.

Now back to me, I starting Juicing 6 days ago. (Friday Febrauary 21, 2014) And I have decided to do this one week at a time. I have a great friend, Tami, that loaned me her juicer for a bit. And So far so good. I still cook and bake (both things I love to do) for my family, and I think that is the only reason this isn't so bad. No, I can't eat it, but it feels good to stay normal in my daily tasks. I have only lost 3 lbs in the first 6 days, but hey, I FEEL AMAZING. I did add One-A-Day Womens Active Multi Vitamin and Milk Thistle Caps to my daily intake. But, I feel better already. I sleep better, my hips are almost back to normal (thanks to an amazing local Chiropractor) and I just feel better. Downside- my leg hair is growing like crazy! But hey, it is freezing outside still, what's a little extra warmth?! LOL!!

So today, I am suggesting you watch Fat, Sick and Nearly dead.

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