Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Monday, October 11, 2010

BEST DAY EVER-- oh yeah a giveaway winner too!!

Seriously, I don't have anything better to say about my day, 10/10/10.
ok- maybe not QUITE this....

We are going to attempt a SHORT way thru this day, here goes.....

6am- I am up and going through the race day motions.
630am- Hubby awakens and gets moving
645am- I let dogs out, whom are both loud and awaken kids.
650am- Kids up, getting dressed and given a snack
7am- Dogs inside and re-kenneled (sorry loveys)
715am- Loaded in Tahoe and headed to Wichita
716am-730am- All singing and dancing in the car (hey gotta wake up somehow)
740am- Pass exit thinking race is next exit.... see people, go back and can't find parking...
7:49am- Hubby drops me off alone 1 or 2 from start line.
7:55am- In pack and waiting. (thank goodness for smaller cities)
8:00am- We are off
8:09:58am- 1 mile down (huh that why I can't get my breathing set! slow it back a bit)
8:20:23am- 2 miles down (ok- still feel a bit pushed, hummm.. )WHOA! GUY DOWN! Tripped on orange cone blocking for traffic. He is up and running again, I try not to look at him legs that HAVE to be bad.
8:31:03am- 3 miles down (hey there is Andy! ANDY!!!!  A: KIRSTEN!!! GO!!!)
8:31:10am- HOLY SHIT!! We are to run straight up a HUGE LONG HILL!! WTH?!
**stop reading watch**
4 Miles down: running through rich people housing for next 3 miles.... no one I know
5 Miles down: wave at one of my softball girls dad cheering on his wife ( have GU #1)
6 Miles down:...............
7 Miles down: Out of rich housing and CRUISING BACK DOWN THAT HORRID HILL
8 Miles down: Starting to be very lonely. I am 20 minutes from home and NO ONE (not even kids and hubby) in sight yet.
9 Miles down: Tell myself that I am doing good, still not checking watch for calculations on time, just to see how long have run.
10 Miles down: Hey I am here BEFORE 2 hours.... huh.... thats weird (feeling like my mojo is going out so have GU #2)
11 Miles down: HEY!! HUBBY AND KIDS!!! BigGirl runs with to give a high 5 and I am gone again.
11.5 Miles down: Ambulance hauling away girl running down. :(
11.8 Miles down: HIRED PHOTOGRAPHER tells me to hurry up and get out of the picture?! My responds to him "UNBELIEVEABLE!"
12 Miles down: WHAT?! 2 hours 15 minutes?! WHAT??!!! I could brake 2:30?! I was praying to get 2:39:59!!
12.1 Miles down: Where is my mojo already?!!
12.2 Miles down: Ok, be realistic. You want to break into the 2:30 somethings. Just finish. Breaking 2:30 was NOT the plan.
12.3 Miles down: Man! I really would have LOVED 2:29:59
12.4 Miles down: Dreaming about me breaking 2:30.
12.5 Miles down: STOP IT. Just Finish already
12.9 Miles down: SPEED SPEED! WTH?! Bridge incline. bridge decline- long fast stides!! Past people!!
13.1: PRICELESS 2:32:25   PR BABY!!!!
This momma is FREAKIN' HAPPY!!

ok- it was harder than I put, the race needs a major makeover. Inaugural and all, but seriously- did you research other races and how these bigger one work?? (I have already facebooked them my "suggestions".

But let me say "2:32:25!!!!! P freakin' R!!!!!"
Little Family picture TAKE 1


BigGirl, my mom and myself
BigGirl and ME!

LittleMan totally wiped out! I KNEW it wasn't ok to make your toddlers run 13 miles! LOL! JK!

I thought this photo said a lot. Thanks for all the great pics mom with your big special camera!!

 NEXT RACE: ROUTE 66 in TULSA, OK on Sun. Nov. 21st!!


*#8 Cynther F. at Brillance Wasted!!

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Running Librarian said...

Awesome PR! Way to go! Great pics too! :)

Michel said...

Congrats at your PR! What a huge accomplishment!

Canadian runner said...

Congrats on your PR!!!

Teamarcia said...

P freakin R indeed! Congrats!

chris mcpeake said...

congrats on a great race