Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Motherhood of the Traveling Book: Chapter 1

Location: Lawrence, Kansas

Lodging: Hotel Mueller

House Mother: CityMom

Doots was interested in TMTB
CityMom's Review:

Review - Run Like a Mother

Let me begin by clarifying – I am not a runner. Oooo, nooo, not a runner at all. Passing runners on my drive into the office does not make me want to run. Seeing professional marathoners on TV or at actual races does not make me want to run. And even when my motivation to flex the old muscles is there, and I’m in shape and feeling great and ready to go Go GO: that does not make me want to run. Hit the gym yes, but run: no.
That said. I started running because it was free, and easy to do at 5am.
This book is great motivation, and if I were actually a runner, I think it would get me through all those painful, hard runs and bad days and look forward to my daily run. I have since joined a gym (because shall I say it again? Not a runner. Love my climate control, my elliptical, my television and magazine distractions…). But! The words of this book still echo in my head, because the book was that well written. It was fun to read, it was full of lots o’ info - and motivation that I can still use no matter how I exercise, to get me ‘in the zone’ and keep me from seriously maiming myself in my own idiotic way.
I thought it was witty that it was broken into 26.2 chapters (nice nod to the marathon there). The writing style was very sisterly/friendly, which is such a big help when you’re trying to train/get back in shape after baby. Training, running, working out – it’s hard and tricky to figure out post-kids. This book was just what I needed to keep my motivation going and remind me why, exactly, I’m setting my alarm fro 4:45a every morning…

Thanks so much Kirsten dear! The book is a-traveling now, I am honored to be its ‘first’ ;)

CityMom also wanted to share this MANTRA

Thanks CityMom for the being the first B&B stop on The motherhood of the Traveling book's tour!!! I hope you enjoyed it and got as much out of it as I did.
So, where do you think TMTB will be next?...... STAY TUNED....................

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