Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall tidbits- Class Reunion

It's been really nice outside this past week. And the routine every night when we get home is to eat- right away. (ex. door opens- kids go in, mom steps in with first foot, kid looks at mom and says "I'm hungry home, I want a snack." -- you all know the feeling, anyway)

So, one night we came home, repeat story, let dogs outside and I decide they can have a picnic. (aka mess outside for once) I was the best mom ever that night! LOL! All about the small things.

Tonight, we have dinner inside, and it isn't too common that my kids eat together in SILENCE. Tonight- they did. So I snapped a pic. BigGirl is eating the salad she made HERSELF at the salad bar tonight. It consists of: cheese, olives, croutons, egg, cold peas, and 3 strawberrys. And LittleMan just snuck that cheeser face in.

Suka (and half Ruby)
I thought I would throw in a pic of Suka (and Ruby) tonight, just to show he is surviving us. :) And he is getting better on the "running buddy" job. Still car-fearful, BUT keeps moving now just not the most fun for me. (aka 4.58 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes! SLOWS MY DOWN) But he is getting better.

On to the show--
Last night was my 10 year class reunion. I was skeptical as to what it would be like. And it was a refreshing surprise. We had MAYBE a 1/4th of the class attend. And everyone (95%) has grown up and just came right on up and asked how you were, etc. It was nice. Thanks to my step-sis-n-law (whom was in my class too) we had an evening overnight off of the kiddos. She did not wish to attend the reunion, so she took our kiddos overnight. THANKS SIS!!
We spent 4 hours at the dinner/dance reunion at the yummy mexican restaurant. Then we loaded up a friend and her hubby and headed to the sports bar. Run up with another HS friend there and loaded her up to head to a country "gathering". It was so REFRESHING to have the mix of people. AND this mommy and daddy didn't get home until 330am! 5 hours later- dogs are howling to go outside, and we are up trying to get ourselves ok enough to go pickup kids.
But hey- hubby was the DD. (I LOVE YOU BABE!!) and the night was really fun. I am still recouping 14 hours later, but the kids are being great about us being "sick". ;-)

Natalie "MOOSE" (HS BFF) and myself

Myself, Natalie & Leslie
So moral of story--
1. I recommend everyone goes to their class reunion
2. Having a Shot or 2 before you go is SO OK. (thank you Patron Silver)
3. Talk to EVERYONE!

GIVEAWAY ends in 7 days!!!!!!!!!!!

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