Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I have a half this weekend just 20 minutes down the road! OMG- a race that is not 3 hours or more away!! WHOAHOO!! This is the medal I will be sporting afterwards.....
...Nice huh? Mine will be the red (half marathon) one. But still, it is different and will be a nice add to the collection!! And since it is SOOOOO close to home, I have threatened, forced, nicely asked all my family and friends to come yell at me cheer me on. So hope to see everyone there!
*post race to come soon*

Also- a quick note, there is only 84 more hours to get in on my firste ever GIVEAWAY HERE!!

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Teamarcia said...

That is one determined looking bunny! Good luck and have fun!