Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Drum Roll...... TADA!


This is what happens when you are SO EXCITED to get your new running buddy picked up (that you have been waiting & getting ready for the last 5 days) from a town 30 minutes from home. You rush out of work on a friday evening, you jump in your Tahoe to rush to the Shelter in Hutchinson, you yell at the traffic on the 2 lane highway you have to take, you pass dump ass drivers going 55mph in a 65mph for no good reason, you make it with 15 minutes to spare BEFORE the shelter closes for the night.

You are SO HAPPY!! You meet your hubby and his new buddy outside the shelter. You load the dogs up in eachothers vehicles and drive into the town to hit the local Petco before heading home. At the Petco, hubby notices his buddy is popped a stitch and is slowing bleeding from her morning spaying. So hubby loads his dog up in his car and heads to the farm to have her checked out.

I finish the shopping with my new buddy, and we get 10% off our whole purchase for saving a shelter dog. YEA! We load up and head back towards home. We decide to stop at the farm and check on hubby and his buddy. We few minutes later we are ALL heading home in our own cars. I make it first down the dirt road, 1 mile away from mom-in-laws farm.... well you can see what happened.
It is 7:30pm. It is almost sundown. Spare tire is NOT coming down from under the Tahoe, safety latch is corroded. (are you freakin' kidding me)
long story short.... 2 GREAT local Friends, 1 mom in law, 2 dogs and 4 & 1/2 hours later...
Old tire off, new tire on, tahoe dead, tahoe jumped, on road home.
Pick up kids (OH YEA! THANKS to plans of having the kids stay at sis n laws and my folks so we can "run fast" to get new buddies, the kids were NOT with us for this "event"), get home, dogs to kennels, kids in bed, us in bed..... 1:30am.
Now- enough complaining for now....

(Eskimo name meaning "Fast")
and SHIT! IS he EVER!!

This is Cody's House Buddy, another Australian Shepherd, Ruby.

Suka is IN LOVE with Ruby.
In truth, Suka is Ruby's Bitch. It is sad really, and making it hard on me to get Suka to understand that I am the "Alpha" and not Ruby.
Oh, and Ruby, well, she is still deciding on her love for Suka. Right now, he is kinda her "security guard". Which she doesn't need in this house! LOL!
And Yes, that is a football toybox in my living room... it is how LittleMan has toys in livingroom and the dogs don't eat them.

BigGirl is IN LOVE with both dogs. However, she comments on how Suka is the prettiest. So, he means to love you back too. And he is spoiled, he gets to love on the couches. Ruby doesn't even try.

Ruby knows that playing with LittleMan can sometimes get her doggy treats. Since he askes me for them often now. Overall, both dogs are GREAT with the kids. I have been having trouble with Ruby mostly. Suka just followers her suit, so even if I spend mucho time with Suka, if Ruby walks into the room, he gets right up and follows her out. SUCKS for me right now, but work is worth the reward.

On a side note: I got myself a her haircut. Yeah- I hate taking pics of myself. CHEESE!

And in the mail this week, I recieved my FIRST Rock and Roll Encore medal. For completing 2 Rock and Roll half marathons in this calendar year. It is PRETTY! ALL silver in color and a white ribbon.

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funderson said...

I LOVE your dogs! I'm such a sucker for a red aussie. Sorry about the "ADVENTURE!" getting them though.
Oh..your haircut is very very cute too.