Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Runner & Dog, to the starting line!

Yes, today was the day that I finally trusted Suka enough (and had finally purchased a twice-smaller- harness) to go for a trial/practice run. We got out and down a few blocks and he was "heeling" good. So I started a jog. He kept right up.
(only had to walk a little faster, not a trot or a skip but WALK. dogs suck)

We got a half mile from home and had our first "freak out" episode. C.A.R.S. He is a little frightened of MOVING cars. (that he is not in himself)
this makes me sad to think that he had a bad experience that I am glad I don't have details of
Anyhow- he did his usually (name sake) spin out and laying down.


I stopped, said "Suka, enough, lets go" and started jogging again. He jumped right back in. So imagine this seen a few more times in 2.8 miles. And an episode of not paying attention to the task at hand and walking right into me. (another freak out session) He started to learn to pattern, fell when I was turning a corner or crossing the road. Have a longer road to deal with on the "car" problem. But atleast I realized that I CAN and WILL jog faster next time. I was breathing good and felt I should have been going harder.
HOWEVER it could have been the 55 degrees and a breeze outside in September in Kansas!! IT FELT GREAT!!!

Wish us luck tomorrow morning!

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Teamarcia said...

So cool you're running with your dog!! Awesome!