Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Friday, September 10, 2010

KState vs UCLA

So- yes, for those of you that do not know, my blood runs purple (through and through). And No, I did not get to attend college this wonderful school in Manhappiness (Manhattan) Kansas. BUT I did get to go on hubbys recruiting trip!! I was treated as purple royalty that day (well, hubbs and I were a package deal). I did have lunch with the entire Coach Bill Synder Family and we did get to WALK OUT ACROSS THE FOOTBALL FIELD AT WARM UP!!! OHHH YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!

Ok, deep breaths......

So,  we attended attended the opening game this past weekend in manhattan. We wildcats played UCLA. Let me just jumped to the end real fast.... WE KICKED SOME BUTT!!! (31-22)

We tailgated with my BFF and her friends.

*pre-game, post-rum, LOL!!

*Isn't this couple HOT STUFF!! (me and the hubby)

We met up with Sis n Law, Mom n law and bro n law & girlfriend at our seats!!

Shana and Penny (sis and mom) *Don't know what mom was doing there??

Shana and I pic number 1....

Fighting with the shadow from the sun... and thought you might like to see the game behind us.
*nice sunburn later that day on my nose and forehead!

Willie from last year (2009) was sitting infront of us.
(Shhh, he wasn't suppose to tell us, that is why he has no face here)

We did a little shopping before the game, I got some purple football beads, a $5 tee shirt, an adorable light knitted socking style cap (will not be keeping my head warm, but will look cute in the fall!) and the KSU Nike Tempo shorts!!!

The Hubby got a tshirt and a hat.

Anyway, we had a great time all together. Ate some great food and we were even sobber by the time we headed the 2 hours drive home. NICE.

Ohhh-- and if anyone asks, Mom in Law BOUGHT her purple bead necklace, atleast that is what we will tell people if they ask.
(the true story, she forgot she had it on her neck while we were shopping, and then we walked right out and forgot about it. opps! I figure we are even with God, since they took away my candy I wanted to carry back into the game. Right?!

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funderson said...

oh how I love college football!