Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The BIG debate...

Last week I went for a  6 mile run through out my town. A little over 2 miles of it was on our great bike path (aka rape path- past a specific point and time of day) ANYWAY- at one point there was a biker and a skate boarder in front of me. We ALL come upon a fisherman and his dog (looked to be leashed). The dog sat and watched the biker go by, then the skate boarder go by, then when it was my turn- I get attacked on. WTH?! Mr Fisherman yells for his dog and I keep running by. About 20 paces later, my fear kicks and I start to realize what just happened.
I decide to keep this bit of info to myself ( aka away from hubbys ears until I can sugar coat it OR have resolved the program for future- dont want to scare him or lose my running) for a bit.
Then, the following Saturday, my little moms running group consisted of JUST ME. Apparently there was a little 2 mile run hosted by the high school cross country team going on for a fundraiser on our bike (rape) path. I missed it. But I decided that I would still get in my 2 Trail laps at the college. So 80% of this trail is SECLUDED. After I hit this SECLUDED area, my heart started to race, my ears and eyes were darting everywhere, I noticed that I had forgotten my RoadID, at one point I thought I say a dog in the corner of my eye! (dead tree stump-nice) Needless to say, I stopped after lap1, got right in my car and took a deep breath. NOT COMFORTABLE!

So - I went home, sat down, told hubby about the dog jumping me on the bike (rape) path, then told him about my freak out Trail run ALL ALONE and that is why I was home early. We decided- I NEED A RUNNING COMPANION. AKA: DOG.

Ok, So I want this...

Blue Great Dane

And hubby wants this...


What one is a better running companion. What I have heard is that a Great Dane is "happier" "Hyper" and a Mastiff is "slower" not the best running buddy but a good scarer.

So- what are your thoughts?? Or even- what would OR do you run with as a 4 legged buddy? Do you know someone that needs to adopt a 4 legged friend out? Or sell at a low (poor people) price??


Allie said...

This month's Runner's World has a great section on dog breeds and which is best for the type of running you do, it's great. I will suggest a lot of research before you get a specific breed and also be sure to look out for breed specific problems. I really want an English Bulldog (obviously not for running) but they have skin and eye problems and also can't handle the heat so I'll just admire them from afar. A lab is a great running companion and they are also great family dogs and trust me, they will protect their family even though they aren't known for being guard dogs.

Forward Foot Strides said...

I don't run with a dog, but if I were to adopt one with plans of running with it, I would look for one that was accustomed to running. I wouldn't want for it to get tired early and have to cut my run sort!

Ooh, how about a retired Greyhound!

Owd Müller said...

I think Danes and Mastiffs both have genetic leg issues that would make them unsuitable for running, good for guarding though. You want something like a greyhound or a medium sized hunting dog (maybe Tim would let you borrow Sasha). A Doberman would probably work as well.

Teamarcia said...

I don't run with a dog either--I actually got one of our Bichons up to 1 mile when he hurt his achilles.
My neighbor runs with a Pointer and wow that dog is wonderful!

funderson said...

Yeah, I've never seen anyone running with such big dogs. They don't run well, nor do they live long. My neighbor has a Great Dane and its stomach bloats all the time and couldn't run up the street if it tried. Go get yourself another Aussie as they are the best dogs on the planet and a good running size!

Anonymous said...

um. little brother? that's not a running partner - that's a "get off my porch unless you're here to buy drugs!" kinda dog.

try the turd-eater. he may not look fierce with his mohawk and fancy prance - but he's got energy, is obedient, and can out run most any dogs.