Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Monday, August 23, 2010

In my dreams!

Ok, so the phrase is "in YOUR dreams" but hey, I don't know one person that has ever dreamt about ME running, but myself.
Yes- it has happened.
I have officially dreamt of myself running.
And to make it crazy, I was running a MARATHON. I haven't even done that yet! So this is a SIGN I have decided. But first let me tell you how crazy weird my dream was....

#1 I was running a marathon
#2 My sis in law, motherrunner & her hubby, fatherrunner were running it with me... the weird part: I BLEW them away in speed (HAAAHaaaaaaaa- never happening!!)
#3 This marathon course consisted of actually running THROUGH peoples houses every so often.
#4 At the turn off for the marathon runners (must have been a half too) I turned off into a warehouse, where they took crazier than highschool portrait photos of you (ex. hercules in heaven with angels scene)
#5 THEN they check to see your idea and check what college you were registered with (WHAT?! COLLEGE?!) Apparently I was registered with some catholic sounding school (dont recall name- and I am not even catholic!) and not what my College ID (yeah- apparently I had one on me) told them. Don't know what college it said by the way. SO they kicked me off the marathon at that point (somewhere around the halfway point. And NO ONE would give me a ride to the finish- AND they won't let me run it.
Then I woke up.
What would you take from that??? Please let me know your opinions. I don't know if it is a sign to NOT do a marathon or TO DO a marathon.

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On a side note: BigGirl Started school last week. Kindergarten!! And on day #2- she says " Mom, I dont need you to walk me in anymore." WHAT?! So, holding back tears, I drove up to the drop zone, and let her go- after a hug a kiss in the car ofcourse. Where did that time go??

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funderson said...

aw...kindergarten! big time.
I've had weird marathon dreams too..I get lost in the middle of them all the time, or I forgot shoes, or shoe laces AND I've totally had the ones that run through homes and businesses..weird. I have no insights, but probably it doesn't have anything to do with marathons...who knows??