Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lemons- not always for lemonade

Have you ever noticed how life can give you lemons? And then people tell you to make lemonade. And maybe you don't want lemonade. So you make lemon bars, lemon cake, lemon drops. And then sometimes life gives you SO MANY LEMONS, that you can't dig your way out of them. That they take over your life, your thoughts, your SANITY!
Why is that?
Why does life throw you lemon after lemon after lemon sometimes?
Why must a person, ANY person, go through so many struggles that you can't see the light outside the pile of lemons?
Does God feel that the Lemons will teach us to push thru the sourness? The lip pukering, face squishing, teeth peeling sour of disaster.
I, personally, am sick and tired of Lemons. It is NOT summertime, aka "lemonade season". I need warmth, comfort, an Apple.
I need an Apple.
The fruit that keeps the bad away. (An apple a day keeps the doctor away--- oh and I am not calling doctors bad, just to clarify)
I want normal.
I want sweetness.
I want Apples.

This past month has been lemons.

The Hubby is in his last semester of school (the light thru the pile)
Then my Tahoe went to the shop. ($400) *Lemons
Snow is coming! I love snow!
Then there are multiple days of no school. But I still have work. (some lemons)
Then the heater goes out and this is hubbys schooling, but since not certified until May- he can't order the part himself and fix. (bill not recieved yet) *more Lemons
3 days at my folks house (great folks, by day 3 I really missing "our" space/place- but great folks)
4 dogs kenneled in cold house alone *more Lemons
Then heater is fixed! (awaiting bill)
First night home- LittleMan spends 10pm-early am hours puking all over bed multiple time *more lemons
Then stuck in house with below zero temps (more lemons)
Help with Church Nursery and all the easy babies are sick/cranky/teething/needing and we have get four 3 months and youngers in too (Lemons)
Another Snow storm comes through (17 plus inches)!!! yeppie
again no school expect I work (lemons)
I applied for a job I really wanted that would allow me to have summers off with kids and work school hours
And I didnt get it (lemons)
Stress with multiple sides of Family issues (LEMONS)
Arguements between hubby and his bff (Lemons)
Littleman has had 2 rounds of Antibiotics this month & is going BACK to the doctor tomorrow (LEMONS)
I took Suka out for a much needed run BEFORE all this snow, and 2 blocks from home he has a freak out, and get out of his very tight harness!! How is that even possible?! Luckily, I got a sprint workout following him home. THANK GOD he ran home.

So- Lemons, puckering awful Lemons. And I dont have an outlet for this tension, since running outside with 17 inch snow and none-cleared roads is IMPOSSIBLE here. And the treadmill and I are arguing.

Any thoughts on what to do with Lemons?
Notice how great BigGirl has been? No complaints here for her. :-)

Complaining Done.


BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

It will get better!

Shana said...

Your background looks happier!

That's just life - you are handling it beautifully.
Now...go list your grattitudes - bet it outweighs the lemons.

funderson said...

I think you should chuck the lemons at someone?? :)

Grandma Rojean said...

Ever think that HOT lemonade during this cold season might be good? Maybe invite friends over and sell them some. lol
Many stressors seem to be worse than they really are, especially when you count every thing in life as lemons, and not blessing in disguise. We never learn how to cope or enjoy what we have , unless we are faced with some difficulties. God never gives us more than we (and He) can handle together. Been there MANY times. Love coming your way. Gma