Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Friday, February 11, 2011

Melting Icicles

Yesterday- I complained.
I spoke to Lemons and Apples.

Today- I am going to watch the Icicles Melt.
Yep- Large, dripping Icicles.

I had a couple suggestions yesterday for my Lemons.

#1- Chuck the Lemons back at someone.

I must say, this is my favorite. Just chuck them back! Demand they be returned! Refuse to be bearied in the pile!

Chuck the Lemons. (Thank you Cnyther)

#2- List my Graditudes.

ok- I can do that. So while the Icicles melt- let me reflect on the positives....

We will call this the "Apples"


-The Hubby is in his last semester of school and has yet again received the VP Honor Roll!
-BigGirl is an over achiever in Kindergarten and is only half way through it. (she asks me every few days when she can move to First Grade)
-LittleMan is finally over the worst of all the illness and has a plain old cold currently. But he's HAPPY!
-She have helped out a good friend this past 3 weeks by keeping his huskie. (thought is the apple-situation has become a big lemon)
-I may not be the happiest in my current work, but at least I DO HAVE A JOB.
-I have great folks that are always there to help anyway they can. (emotionally, or whatever way)
-My oldest brother has moved back to the area to find a "new" start. And I keep finding out in new ways, just how much he respects and looks up to ME, the little sister.
-My father-n-law #2 (if confused by this, just ask me, a little story) is doing small improvements lately and I have volunteered my time no less than 1 saturday a month to keep him company.
-I have found ways to laugh at the small things again. (Like when LittleMan decided to cover the kitchen floor in 2 dozen fresh eggs while daddy was moving snow, sissy was in next room watching TV and I was at work-- sadly daddy forgot to take a picture until halfway thru clean up.)
-The 1 night a week that I get to watch 3 hours of (semi-non- interupted) Television with my hubby.
-How the hubby and I have gotten better at talking about everything... still a work in progress, but wont it always be
-how even though I dont enjoy my job, I DO enjoy my co-worker and how we talk about ANYTHING and laugh a lot most days.
-I have WONDERFUL BFF's, Rach who just moved from 3.5 hours away to 30 mins away!! And Gunn who has always lived a few blocks away, but she is almost ALWAYS available to trips to shop, eat, a drink or a movie.
-I have a AMAZING hubby who is always supportive with knowing I need my outtings with Gunn or my day with the Father in law.
-I have a hilarious and supportive Sis in law that I believe God wanted me to be connected to for life.

So I guess there is a lot of Apples in my basket. Sometimes it just takes someone special/important in your life to remind you to look for those. (Thanks Shana) So, for today, while I watch the Icicles melt out my window at work, I will think about the Apples. And just how blessed I am to have those.

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Shana said...

Good thing I was on that list!!
Love you too.