Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Never-ending Story

Running? What is that?
The weather can't decide if it is a wicked winter or the beginning of spring.
So, running outside is not happening much.
Then since the weather is wacky, the health in my house is wacky.
My poor LittleMan has spent more time this year sick than healthy. Today, I am sitting on the couch awaiting the results for him to either have Strep throat, Influenza or BOTH.

Then there is my BigGirl would is my little busy bee. She goes to Awana at church once a week. But this week, she goes twice because she is going to compete in a competition on saturday. AND indoor soccer started this week, and it happens to be the SAME night at Awana. So 25 minutes at soccer practice and a race to church for Awana. But will I take away anything from her growth? NO WAY!

I start my High School softball season on MONDAY. Which means I am a crazy ass wacky mom for 90 days. And my sanity will be border lined as well.

The hubby is 88 days from GRADUATION!!!!! He is AWESOME!!! He started his 2, YES TWO, Internships this week. (ROCK OUT HUBBY!!!)

So, thanks to my dad (retired Popa) and BigGirls BFF's parents... my kids are covered for being picked up and cared for until either hubby or myself is home. I actually have calendars set up for them for make it easier (and keep my mind at ease that they aren't missed or forgotten)

So- Sanity- my neverending story. Family illnesses- also my neverending story. But HOPE- I am trying to keep HOPE to the future. I am proud of my hubby. And I am proud of my kids. They keep ME HAPPY.

But, running, I am missing my running, and I having races on the mind. So running, next week, I will be adding you to my INSANITY!

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