Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I need you!

Bring Them…

Love. Compassion. Friendship. Understanding. Companionship.

Bring Me Hope.

Hello, my name is Kirsten. I am a wife of one, a mother of two, a sister of a few, a friend to many, a daughter, an aunt, and a follower. Being all these people to so many has prepared me for a bigger task at hand. I have much love, wisdom and support to share with others. This year, after having a “Bring Me Hope” speaker come to my church, I made the decision to share myself with others in dire need. I will be traveling with a group of 12 amazing people this July 13-23 to Zhengzhou, China. We will be volunteering our love, support, listening, and knowledge at a Summer Camp for Chinese Orphans. Many of these children have never known a parent, a sibling or even a friend. There are many stories of children being found as infants left to die. There is a lot of hate in their young lives.

What I am asking is for you to help me get to them, to show them love and compassion; and to show them a path to start healing their hearts and souls. I am need both financial and prayer support.
My costs are:
Camp fee (lodging/food): $750

Airfare: $2,000

Train/Travel/Incidentals: $500

Grand Total: $3,250
**All donations are tax deductible through the “Bring me Hope” organization.**

Any help I can get is great appreciated. I believe that another force is pushing me to teach, love and show support for these young children and the translators. I hope that you can help me get there.

*Please write all checks to “Bring me Hope” and then mail them to me at:
Kirsten Horton
1200 Columbus Circle
Newton, KS 67114

Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul.

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