Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So this past Sunday, I got in Half Marathon #7... Johnston's Wichita Half Marathon.
It was a last minute choice to not do the OKC Memorial Half, due to $, $$, and $$$. Oh, and my nice hotel I like there was Full.

Turns out, it was the BEST CHOICE I have made all month! OKC was delayed due to WIND, RAIN and Lightening. So sad for them, but dodged a bullet for me. And saved money sleeping in my own bed.
**Read here for the complete experience of a runner in OKC that day

Highlights were....
1. I ran a part of Wichita that I had NEVER known was there. WOW. That is a challenge.
2. It was a cool beautiful day (minus the head wind on the second half)
3. The homeless people along the path were just waking up for our footsteps. (except that unfortunate man that was waking himself up... if you get my drift, ugh.)
4. My sis n law and bro n law were running it too. I never saw the bro n law after the start line until the end. And my sis was in view until mile 2.5. LOL!
5. I finished 48 seconds past my PR. (2:33:08) so it was my 2nd best time so far.
6. I enjoyed some inner thigh cramping while in the truck heading home.

I let the Hubby and the kids sleep in and not come out in the early morning cold. We had spent all Saturday at the Kansas State University Spring Football Game and gotten home late that night. So, I have a nice sunburn too. (Granted I was GREAT with bathing the kids in sunscreen all day.... kinda forget about the parents.)