Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just a funny--

A High School classmate of mine is in training for her first Marathon. (your can read more about her here) She has done halfs, 10k, 5k, etc. But this past weekend she did a half. She is a teacher, and one of her students did his first 10k race (outside of school events). The story he gave the next monday was too good to not share with you all!!

Finally, I must share this story from the weekend’s race. Part of me can’t believe it’s actually true, but I laughed so hard when this kid was telling it that I had tears in my eyes. One of my students ran in the 10k race this past weekend. It was his first ever race event like this. He is accustomed to cross country and track events. (Side note: he actually took second in his age group.) The concept of water stations, where volunteers stand on the side of the road with cups of water, was new to him. He said he saw all the other pack leaders grabbing cups on the run and drinking them or pouring them over their heads. He thought it looked pretty badass, and in an attempt to be like them, he grabbed a cup mid-stride and dumped it on himself. It ended up being lemon-lime Gatorade and so by mile 2 he was covered in sticky liquid. His headphone cords were plastered to his neck and face and his shirt was glued to his body. It gets better. He came up on the aid station at mile 4 and decided to try again. He grabbed a paper cup from a little girl standing by the table, and even though he said he thought it felt a bit warm, he was going for a second try at the “badass water dump”. It was coffee. Yes, coffee. No clue why the little girl was holding coffee, or how he didn’t notice, but he claims she was holding it out like all the other volunteers. So he ran the last 2 miles of the race covered in coffee and Gatorade and still managed to place second. The class had MANY questions for this student as you can imagine. So at two separate aid stations, he twice poured a liquid on himself that wasn’t water. What an awful first race experience.

Hope this gave you a laugh today!!
Keep Running!
And I promise I will get a new blog and GIVEAWAY in this week!!!! STAY TUNED!!!!

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BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

That poor kid! Coffee? Who has coffee on a race course?