Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Somedays I wish.....

It is Sunday night- my kids are in bed (half hour early since we are time adjusting), the hubby and I just folded and pick away 3 loads of laundry (there in one more left), the dogs are relaxing inside, the basement is clean from another weekend of playtime, the backyard is clean of doggie doo-doo, the house is "phicked up" (no- I did NOT say clean), I have 4 new books by the bed and one from the library (5 total but only 4 left to read).... do you see where this is going yet?
We are 2 weeks into Softball season, the BigGirl has 12(?) weeks before summer break, the Hubby has 10(?) weeks before college graduation (and hopefully a J.O.B. again), LittleMan is being SO DIFFICULT with potty training (he will be 3 yrs in June), we are getting closer a a Big Wonderful decision (more to come soon!!), and Oh yeah- It is RACING SEASON TOO!!

Oh the brain (but not registered yet) are Emma Creek Womens 5K in April, Easter Sun Run in April (10K), OKC Memorial in May (half), Wichita RiverRun in June (10K), Warrior Dash KC in July ("3.1 HELLISH MILES"), what is missing...... MORE HALF's and a Tri Sprint! That is what my goal list says right?! What is standing in my way.... oh STRESS and LIFE.

So here I am on a Sunday night- wondering "what happened to my weekend?", "What happened to my sanity?", "What happened to my life?". I want MORE, I want serenity! I WANT is more like I NEED!!

So, looking around at everything I need to do/say/try- life would be easier as a "house mommy". But then my sanity might be the only problem-- oh that is where the hubby and my running comes in!!!
I have 1 year and 3 months before my 20s are gone.....


funderson said...

good riddance 20's!!!

funderson said...
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