Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time is a changing

I was noticing today that Little Man's hair has grown a TON in a year. (well, actually, less than a year) I am looking at the family picture was had taken in October and he had peach fuzz. You know, the bearly there, top of a peach.

Well that is not the case anymore, he has HAIR! Wavy Curly Long adorable Hair. And yes, I know, he is a boy. But isn't long hair IN for boys?

 I just dont want to cut it yet. He looks so adorable. And someday, he will be asking me for a green mohawk (which, knowing me, if it is not close to anything like Christmas, I might just give in.)

So, on that note, I took this picture of my little girl after Tball practice the other night...

... now, she has long, wavy, curly hair as well. But it hasn't passed the thin baby hair stage yet. And she has asked me if she can get a hair cut. But she has a few front calic's (spelling) an it is finally almost all able to to in a braid or ponytail. And it is summer, so her hair being on her neck is not a good idea.

So.... question.... am I being a bad mom? Selfish mom? Greedy mom?

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