Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Warning: Serious questions ahead!

OK, sorry this won't be funny (like the last post- you may want to read that one again after this to equal you back out) But I just got home from my evening at the farm. (we are a harvesting family) I got on Facebook to see what was up, because I have my littleman in bed, my husband out on a combine and my biggirl staying at the farm overnight. And the first posting I read was this...

 "Well the class of 2000 has now lost 3 members since graduation, R.I.P *Billy Bob Tom".
*I changed the name to protect the innocent*

OK, read it again...

WHAT?! I just say this guy LAST WEEKEND! I just played softball against this guy LAST WEEKEND! I just said out loud to a few friends LAST WEEKEND that I hate being around this guy! *Yeah, I am just a thoughtful, loving, sincere person.

Then I find myself upset. What is wrong with me right? I knew about the other 2 deaths. Suicide and death a childbirth. I wasn't effected by these death. So, OK, lets be honest here. I didn't KNOW these first 2. I Knew who they were, but I didn't KNOW them, hang with them, whatever. But *Billy Bob Tom, well, I knew him. I mean, I KNEW HIM. Not to the FULL intimacy level, but hey, halfway from 3rd base. Now, It wasn't a Proud time in my teenage years, it was the "tree hugger, post broken cherry heart boyfriend, freelovin', do what I want" area of teenage year. (yeah I know, I will have my kids on lock down-- well to be honest, I was a SAINT compared to the hubby and his "extra curricular high school years.)

So I think where I am going here, is this one is different, a little closer to home. (totally) To top this death off, it was a Suicide, and this is the 2nd this year from us. My hubby had a friend end his life this winter hanging from a tree across the street from the Kwik Shop on night. He was found when the sun was coming up from a driver coming off the interstate/highway exit on the other side of the tree.

But where I am going is this, this last 2 years, maybe 3. There have been a MULTITUDE of suicides in our little area. Mostly teenagers. But a few YOUNG adults. *aka under 30 years* What is happening to us, the world? Why are this youngester (well, people no older than me) looking for a way out? And in this case, Billy Bob Tom was NOT alone. He had kids, a family, people, a life (or so it seemed).

It makes me wonder ...
where these people were,
why didn't they see the signs?
What can I do?
What can we all do?

This is what I will be pondering..... any thoughts?

**As a side note- there have actually been 6 deaths from our graduating class all post graduation (10 yrs so far), 4 of which have been suicides.

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funderson said...

I'm so sorry! I don't think there is a ding-dang thing we can do about it, but love the hell out of everyone while we can.