Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Race List

Ok, After reading BW's Race Post today, I thought I would post my own. It is a compiling of all the race I have done, however, I do NOT have all the times. In the Beginning (no watch) AND at the Walks, I didn't time those. So, here ya go...

6/2004: Wichita Heart Walk 1 miler (Very Pregnant with BigGirl)
6/2005: Wichita Heart Walk 1 miler
6/2006: Wichita Heart Walk 1 miler
5/2007: River Run 2 miler
6/2007: Wichita Heart Walk 1 miler
5/2008: River Run 2 miler
6/2008: Wichita Heart Walk 1 miler (VERY PREGNANT with LittleMan, he was born 10 days later)
4/2009: Emma Creek 5K 32:24
5/2009: River Run 10K 1:09:14
11/2009: GobberGrind 1/2 Marathon MY FIRST(walked almost all with not prepared Cousin) 3:23:24
3/2010: Dallas Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon 2:51:46
4/2010: Oklahoma Memorial 1/2 Marathon 2:47:08

Sadly, I have missed the 5/2010 River Run 10k this year. I was hoping to beat an hour time frame.

I am signed up for the Chisholm Trail 5K this July, the Chicago Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon in August and the
Prairie Fire 1/2 Marathon in October. And I am planning on doing the GobblerGrin 1/2 Marathon again this year-RUNNING this time around. (maybe cousin can sleep, shop, or get a haircut while I run this time) :)

Keep hitting the ground!!

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funderson said...

EXCELLENT!! Did you enjoy your trip down memory lane too? Damned if I wasn't thinking about coming to Chicago for the R'n R 1/2, sadly I won't make it this year. Have fun!