Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Total ECLIPSE of the Heart (Jimmy Kimmel Style)

So, Yes, I was one of the CRAZY people to watch the Entire Twilight Saga (thus far) last night in the Theatre. (Well, hubby was one too- what a trooper, he REALLY loves me!)

So at 630pm, after winning tickets (FREE PEOPLE) to this event. We were at a Dickinson Theatre (no Warren) and the first thing we realized was...

You spend $5 a seat morE at the Warren Theatres for the LEG ROOM. TOTALLY WORTH IT FOR FUTURE REFERENCE! I was stuggling with it at 5'5'', poor hubby is 6'5''- again, he REALLY loves me.

You spend LESS money at the Warren for Bottled Water  (we are talking a regular size BW at the Dickinson Theatre was $4.50!! WTH?!)

You spend Less money at the Warren for ALL CONCESSION items AND you get MUCH BETTER popcorn there too! (Seriously we are talking a JUMBO popcorn full of the broken crap that is usually only at the bottom.)

After the first 2 movies (lots of teeny=boppers screaming and talking) seriously? I never did that during a MOVIES. Maybe watching The New Kids on the Block in Concert at age 7... just saying. We finally got to Eclipse. It was Great. Best movie in the series yet. Followed the Love story to the key. --which the the main point in all the books anyways. Totally can't wait to buy this one to add to our "Horton Family Video Rental".

I would suggest that if you want to see this movie, quietly. Go to a morning or very early matine'. Before the kids parents are around to take them to the movies. Heck, go alone if you like. I have done that many times. (cut work early, go late or take the day off all together, and go to as many movies as you want! No one to bug you, or worry about =, just you and the movies- priceless)

More to come on the running/workout front and the summertime activities/chicago trip planning/post LittleMan bday...


funderson said...

Oh Lord..confession time...I LOVED these books after getting hooked on the first one by my 15 year old niece..they're like crack for one's 15 year old soul, but the movies I haven't loved that much. I'll go see it if you PROMISE that it is good! I also love going to movies by myself. What an escape, eh?

The Horton's said...

I promise it is worth it. The first one was cheesy, the 2nd one was a little better, but the third one really shows the Love Triangle and the reasoning there. At least give it a try, if you don't like it, well, maybe I will have to send you something.... hum. And I got hooked no the books during a ROUGH patch for me. (Quarterlife crisis- totally exists) So, these were some of my therapy, so to speak. They were addicting. I read all 4 books in 10 DAYS!(because I had to sleep, go to work and bath/feed kids)

funderson said...

HA! OK I'll give it a go, but summer is impossible for movies for me so we'll see if I even find time. I can't even manage to watch the Netflix I've had for 2 months.