Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Friday, July 2, 2010

Look Who's 2!

As you may have recalled reading already... LittleMan turned 2 years old last week!! Where did the time go? We are potty training!!! (horray- diapers are finally going ot leave my house..... ok, a few tears with that too..... no more babies in my house)
We are talking back (times out are stacking up on our house)
We are EVERYWHERE! WANTING EVERYTHING! LOVING SISSY (I must have been pleased with magically kids- or that fact that they are 3 years almost 4 years apart is GREAT!)

Ok-- on to the party....
We had our "cake lady" (if you are local and don't know Brenda, shot me a line-she should be on your speed dial) what a MosterTruck Cake. It wasn't just AWESOME & HUGE, it was YUMMY!!!! (I know MotherRunner- you are SO JEALOUS that you missed out on this one!)

He was spoiled ofcourse, not only did he get his own cowboy boots, but they came with Wranglers and a hat too! (we have to dress him up for pic of that all soon)
He got Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Sissy got Jessie. So we are all playing with those. And to haul them around.... we got him a JINORMUS ( a little Elf movie line) Dumptruck. This sucker is massive and it is GAURNTEED FOR LIFE! Even better!!

I did want to mention one thing here.... LittleMan is great "rip" into gifts kid, but he is also very good at "deligating" the opening and getting out of the gifts. See..
...Uncle D is such a good helper sport. :o)

There were only a couple fo-pa's of that day....

One, LittleMan is NOT the wonderful, easy picture taker like his sissy.

Two, NO ONE was on time for this party. Great Gma was 15 mins late. And my folks were 45 minutes late AFTER texting me 1 hour before party time to see if they needed to bring anything like Ice, cups, etc. THEN they proceeded to take a nap, both of them, and we only awakened by Hubby calling them 30 minutes after party was to start to see where they were. So, my anal organized self was not very happy that afternoon.

Here the pictures were purchased for LittleMan's big #2...
The one on the bottom right we got in a 8x10 in black and white. It is adorable.

Here are a couple that is REALLY FUNNY so I thought I would post...
"Got Poop?"

"Gotta Pee, Gotta Pee, Gotta Pee"

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funderson said...

SO cute! Happy belated, Little Man!