Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun stuff

Hello all! This has been a fun last weekend!
My hubby and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary yesterday, and since it was on a Monday, we decided to go out on Friday night. I took him to HuHot Grill. He had never been and LOVED IT.

**HuHot Grill- Mongolian style: Grab a bowl like in a buffet- add your meat choice, your noodle choice, your veggies, and your sauces. Hand the bowl to the Grill Guys and they cook you food while you wait a few minutes in line. They hand it back to ya and off you good. You can go back as much as you want too!
We then decided to "window shop" to walk off the calories we just enjoyed. Well, Dicks Sporting goods is a couple stores down. So we walked over there. To our great surprise, it was SIDEWALK SALES!! 50% already marked down clearance!!! YEPPIE!!  I purchased Cody a purple golf shirt for $8
(Happy Anniversary babe!) And he purchased a Neon Yellow DriFit running shirt for me for $20. (Happy Anniversary to me-- mine wasnt a clearance item obviously)

We finished the night with a couple friends and a couple drinks ;o) and then headed home at 1230ish. We were home and asleep by 2am.
*Kids were at the folks for the night, yeppie!*
I was to get up to meet Running Group at 9am, needless to say- hubby spent 10 minutes trying to awaken me fully at 10am to go get kids. He was awakened by the folks calling us to see if we were ok. Since the hubby was to get the kids at 9am while I was running with the girlies. (whoops!)

So we got around (20mins to get out the door) and got to the folks. We found out when we got there that the kiddos decided to get up at 530am for the morning.
*They are usually 7am risers OR LATER-- sorry grandma and popa :o(  Needless to say, gma had to awaken the youthfulness within her that morning.

We decided after we left the folks, that LittleMan was going to HAVE to get a haircut. So, we headed to Wichita for his 1st HAIRCUT!!

Let me remind you of the "before"- this picture is actually that morning at gma's bathroom...
see those long loose curls....

This is LittleMan at the BEST kids haircut place ever!! Instead of a chair, it is a carousel animal
(aka "you have to hold on to not fall off and that means your hands are not getting the the way of the haircutter-- greatest idea ever #1)
Instead of a mirror, there are flat screen TV's playing Disney Movies (Greatest Idea EVER #2) 
I had to actually put the camera in front of the movie to get this shot! LOL!!
LittleMan after the got his first haircut!! The Loose curls are gone-- HOWEVER he still has them naturally!!! A little persperation or water and they spring right back up!! WOHOO!!

In keeping with the BIGBOY theory for LittleMan that day, hubby and I decided (after LittleMan got his leg stuck in the rails) that it was time for the Toddler Bed.
Test #1-- (night time) OUT COLD!! NEVER GOT UP until morning, where he then could not open the door to his room, so continued to knock on the door and say "Mom, where are you?!" and "Daddy, were are you?!" TOO FRECKIN' HILARIOUS!!

**Note-- he has taken daytime naps and more nighttime, and he stills STAYS PUT!!


I went out to running group last week and my FAV carrybag had a "chewed" thru handle on one side. I tried to "rig" it, but alas- no good. So I started to get angry with my mom- in -laws dog who was the only thing under one bed for weeks. So, I tell my hubby about it that evening, he then confesses that it was him and the Vaccum that killed my FAV bag!!
Ok, now, feel bad for having bad thoughts about dog.
Feel pissed that hubby didn't tell me RIGHT AWAY.
Then, feel bad for getting angry because it is "just a bag, it can be replaced"

SO- I replaced it that next saturday! This bag is even better in its own way, it is a bright color that will be visible on bike rides, and it has a 2nd pocket! BONUS!!And I even got myself a new window sticker for my Tahoe!! You have to LOVE stopping at your Fav Running store, mine is "First Gear" in Wichita. And when I walked in that morning, it was PACKED with people.... it was Asics Shoe Sale Day.

Talking about gear, makes me think about my sad running buddy.... my hat. My hat has been through a lot of sweat and grind. HOWEVER, this past summer it was gained a new side.... the dyed hair sweat. The Pink dye that my softball girls put in has been lowly coming out when I sweat... And my hat has decided to love it up. Thanks good buddy!

One last FAV to brag on....
...INJINJI MICRO TOE SOCKS!! These babies are GREAT!! They are to help prevent blisters around the toes. (which I ALWAYS get on long runs- I even get caluses and they still get blisters UNDER them-SERIOUSLY!) So, these great socks have been my savor, however the real test will be in the Chicago Rock N Roll half a week from Sunday! If they pass that, then I am buying myself 50 pairs!!! Ok, maybe not 50, since they are $12 a pair and I am currently still the only income in our house for the next year. But I WILL get more INJINJI!!!

alright- that is all for me- keep on keeping on!!!


Stephanie said...

OOh I always get blisters on my toes. Those socks look great! I need to try some! Thanks :)

funderson said...

oh that kid! so cute!