Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ok, so the Athletic Training skills seem to NOT apply to ones-self

**These are not mine, just wanted to set the mood :o)**
So, I went to College, initally for Athletic Training, do to things unforseen (cough...dickhead...cough... jerk...cough... of a head trainer) I did not complete my college career that way. Sadly, I was the TOP of my class, broke the school record for time/perfection on ankle tape jobs (I still hold this record as far as I know, since I totally will not be calling that *cough...ass wipe* man anytime soon.) and I TOTALLY MISS IT.

**On a funny side note, I have a cousin that DID complete his A.T. career and is working now as a Trainer. We often send eachother pics of gruesome AWESOME injuries! He is a father of 2, both of his kids this past year have fractured a bone, and both went a day or so unforseen. But they got casted and healed and back to rights now**

So following my cousins lead, I went out a couple/few weeks ago and played Slow Pitch Softball on my hubbys team. Well, I hurt my Left Quad while TOTALLY ROCKIN' that night!! (Just ask my hubby, I kicked some major GIRL POWER ASS!!)

Anyway, I took some Ibuprofen for a few days. It still hurt. Minor odd leg movements made my eyes tear and my gut churn. (We are talking foot on the couch and it slightly rotates out *envision movement toward indian style sitting* and it shoots PAIN across (inside to outside and then slightly up) the Quad!!!

My response: "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!" (sorry, but that was BAD!!)

After that, the rest of my day was horrid! I couldn't move any which way. So I heat it up, since it is not swollen. A couple 20 mins heating sessions and Ibuprofen later... more comfortable. Still have to be careful while sleeping though.

A few more days pass... a lot more... we are good.

I go though my weights LEG heavy days. Still good. I am thanking the heavens that it must have just been a strain.... but I am still thinking that it was an awful pain that was hitting one specific area/way. Otherwise, not consistant for a strain. BUT HEY! I am better right?

WRONG! I head out for the July 4th 5K. I am doing alright, not my best time, but fine. When 2 girls try to pass me SPRINTING! I am not good for this, so I sprint right back!
3 strides later- Quad is PISSED OFF! I slow it down.

So, today I did my A.T. studies and find that, YES, I did tear my Quad.
Only cure, R.I.C.E for 2-3 weeks. Well, I am a few weeks out, but pretty much starting from scratch.
Chicago Rock n Roll half is 3 & 1/2 weeks away..... sigh.

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funderson said...

BUMMER! Those tears take forever to heal, but if it does by the race I'm betting you'll be fine. I always feel like if the hay is already in the barn a couple/few weeks off won't hurt much. AND it takes the pressure off. You can just go and have a good time. Heal fast!!