Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 4th of July (a few days late)

If you can't beat the rain, then join it!!
Yes, It rained ALL WEEKEND! On the 4th, it rained from sun up to around 8pm. Then it continued AFTER fireworks.
So after Nap time, (well LittleMans- BigSissy was still out cold) we played in the rain.
*in this pic, LittleMan was DEMANDING that daddy go back to the porch. LOL!
They watched Cars drive though the "street pond" for awhile.

Then turned to "cheese" to mommys camera!
And once we were all dry and back inside, LittleMan got silly! (BigSissy's glasses- she is still sleeping...)

I got up and did the Chisholm Trail 5K that morning, it was only a medium drizzle rain at that time. And the temp was good, quite humid but good. I didn't do that greatest... 34min 45sec. But I did it none the less. However some girls decided that they were going to sprint past ME at the end. So, that is SOOOO not ok, I kicked up the speed and about 3 strides in, my still healing Left Quad said "Back the f#*k off woman!" So, I listened- pouted a bit- and slowly crossed the line.

But hey, I finished without ripping my leg off! LOL!!

How was your 4th?

PS: we got 4 inches of rain in 36 hours!!!!

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