Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Friday, July 16, 2010

Not dead.................yet

Ok, I know, it has been like 9 days since last post. But I have been a BUSY BUSY BEE.

Alright, seriously, I have been really utilizing my Bday gift from the parents. (If you all recall the 1 year membership to ANYTIME Fitness)  I have been busting my ass big time!! However, I got a little pissed, to say the least after 2 weeks of this place.
I go in for 1 hour. (otherwise rising BEFORE the Butt Crack of dawn, drive my 10 minutes to AF and work out for EXACTLY 1 hour. (this is my MUST DO- makes me keep moving regardless- 60 mins no less)
I spend HALF my time (30 mins) doing cardio- bike, treadmill, elliptical. And then 30-40 minutes doing CARDIO weight lifting. *Less weight then I could MaxOut on put that I can move swiftly to cut more fat while still rebuilding muscle.*

So, 2 maybe 3 weeks, trying not to really think about it in time. But I have been weighting myself daily (i know- big NO NO) and I freckin' GAINED 2 lbs two days ago. (however I noticed it was gone this morning)

OTHERWISE-- NO WEIGHT LOSE YET. Still need to drop 50 lbs. **And I have been eating good, no junk, no sugar loads, no caffeine (cut that over a year ago), good portions, small dinners, fiber heathly breakfast and snacks.
SO, here is my problem.................WHAT THE HELL!???!!!

Suggestions anyone????


Nemmie said...

You are more than likely replacing muscle with fat - you may weigh the same, but are making positive changes to your body! When I was a size 2 I weighed 134 lbs. on my short frame, it was because I was in great shape. Trust your success by how your clothes fit and how great you feel, not the scale.

So keep kicking ass! Jealous of your birthday membership :)

The Horton's said...

Thanks Em! I am wearing a size smaller top, and the bottoms are changing-slightly. But my 5'5'' body is 191 FRECKIN' pounds! See why I need to drop 50 FOR SURE!

Love you!
ps. It feels nice having something to make others jealous- with our shitty year+. ;o)

Anonymous said...

You are doing great!
Muscle is building - you are on a journery for life not just this moment - stop staring at the scale and keep working. That muscle will burn the hell out of the fat and viola! you will be shedding the pounds.
I know it. I'm a professional. :-)

funderson said...

Yeah, that happened to me when I started going to the gym. Muscles..heavy...AND I was hungrier, but as I well know, one has to be HUNGRY from time to time to lose weight. There isn't any way around it. Hang in there, mamacita!! and never never never give up.